December 2022

The 8-atom compound vinylamine (C2H3NH2) was identified toward the Galactic Center cloud G+0.693-0.027 as reported in 2021 by Zeng and coworkers. The observations were made with the IRAM 30m telescope and the Yebes 40m telescope. Five clean transitions were detected, along with four more lines that were slightly blended with other features.

Other molecules with the vinyl (C2H3) group that have been detected in space include vinyl cyanide (1975), vinyl alcohol (2001), and vinyl acetylene (2021). Non-detections include vinyl acetate (2015), vinyl formate (2016), vinyl mercaptan (2019), and vinyl isocyanate (2022).

Researcher Links
S Zeng
I Jiménez-Serra
V M Rivilla
J Martín-Pintado
L F Rodríguez-Almeida
B Tercero
P de Vincente
F Rico-Villas
L Colzi
S Martín
M A Requena-Torres

Vinylamine (ethenamine) is too reactive to be used industrially.

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