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Dedicated Journal Issues
Int J Quantum Chem 117(2) Computational Astrochemistry 2017
Faraday Discuss 168 Astrochemistry of Dust, Ice and Gas 2014
Chem Rev 113(12) Astrochemistry 2013
J Phys Chem A 117(39) Oka Festschrift 2013
AIP Conf Proc 1541 Astrochem2012 2013
Phil Trans A 371(1994) Surface Science in the ISM 2013
Phil Trans A 370(1978) Chemistry, Astronomy and Physics of H3+ 2012
Faraday Discuss 147 Chemistry of the Planets 2010
J Phys Chem A 113(42) Chemistry: Titan Atmosphere 2009
Faraday Discuss 133 Chemical Evolution of the Universe 2006
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New Articles
A Wunda-full world? Carbon dioxide ice deposits on Umbriel and other Uranian moons
M. M. Sori, J. Bapst, A. M. Bramson, S. Byrne, and M. E. Landis
Icarus 290, 1-13 (2017)

Ground-based measurements of the 1.3 to 0.3 mm spectrum of Jupiter and Saturn, and their detailed calibration
J. R. Pardo, E. Serabyn, M. C. Wiedner, R. Moreno, and G. Orton
Icarus 290, 150-155 (2017)

Diurnal observations of HCl altitude variation in the 70-100 km mesosphere of Venus
B. J. Sandor and R. T. Clancy
Icarus 290, 156-161 (2017)

Deep UV Raman spectroscopy for planetary exploration: The search for in situ organics
W. J. Abbey, R. Bhartia, L. W. Beegle, L. DeFlores, V. Paez, K. Sijapati, S. Sijapati, K. Williford, M. Tuite, W. Hug, and R. Reid
Icarus 290, 210-214 (2017)

The rotational excitation of the HCN and HNC molecules by H2 revisited
M. Hernández Vera, F. Lique, F. Dumouchel, P. Hily-Blant, and A. Faure
MNRAS 468, 1084-1091 (2017)

Transition Energies and Absorption Oscillator Strengths for c4'1Σu+-X1Σg+, b'1Σu+-X1Σg+, and c5'1Σu+-X1Σg+, Band Systems in N2
C. Lavín and A. M. Velasco
ApJS 229, 19 (2017)

Rotational Spectra in 29 Vibrationally Excited States of Interstellar Aminoacetonitrile
L. Kolesniková, E. R. Alonso, S. Mata, and J. L. Alonso
ApJS 229, 26 (2017)

Far-Infrared Synchrotron Spectroscopy and Torsional Analysis of the Important Interstellar Molecule, Vinyl Alcohol
H. Bunn, R. J. Hudson, A. S. Gentleman, and P. L. Raston
ACS Earth Space Chem1, 70-79 (2017)

Mineral Surface Rearrangement at High Temperatures: Implications for Extraterrestrial Mineral Grain Reactivity
H. E. King, O. Plümper, C. V. Putnis, H. St. C. O'Neill, S. Klemme, and A. Putnis
ACS Earth Space Chem1, x (2017)

Synthesis of the Smallest Member of the Silylketene Family: H3SiC(H)=C=O
G. Tarczay, M. Förstel, S. Góbi, P. Maksyutenko, and R. I. Kaiser
Chem Phys Chem 18, 882-889 (2017)

Effect of Noncovalent Interactions on Vibronic Transitions: An Experimental and Theoretical Study of the C2H—CO2 Complex
S. V. Ryazantsev, R. Tarroni, V. I. Feldman and L. Khriachtchev
Chem Phys Chem 18, 949-958 (2017)

To kink or not: A search for long-chain cumulenones using microwave spectral taxonomy
M. C. McCarthy, L. Zou, and M.-A. Martin-Drumel
J Chem Phys 146, 154301 (2017)

First-principles C band absorption spectra of SO2 and its isotopologues
B. Jiang, P. Kumar, J. Kłos, M. H. Alexander, B. Poirier, and H. Guo
J Chem Phys 146, 154305 (2017)

The Molecular Gas Environment in the 20 km–1 Cloud in the Central Molecular Zone
X. Lu, Q. Zhang, J. Kauffmann, T. Pillai, S. N. Longmore, J. M. D. Kruijssen, C. Battersby, H. B. Liu, A. Ginsburg, E. A. C. Mills, Z.-Y. Zhang, and Q. Gu
ApJ 839, 1 (2017)

The Longevity of Water Ice on Ganymedes and Europas around Migrated Giant Planets
O. R. Lehmer, D. C. Catling, and K. J. Zahnle
ApJ 839, 32 (2017)

H2CO Distribution and Formation in the TW HYA Disk
K. I. Öberg, V. V. Guzmáln, C. J. Merchantz, C. Qi, S. M. Andrews, L. I. Cleeves, J. Huang, R. A. Loomis, D. J. Wilner, C. Brinch, and M. Hogerheijde
ApJ 839, 43 (2017)

Comprehensive Study of Thermal Desorption of Grain-surface Species by Accretion Shocks around Protostars
H. Miura, T. Yamamoto, H. Nomura, T. Nakamoto, K. K. Tanaka, H. Tanaka, and M. Nagasawa
ApJ 839, 47 (2017)

HC3N observations of nearby galaxies
X.-J. Jiang, J.-Z. Wang, Y. Gao, and Q.-S. Gu
A&A 600, A15 (2017)

Hydrogen in diffuse molecular clouds in the Milky Way. Atomic column densities and molecular fraction along prominent lines of sight
B. Winkel, H. Wiesemeyer, K. M. Menten, M. Sato, A. Brunthaler, F. Wyrowski, D. Neufeld, M. Gerin, and N. Indriolo
A&A 600, A2 (2017)

ALMA hints at the existence of an unseen reservoir of diffuse molecular gas in the Galactic bulge
M. Gerin and H. Liszt
A&A 600, A48 (2017)

Deuteration of ammonia in the starless core Ophiuchus/H-MM1
J. Harju, F. Daniel, O. Sipilä, P. Caselli, J. E. Pineda, R. K. Friesen, A. Punanova, R. Güsten, L. Wiesenfeld, P. C. Myers, A. Faure, P. Hily-Blant, C. Rist, E. Rosolowsky, S. Schlemmer, and Y. L. Shirley
A&A 600, A61 (2017)

Origin of CH+ in diffuse molecular clouds. Warm H2 and ion-neutral drift
V. Valdivia, B. Godard, P. Hennebelle, M. Gerin, P. Lesaffre, and J. Le Bourlot
A&A 600, A114 (2017)

Low temperature MIR to submillimeter mass absorption coefficient of interstellar dust analogues. I. Mg-rich glassy silicates
K. Demyk, C. Meny, X.-H. Lu, G. Papatheodorou, M. J. Toplis, H. Leroux, C. Depecker, J.-B. Brubach, P. Roy, C. Nayral, W.-S. Ojo, F. Delpech, D. Paradis, and V. Gromov
A&A 600, A123 (2017)

Redistribution of CO at the location of the CO ice line in evolving gas and dust disks
S. M. Stammler, T. Birnstiel, O. Panić, C. P. Dullemond, and C. Dominik
A&A 600, A140 (2017)

The heterogeneous coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as seen by ROSINA: H2O, CO2, and CO from September 2014 to February 2016
M. Hoang, K. Altwegg, H. Balsiger, A. Beth, A. Bieler, U. Calmonte, M. R. Combi, J. De Keyser, B. Fiethe, N. Fougere, S. A. Fuselier, A. Galli, P. Garnier, S. Gasc, T. Gombosi, K. C. Hansen, A. Jäckel, A. Korth, J. Lasue, L. Le Roy, U. Mall, H. Rème, M. Rubin, T. Sémon, D. Toublanc, C.-Y. Tzou, J. H. Waite, and P. Wurz
A&A 600, A77 (2017)

Properties of CO2 clathrate hydrates formed in the presence of MgSO4 solutions with implications for icy moons
E. Safi, S. P. Thompson, A. Evans, S. J. Day, C. A. Murray, J. E. Parker, A. R. Baker, J. M. Oliveira, and J. T. van Loon
A&A 600, A88 (2017)

Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of hydantoin, a possible precursor of glycine
H. Ozeki, R. Miyahara, H. Ihara, S. Todaka, K. Kobayashi, and M. Ohishi
A&A 600, A44 (2017)

The nitrate/(per)chlorate relationship on Mars
J. C. Stern, B. Sutter, W. A. Jackson, R. Navarro-Gonz´lez, C. P. McKay, D. W. Ming, P. D. Archer, and P. R. Mahaffy
Geophys Res Lett 44, 2643-2651 (2017)

New Articles from Last Week
Rotational (de-)excitation of C3N by collision with He atoms
M. Lara-Moreno, T. Stoecklin, and P. Halvick
MNRAS 467, 4174-4179 (2017)

Modelling the chemistry of star-forming filaments. II. Testing filament characteristics with synthetic observations
D. Seifried, Á. Sánchez-Monge, S. Suri, and S. Walch
MNRAS 467, 4467-4483 (2017)

Two-dimensional ice mapping of molecular cores
J. A. Noble, H. J. Fraser, K. M. Pontoppidan, and A. M. Craigon
MNRAS 467, 4753-4762 (2017)

Detecting molecular hydrogen on Enceladus
J. S. Seewald
Science 356, 132-133 (2017)

Cassini finds molecular hydrogen in the Enceladus plume: Evidence for hydrothermal processes
J. H. Waite, C. R. Glein, R. S. Perryman, B. D. Teolis, B. A. Magee, G. Miller, J. Grimes, M. E. Perry, K. E. Miller, A. Bouquet, J. I. Lunine, T. Brockwell, and S. J. Bolton
Science 356, 155-159 (2017)

A quantum-rovibrational state-selected study of the H2O+ (X2B1:v1+v2+v3+; NKa+Kc+) + CO reaction in the collision energy range of 0.05-10.00 eV: translational, rotational, and vibrational energy effects
Y. Xu, B. Xiong, Y.-C. Chang, Y. Pan, P. K. Lo, K. C. Lau, and C. Y. Ng
Phys Chem Chem Phys 19, 9778-9789 (2017)

High-resolution Fourier transform emission spectroscopy of the A2Πi- X2Πi band of the OCS+ ion
Y. Nakashima, K. Harada, K. Tanaka, and T. Tanaka
J Chem Phys 146, 144302 (2017)

Detection of Submillimeter-wave [CI] Emission in Gaseous Debris Disks of 49 Ceti and β Pictoris
A. E. Higuchi, A. Sato, T. Tsukagoshi, N. Sakai, K. Iwasaki, M. Momose, H. Kobayashi, D. Ishihara, S. Watanabe, H. Kaneda, and S. Yamamoto
ApJ 839, L14 (2017)

Titan's atmosphere and climate
S. M. Horst
J Geophys Res Planets 122, 432-482 (2017)

Widespread exposure of Noachian phyllosilicates in the Margaritifer region of Mars: Implications for paleohydrology and astrobiological detection
R. J. Thomas, B. M. Hynek, M. M. Osterloo, and K. S. Kierein-Young
J Geophys Res Planets 122, 483-500 (2017)

Published in June 2017
Production of complex organic molecules: H-atom addition versus UV irradiation
K.-J. Chuang, G. Fedoseev, D. Qasim, S. Ioppolo, E. F. van Dishoeck, and H. Linnartz
MNRAS 467, 2552-2565 (2017)

Complex organic molecules tracing shocks along the outflow cavity in the high-mass protostar IRAS 20126+4104
A. Palau, C. Walsh, Á. Sánchez-Monge, J. M. Girart, R. Cesaroni, I. Jiménez-Serra, A. Fuente, L. A. Zapata, and R. Neri
MNRAS 467, 2723-2752 (2017)

Time evolution of the water snowline in viscous disks
L. Xiao, R. Niu, and H. Zhang
MNRAS 467, 2869-2878 (2017)

Decrease of the organic deuteration during the evolution of Sun-like protostars: the case of SVS13-A
E. Bianchi, C. Codella, C. Ceccarelli, F. Fontani, L. Testi, R. Bachiller, B. Lefloch, L. Podio, and V. Tanquet
MNRAS 467, 3011-3023 (2017)

A study of singly deuterated cyclopropenylidene c-C3HD in the protostar IRAS 16293-2422
L. Majumdar, P. Gratier, I. Andron, V. Wakelam, and E. Caux
MNRAS 467, 3525-3532 (2017)

Laboratory measurements of nitrogen dissolution in Titan lake fluids
M. J. Malaska, R. Hodyss, J. I. Lunine, A. G. Hayes, J. D. Hofgartner, G. Hollyday, and R. D. Lorenz
Icarus 289, 94-105 (2017)

General circulation of Venus from a long-term synoptic study of tropospheric CO by Venus Express/VIRTIS
C. C. C. Tsang and K. McGouldrick
Icarus 289, 173-180 (2017)

The Titan Haze Simulation (THS) experiment on COSmIC. II. Ex-situ analysis of aerosols produced at low temperature
E. Sciamma-O'Brien, K. T. Upton, and F. Salama
Icarus 289, 214-226 (2017)

Latitudinal variability in Jupiter's tropospheric disequilibrium species: GeH4, AsH3 and PH3
R. S. Giles, L. N. Fletcher, and P. G. J. Irwin
Icarus 289, 254-269 (2017)

On the in-situ detectability of Europa's water vapour plumes from a flyby mission
H. L. F. Huybrighs, Y. Futaana, S. Barabash, M. Wieser, P. Wurz, N. Krupp, K.-H. Glassmeier, and B. Vermeersen
Icarus 289, 270-280 (2017)

Published in May 2017
A time-dependent quantum dynamical study of the O(3P) + D2+ → OD+ + D reaction
A. Zhang, K. Zang, J. Jia, H. Wu, Y.-Wang, and G. Zhao
Chem Phys Lett 676, 77-81 (2017)

Theoretical study of HNCO formation from atomic nitrogen and carbon monoxide in the presence of water
P. Mignon, A.-R. Allouche, and M.-C. Bacchus-Montabonel
Chem Phys 488-489, 28-35 (2017)

Theoretical study of electronic properties and isotope effects in the UV absorption spectrum of disulfur
K. Sarka, S. O. Danielache, A. Kondorskiy, and S. Nanbu
Chem Phys 488-489, 36-42 (2017)

On adduct formation and reactivity in the OCS + OH reaction: A combined theoretical and experimental study
J. A. Schmidt, M. Kyte, F. F. Østerstrøm, L. M. T. Joelsson, H. C. Knap, S. Jørgensen, O. J. Nielsen, T. Murakami, and M. S. Johnson
Chem Phys Lett 675, 111-117 (2017)

Origin of crystalline silicates from Comet 81P/Wild 2: Combined study on their oxygen isotopes and mineral chemistry
C. Defouilloy, D. Nakashima, D. J. Joswiak, D. E. Brownlee, T. J. Tenner, and N. T. Kita
Earth Planet Sci Lett 465, 145 (2017)

Rovibrational transitions of H2 by collision with H+ at high temperature
T. González-Lezana and P. Honvault
MNRAS 467, 1294-1299 (2017)

Chemical fractionation of deuterium in the protosolar nebula
J. Kalvāns, I. Shmeld, J. R. Kalnin, and S. Hocuk
MNRAS 467, 1763-1775 (2017)

Chemical pathways and kinetic rates of the N(4S) + N2 → N3 solid phase reaction: could the N3 radical be a temperature sensor of nitrogen ices in dense molecular clouds?
A. Mencos, S. Nourry, and L. Krim
MNRAS 467, 2150-2159 (2017)

Effects of disc mid-plane evolution on CO snowline location
O. Panić and M. Min
MNRAS 467, 1175-1185 (2017)

A study of methanol and silicon monoxide production through episodic explosions of grain mantles in the Central Molecular Zone
A. Coutens, J. M. C. Rawlings, S. Viti, and D. A. Williams
MNRAS 467, 737-746 (2017)

Effects of dust evolution on the abundances of CO and H2
H. Hirashita and N. Harada
MNRAS 467, 699-714 (2017)

Chemistry of TMC-1 with multiply deuterated species and spin chemistry of H2, H2+, H2+ and their isotopologues
L. Majumdar, P. Gratier; M. Ruaud, V. Wakelam, C. Vastel, O. Sipilä, A. Dutrey, and S. Guilloteau
MNRAS 466, 4470-4479 (2017)

A post-new horizons global climate model of Pluto including the N2, CH4 and CO cycles
F. Forget, T. Bertrand, M. Vangvichith, J. Leconte, E. Millour, and E. Lellouch
Icarus 287, 54-71 (2017)

3D modeling of organic haze in Pluto's atmosphere
T. Bertrand and F. Forget
Icarus 287, 72-86 (2017)

The photochemistry of Pluto's atmosphere as illuminated by New Horizons
M. L. Wong, S. Fan, P. Gao, M.-C. Liang, R.-L. Shia, Y. L. Yung, J. A. Kammer, M. E. Summers, G. R. Gladstone, L. A. Young, C. B. Olkin, K. Ennico, H. A. Weaver, S. A. Stern, and The New Horizons Science Team
Icarus 287, 110-115 (2017)

Physical state and distribution of materials at the surface of Pluto from New Horizons LEISA imaging spectrometer
B. Schmitt, S. Philippe, W. M. Grundy, D. C. Reuter, R. Côte, E. Quirico, S. Protopapa, L. A. Young, R. P. Binzel, J. C. Cook, D. P. Cruikshank, C. M. Dalle Ore, A. M. Earle, K. Ennico, C. J. A. Howett, D. E. Jennings, I. R. Linscott, A. W. Lunsford, C. B. Olkin, A. H. Parker, J. W. Parker, K. N. Singer, J. R. Spencer, J. A. Stansberry, S. A. Stern, C. C. C. Tsang, A. J. Verbiscer, H. A. Weaver, and the New Horizons Science Team
Icarus 287, 229-260 (2017)

Published in April 2017
A statistical study of giant molecular clouds traced by 13CO, C18O, CS, and CH3OH in the disk of NGC 1068 based on ALMA observations
T. Tosaki, K. Kohno, N. Harada, K. Tanaka, F. Egusa, T. Izumi, S. Takano, T. Nakajima, A. Taniguchi, and Y. Tamura
Proc Astron Soc Japan 69, 18 (2017)

A 1D Model of Radial Ion Motion Interrupted by Ion-Neutral Interactionsin a Cometary Coma
E. Vigren and A. I. Eriksson
AJ 153, 150 (2017)

The Composition of Comet C/2012 K1 (PanSTARRS) and the Distribution of Primary Volatile Abundances Among Comets
N. X. Roth, E. L. Gibb, B. P. Bonev, M. A. DiSanti, M. J. Mumma, G. L. Villanueva, and L. Paganini
AJ 153, 168 (2017)

JCMT Spectral and Continuum Imaging of Comet 252P/LINEAR
I. M. Coulson, M. A. Cordiner, Y.-J. Kuan, W.-L. Tseng, Y.-L. Chuang, Z.-Y. Lin, S. N. Milam, S. B. Charnley, and W.-H. Ip
AJ 153, 169 (2017)

On the Relation of Silicates and SiO Maser in Evolved Stars
J. Liu and B. Jiang
AJ 153, 176 (2017)

Photodissociation Electronic Spectra of Cold Protonated Quinoline and Isoquinoline in the Gas Phase
G. Féraud, L. Domenianni, E. Marceca, C. Dedonder-Lardeux, and C. Jouvet
J Phys Chem A 121, 2580-2587 (2017)

Infrared spectra of HSCS+, c-HSCS, and HCS2 produced on electron bombardment of CS2 in solid para-hydrogen
M. Tsuge and Y.-P. Lee
Phys Chem Chem Phys 19, 9641-9653 (2017)

Degradation of Adenine on the Martian Surface in the Presence of Perchlorates and Ionizing Radiation: A Reflectron Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometric Study
S. Góbi, A. Bergantini, and R. I. Kaiser
ApJ 838, 84 (2017)

Imaging a Central Ionized Component, a Narrow Ring, and the CO Snowline in the Multigapped Disk of HD 169142
E. Macías, G. Anglada, M. Osorio, J. M. Torrelles, C. Carrasco-González, J. F. G&oaccute;mez, L. F. Rodríguez, and A. Sierra
ApJ 838, 97 (2017)

Effect of Alignment on Polarized Infrared Emission from Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
T. Hoang
ApJ 838, 112 (2017)

ALMA Mapping of Rapid Gas and Dust Variations in Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON):New Insights into the Origin of Cometary HNC
M. A. Cordiner, J. Boissier, S. B. Charnley, A. J. Remijan, M. J. Mumma, G. Villanueva, D. C. Lis, S. N. Milam, L. Paganini, J. Crovisier, D. Bockelee-Morvan, Y.-J. Kuan, N. Biver, and I. M. Coulson
ApJ 838, 147 (2017)

Excitation of Molecular Hydrogen in the Orion Bar PhotodissociationRegion from a Deep Near-infrared IGRINS Spectrum
K. F. Kaplan, H. L. Dinerstein, H. Oh, G. N. Mace, H. Kim, K. R. Sokal, M. D. Pavel, S. Lee, S. Pak, C. Park, J. S. Oh, and D. T. Jaffe
ApJ 838, 152 (2017)

Isotopic and quantum-rovibrational-state effects for the ion-molecule reaction H2O+ (X2B1:v1+v2+v3+; NKa+Kc+) + HD in the collision energy range of 0.03-10.00 eV
Y. Xu, B. Xiong, Y. C. Chang, and C. Y. Ng
Phys Chem Chem Phys 19, 8694-8705 (2017)

The radio spectra of planar aromatic heterocycles: how to quantify and predict the negative inertial defects
M. K. Jahn, J.-U. Grabow, M. J. Travers, D. Wachsmuth, P. D. Godfrey, and D. McNaughton
Phys Chem Chem Phys 19, 8970-8976 (2017)

Molecular potential energy surface constructed from ab initio interpolation for HCN + H reaction and deuterated analogues
R. Sharafdini and S. Ramazani
Mol Phys 115, 860-868 (2017)

Exploring the reaction dynamics of O(3P) + H2+(X2Σg+) → OH+(X3Σ) + H(2S) reaction with time-dependent wave packet method
Y. Zhang, E. Cao, S. Gao, X. Huang, Q. Meng, and Y. Song
Int J Quantum Chem 117, e25343 (2017)

On the iron chloride aerosol in the clouds of Venus
V. A. Krasnopolsky
Icarus 286, 134-137 (2017)

Jupiter's para-H2 distribution from SOFIA/FORCAST and Voyager/IRIS 17-37 μm spectroscopy
L. N. Fletcher, I. de Pater, W. T. Reach, M. Wong, G. S. Orton, P. G. J. Irwin, and R. D. Gehrz
Icarus 286, 223-240 (2017)

Detection of CO and HCN in Pluto's atmosphere with ALMA
E. Lellouch, M. Gurwell, B. Butler, T. Fouchet, P. Lavvas, D. F. Strobel, B. Sicardy, A. Moullet, R. Moreno, D. Bockelée-Morvan, N. Biver, L. Young, D. Lis, J. Stansberry, A. Stern, H. Weaver, E. Young, X. Zhu, and J. Boissier
Icarus 286, 289-307 (2017)

Herschel/SPIRE observations of water production rates and ortho-to-para ratios in comets
T. G. Wilson, J. M. C. Rawlings, and B. M. Swinyard
MNRAS 466, 1954-1962 (2017)

State-to-state study of the D + H2(v=0,j) collisions and its astrophysical implications
S. Cheikh, S. Ely, C. M. Coppola, and F. Lique
MNRAS 466, 2175-2180 (2017)

ExoMol molecular line lists XIX: High-accuracy computed hot line lists for H218O and H217O
O. L. Polyanksky, A. K. Kyuberis, L. Lodi, J. Tennyson, S. N. Yurchenko, R. I. Ovsyannikov, and N. F. Zobov
MNRAS 466, 1363-1371 (2017)

Physical and spectroscopic properties of pure C2H4 and CH4:C2H4 ices
G. Monperceres, M. A. Satorre, J. Ortigoso, A. Zanchet, R. Luna, C. Millán, R. Escribano, I. Tanarro, V. J. Herrero, and B. Maté
MNRAS 466, 1894-1902 (2017)

Millimetre spectral line mappping observations towards four massive star-forming HII regions
S. Li, J. Wang, Z.-Y. Zhang, M. Fang, J. Li, J. Zhang, J. Fan, Q. Zhu, and F. Li
MNRAS 466, 248-275 (2017)

Inelastic rate coefficients for collisions of C6 with H2 and He
K. M. Walker, F. Lique, F. Dumouchel, and R. Dawes
MNRAS 466, 831-837 (2017)

Published in March 2017
The Abundance of Atmospheric CO2 in Ocean Exoplanets: a Novel CO2 Deposition Mechanism
A. Levi, D. Sasselov, and M. Podolak
ApJ 838, 24 (2017)

Rotational Spectroscopy of the NH3-H2 Molecular Complex
L. A. Surin, I. V. Tarabukin, S. Schlemmer, A. A. Breier, T. F. Giesen, M. C. McCarthy, and A. van der Avoird
ApJ 838, 27 (2017)

The Photodissociation of HCN and HNC: Effects on the HNC/HCN Abundance Ratio in the Interstellar Medium
A. Aguado, O. Roncero, A. Zanchet, M. Agúndez, and J. Cernicharo
ApJ 838, 33 (2017)

Formation of coronene:water complexes: FTIR study in argon matrices and theoretical characterisation
A. Simon, J. A. Noble, G. Rouaut, A. Moudens, C. Aupetit, C. Iftner, and J. Mascetti
Phys Chem Chem Phys 19, 8516-8529 (2017)

Quantum and quasiclassical dynamics of the multi-channel H + H2S reaction
J. Qi, D. Lu, H. Song, J. Li, and M. Yang
J Chem Phys 146, 124303 (2017)

Pathways to Meteoritic Glycine and Methylamine
J. C. Aponte, J. E. Elsila, D. P. Glavin, S. N. Milam, S. B. Charnley, and J. P. Dworkin
ACS Earth Space Chem 1, 3-13 (2017)

Composition and Evolution of Frozen Chloride Brines under the Surface Conditions of Europa
E. C. Thomas, R. Hodyss, T. H. Vu, P. V. Johnson, and M. Choukroun
ACS Earth Space Chem 1, 14-23 (2017)

Nitrogen Isotopic Fractionation in Ammonia during Adsorption on Silicate Surfaces
H. Sugahara, Y. Takano, N. O. Ogawa, Y. Chikaraishi, and N. Ohkouchi
ACS Earth Space Chem 1, 24-29 (2017)

Electron-Induced Synthesis of Formamide in Condensed Mixtures of Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia
J. H. Bredehöft, E. Böhler, F. Schmidt, T. Borrmann, and P. Swiderek
ACS Earth Space Chem 1, 50-59 (2017)

Rovibrational Characterization and Interstellar Implications of the Proton-Bound, Noble Gas Complexes: ArHAr+, NeHNe+, and ArHNe+
R.C. Fortenberry
ACS Earth Space Chem 1, 60-69 (2017)

Previously unknown class of metalorganic compounds revealed in meteorites
A. Ruf, B. Kanawati, N. Hertkorn, Q.-Z. Yin, F. Moritz, M. Harir, M. Lucio, B. Michalke, J. Wimpenny, S. Shilobreeva, B. Bronsky, V. Saraykin, Z. Gabelica, R. D. Gougeon, E. Quirico, S. Ralew, T. Jakubowski, H. Haack, M. Gonsior, P. Jenniskens, N. W. Hinman, and P. Schmitt-Kopplin
Proc Nat Acad Sci 114, 2819-2824 (2017)

Energetic Properties and Electronic Structure of [C,N,O,P] and [C,N,S,P] Isomers
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