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Tonauer et al., Near-Infrared Spectra of High-Density Crystalline H2O Ices II, IV, V, VI, IX, and XII. J Phys Chem A 125, 1062-1068 (2021).

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Phys Chem Chem Phys 120(8) Theory, experiment, and simulations in laboratory astrochemistry 2018
Int J Quantum Chem 117(2) Computational Astrochemistry 2017
Faraday Discuss 168 Astrochemistry of Dust, Ice and Gas 2014
Chem Rev 113(12) Astrochemistry 2013
J Phys Chem A 117(39) Oka Festschrift 2013
AIP Conf Proc 1541 Astrochem2012 2013
Phil Trans A 371(1994) Surface Science in the ISM 2013
Phil Trans A 370(1978) Chemistry, Astronomy and Physics of H3+ 2012
Faraday Discuss 147 Chemistry of the Planets 2010
J Phys Chem A 113(42) Chemistry: Titan Atmosphere 2009
Faraday Discuss 133 Chemical Evolution of the Universe 2006
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New Articles Added 28 February 2021
Infrared analysis of Glycine dissociation by MeV ions and keV electrons
C. A. P. da Costa, J. A. Souza-Corrêa, and E. F. da Silveira
MNRAS 502, 2105-2119 (2021)
The efficiency of grain growth in the diffuse interstellar medium
F. D. Priestley, I. De Looze, and M. J. Barlow
MNRAS 502, 2438-2445 (2021)
Vibrationally excited HC3N emission in NGC 1068: tracing the recent star formation in the starburst ring
F. Rico-Villas, J. Martín-Pintado, E. González-Alfonso, V. M. Rivilla, S. Martín, S. García-Burillo, I. Jiménez-Serra, and M. Sánchez-García
MNRAS 502, 3021-3034 (2021)
Diffuse Bands 9577 and 9633: Relations to Other Interstellar Features
G. A. Galazutdinov, G. Valyavin, N. R. Ikhsanov, and J. Krełowski
AJ 161, 127 (2021)
H2SO4 and Organosulfur Compounds in Laboratory Analogue Aerosols of Warm High-metallicity Exoplanet Atmospheres
V. Vuitton, S. E. Moran, C. He, C. Wolters, L. Flandinet, F.-R. Orthous-Daunay, J. I. Moses, J. A. Valenti, N. K. Lewis, and S. M. Hörst
PSJ 2, 2 (2021)
Tropospheric Composition and Circulation of Uranus with ALMA and the VLA
E. M. Molter, I. de Pater, S. Luszcz-Cook, J. Tollefson, R. J. Sault, B. Butler, and D. de Boer
PSJ 2, 3 (2021)
Compositional Study of Trans-Neptunian Objects at λ > 2.2 μm
E. Fernández-Valenzuela, N. Pinilla-Alonso, J. Stansberry, J. P. Emery, W. Perkins, C. Van Laerhoven, B. J. Gladman, W. Fraser, D. Cruikshank, E. Lellouch,, T. G. M&uum;ller, W. M. Grundy, D. Trilling, Y. Fernandez, and C. Dalle Ore
PSJ 2, 10 (2021)
Quantifying the Hypervolatile Abundances in Jupiter-family Comet 46P/Wirtanen
A. J. McKay, M. A. DiSanti, A. L. Cochran, B. P. Bonev, N. Dello Russo, R. J. Vervack Jr., E. Gibb, N. X. Roth, M. Saki, Y. Khan, and H. Kawakita
PSJ 2, 21 (2021)
Heavy Positive Ion Groups in Titan's Ionosphere from Cassini Plasma Spectrometer IBS Observations
R. P. Haythornthwaite, A. J. Coates, G. H. Jones, A. Wellbrock, J. H. Waite, V. Vuitton, and P. Lavvas
PSJ 2, 26 (2021)
NEOWISE Observed CO and CO2 Production Rates of 46P/Wirtanen During the 2018-2019 Apparition
J. M. Bauer, A. Gicquel, E. Kramer, and K. J. Meech
PSJ 2, 34 (2021)
Experimental Simulation of the Volatile Hydrocarbons Generated by the Long-UV Photoprocessing of (C6H6) Ices with Relevance to Titan's Southern Stratospheric Ice Clouds
J. Mouzay, K. Henry, A. Ruf, I. Couturier-Tamburelli, G. Danger, N. Piétri, and T. Chiavassa
PSJ 2, 37 (2021)
Constraining the Positive Ion Composition in Saturn's Lower Ionosphere with the Effective Recombination Coefficient
J. Dreyer, E. Vigren, M. Morooka, J.-E. Wahlund, S. C. Buchert, F. L. Johansson, and J. H. Waite
PSJ 2, 39 (2021)
Reaction mechanisms of C(3PJ) and C+(2PJ) with benzene in the interstellar medium from quantum mechanical molecular dynamics simulations
M. E. Izadi, K. M. Bal, A. Maghari, and E. C. Neyts
Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 4205-4216 (2021)
Stability of pyruvic acid clusters upon slow electron attachment
A. Pysanenko, K. Grygoryeva, J. Kočišek, R. Kumar T. P., J. Fedor, M. Ončák, and M. Fárník
Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 4317-4325 (2021)
IR photofragmentation of the phenyl cation: spectroscopy and fragmentation pathways
S. D. Wiersma, A. Candian, J. M. Bakker, G. Berden, J. R. Eyler, J. Oomens, A. G. G. M. Tielens, and A. Petrignani
Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 4334-4343 (2021)
A spectroscopic model for the low-lying electronic states of NO
Q. Qu, B. Cooper, S. N. Yurchenko, and J. Tennyson
J Chem Phys 154, 074112 (2021)
Isotope-specific reactions of acetonitrile (CH3CN) with trapped, translationally cold CCl+
O. A. Krohn, K. J. Catani, J. Greenberg, S. P. Sundar, G. da Silva, and H. J. Lewandowski
J Chem Phys 154, 074305 (2021)
Space and laboratory observation of the deuterated cyanomethyl radical HDCCN
C. Cabezas, Y. Endo, E. Roueff, N. Marcelino, M. Agúndez, B. Tercero, and J. Cernicharo
A&A 646, L1 (2021)
Space and laboratory discovery of HC3S+
J. Cernicharo, C. Cabezas, Y. Endo, N. Marcelino, M. Agúndez, B. Tercero, J. D. Gallego, and P. de Vicente
A&A 646, L3 (2021)
Discovery of the acetyl cation, CH3CO+, in space and in the laboratory
J. Cernicharo, C. Cabezas, S. Bailleux, L. Margulès, R. Motiyenko, L. Zou, Y. Endo, C. Bermúdez, M. Agúndez, N. Marcelino, B. Lefloch, B. Tercero, and P. de Vicente
A&A 646, L7 (2021)
A study of C4H3N isomers in TMC-1: Line by line detection of HCCCH2CN
N. Marcelino, B. Tercero, M. Agúndez, and J. Cernicharo
A&A 646, L9 (2021)
Detection of H2O and OH in z > 3 hot dust-obscured galaxies
F. Stanley, K. K. Knudsen, S. Aalto, L. Fan, N. Falstad, and E. Humphreys
A&A 646, A178 (2021)
Chemically tracing the water snowline in protoplanetary disks with HCO+
M. Leemker, M. L. R. van't Hoff, L. Trapman, M. L. van Gelder, M. R. Hogerheijde, D. Ru*iacute;z-Rodr*iacute;guez, and E. F. van Dishoeck
A&A 646, A3(2021)
Gas phase Elemental abundances in Molecular cloudS (GEMS) - III. Unlocking the CS chemistry: the CS+O reaction
N. Bulut, O. Roncero, A. Aguado, J.-C. Loison, D. Navarro-Almaida, V. Wakelam, A. Fuente, E. Roueff, R. Le Gal, P. Caselli, M. Gerin, K. M. Hickson, S. Spezzano, P. Riviére-Marichalar, T. Alonso-Albi, R. Bachiller, I. Jiménez-Serra, C. Kramer, B. Tercero, M. Rodriguez-Baras, S. García-Burillo, J. R. Goicoechea, S. P. Treviño-Morales, G. Esplugues, S. Cazaux, B. Commercon, J. Laas, J. Kirk, V. Lattanzi, R. Martín-Doménech, G. Muñoz-Caro, J. Pineda, D. Ward-Thompson, M. Tafalla, N. Marcelino, J. Malinen, R. Friesen, B. M. Giuliano, M. Agúndez, and A. Hacar
A&A 646, A5 (2021)
Tracing molecular stratification within an edge-on protoplanetary disk
D. Ruíz-Rodríguez, J. Kastner, P. Hily-Blant, and T. Forveille
A&A 646, A59 (2021)
Resolved molecular line observations reveal an inherited molecular layer in the young disk around TMC1A
D. Harsono, M. H. D. van der Wiel, P. Bjerkeli, J. P. Ramsey, H. Calcutt, L. E. Kristensen, and J. K. Jørgensen
A&A 646, A72 (2021)
Characterizing the line emission from molecular clouds - Stratified random sampling of the Perseus cloud
M. Tafalla, A. Usero, and A. Hacar
A&A 646, A97 (2021)
Revisiting the OH + H2 → H2O + H reaction at the molecular level: the plausible catalytic role of ice in its own reconstruction
P. Redondo, F. Pauzat, A. Markovits, and Y. Ellinger
A&A 646, A163 (2021)
Physical and chemical structure of the Serpens filament: Fast formation and gravity-driven accretion
Y. Gong, A. Belloche, F. J. Du, K. M. Menten, C. Henkel, G. X. Li, F. Wyrowski, and R. Q. Mao
A&A 646, A170 (2021)
1D atmospheric study of the temperate sub-Neptune K2-18b
D. Blain, B. Charnay, and B. Bézard
A&A 646, A15 (2021)
Evidence for chromium hydride in the atmosphere of hot Jupiter WASP-31b
M. Braam, F. F. S. van der Tak, K. L. Chubb, and M. Min
A&A 646, A17 (2021)
Coexistence of CH4, CO2, and H2O in exoplanet atmospheres
P. Woitke, O. Herbort, C. Helling, E. Stüeken, M. Dominik, P. Barth, and D. Samra
A&A 646, A43 (2021)
ESPRESSO high-resolution transmission spectroscopy of WASP-76 b
H. M. Tabernero, M. R. Zapatero Osorio, R. Allart, F. Borsa, N. Casasayas-Barris, O. Demangeon, D. Ehrenreich, J. Lillo-Box, C. Lovis, E. Pallé, S. G. Sousa, R. Rebolo, N. C. Santos, F. Pepe, S. Cristiani, V. Adibekyan, C. Allende Prieto, Y. Alibert, S. C. C. Barros, F. Bouchy, V. Bourrier, V. D'Odorico, X. Dumusque, J. P. Faria, P. Figueira, R. Génova Santos, J. I. González Hernández, S. Hojjatpanah, G. Lo Curto, B. Lavie, C. J. A. P. Martins, J. H. C. Martins, A. Mehner, G. Micela, P. Molaro, N. J. Nunes, E. Poretti, J. V. Seidel, A. Sozzetti, A. Suárez Mascareño, S. Udry, M. Aliverti, M. Affolter, D. Alves, M. Amate, G. Avila, T. Bandy, W. Benz, A. Bianco, C. Broeg, A. Cabral, P. Conconi, J. Coelho, C. Cumani, S. Deiries, H. Dekker, B. Delabre, A. Fragoso, M. Genoni, L. Genolet, I. Hughes, J. Knudstrup, F. Kerber, M. Landoni, J. L. Lizon, C. Maire, A. Manescau, P. Di Marcantonio, D. Mégevand, M. Monteiro, M. Monteiro, M. Moschetti, E. Mueller, A. Modigliani, L. Oggioni, A. Oliveira, G. Pariani, L. Pasquini, J. L. Rasilla, E. Redaelli, M. Riva, S. Santana-Tschudi, P. Santin, P. Santos, A. Segovia, D. Sosnowska, P. Spanò, F. Tenegi, O. Iwert, A. Zanutta, and F. Zerbi
A&A 646, A158 (2021)
The ExoMolOP database: Cross sections and k-tables for molecules of interest in high-temperature exoplanet atmospheres
K. L. Chubb, M. Rocchetto, S. N. Yurchenko, M. Min, I. Waldmann, J. K. Barstow, P. Mollière, A. F. Al-Refaie, M. W. Phillips, and J. Tennyson
A&A 646, A21 (2021)
Vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption spectroscopy of space-related ices: formation and destruction of solid carbonic acid upon 1 keV electron irradiation
S. Ioppolo, Z. Kaňuchová, R. L. James, A. Dawes, A. Ryabov, J. Dezalay, N. C. Jones, S. V. Hoffmann, N. J. Mason, and G. Strazzulla
A&A 646, A172 (2021)
Possible detection of hydrazine on Saturn's moon Rhea
M. Elowitz, B. Sivaraman, A. Hendrix, J.-I. Lo, S.-L. Chou, B.-M. Cheng, B. N. Raja Sekhar, and N. J. Mason
Sci Ad 7, eaba5749 (2021)
Extraterrestrial amino acids and L-enantiomeric excesses in the CM2 carbonaceous chondrites Aguas Zarcas and Murchison
D. P. Glavin, J. E. Elsila, H. L. McLain, J. C. Aponte, E. T. Parker, J. P. Dworkin, D. H. Hill, H. C. Connolly Jr., and D. S. Lauretta
Meteor Planet Sci 56, 148-173 (2021)
New Articles from Last Week
Study of non-adiabatic interactions among low-lying electronic states of HeH+
with its implication in its dissociation into various species

R. Mondal and D. Mukhopadhyay
Int J Quant Chem 121, e26552 (2021)
Energetic ion irradiation of N2O ices relevant for Solar system surfaces
P. R. B. Oliveira, R. Martinez, D. Fulvio, and E. F. da Silveira
MNRAS 502, 1423-1432 (2021)
ExoMol line lists - XLI. High-temperature molecular line lists for the alkali metal hydroxides KOH and NaOH
A. Owens, J. Tennyson, and S. N. Yurchenko
MNRAS 502, 1128-1135 (2021)
The 1.66 μm spectrum of the ethynyl radical, CCH
E. C. Gross, A. T. Le, G. E. Hall, and T. J. Searsa
J Mol Spectrosc 376, 111404 (2021)
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy of formaldoxime (CH2NOH) in the 450-3800 cm–1 region and its ν9 band
Q. Y. Wu and T. L. Tan
J Mol Spectrosc 376, 111417 (2021)
Heterogeneous Physical Chemistry in the Atmospheres of Earth, Mars, and Venus: Perspectives for Rocky Exoplanets
J. Lasne
ACS Earth Space Chem 5, 149-162 (2021)
The Helicenes: Potential Carriers of Diffuse Interstellar Bands
J. O. Oña-Ruales, Y. Ruiz-Morales, and F. Alvarez-Ramírez
ACS Earth Space Chem 5, 381-390 (2021)
Electron-Induced Processing of Methanol Ice
F. Schmidt, P. Swiderek, and J. H. Bredehöft
ACS Earth Space Chem 5, 391-408 (2021)
Discovery of Interstellar trans-cyanovinylacetylene (HC≡CCH=CHC≡N) and vinylcyanoacetylene (H2C=CHC3N) in GOTHAM Observations of TMC-1
K. L. K. Lee, R. A. Loomis, A. M. Burkhardt, I. R. Cooke, C. Xue, M. A. Siebert, C. N. Shingledecker, A. Remijan, S. B. Charnley, M. C. McCarthy, and B. A. McGuire
ApJL 908, L11 (2021)
Imaging Titan's Organic Haze at Atomic Scale
F. Schulz, J. Maillard, K. Kaiser, I. Schmitz-Afonso, T. Gautier, C. Afonso, N. Carrasco, and L. Gross
ApJL 908, L13 (2021)
Lyα Irradiation of Superhydrogenated Coronene Films: Implications for H2 Formation
V. Mennella, T. Suhasaria, L. Hornekær, J. D. Thrower, and G. Mulas
ApJL 908, L18 (2021)
The TW Hya Rosetta Stone Project. III. Resolving the Gaseous Thermal Profile of the Disk
J. K. Calahan, E. Bergin, K. Zhang, R. Teague, I. Cleeves, J. Bergner, G. A. Blake, P. Cazzoletti, V. Guzmán, M. R. Hogerheijde, J. Huang, M. Kama, R. Loomis, K. *Ouml;berg, C. Qi, E. F. van Dishoeck, J. Terwisscha van Scheltinga, C. Walsh, and D. Wilner
ApJ 908, 8 (2021)
The Formation of Carbonaceous Material in the Early Solar Nebula: The Role of Metal Dusting
F. T. Ferguson, N. M. Johnson, N. Abreu, and J. A. Nuth
ApJ 908, 48 (2021)
Probing the Cold Deep Depths of the California Molecular Cloud: The Icy Relationship between CO and Dust
J. A. Lewis, C. J. Lada, J. Bieging, A. Kazarians, J. Alves, and M. Lombardi
ApJ 908, 76 (2021)
Modeling Nitrogen Fractionation in the Protoplanetary Disk around TW Hya: Model Constraints on Grain Population and Carbon-to-oxygen Elemental Abundance Ratio
S. Lee, H. Nomura, K. Furuya, and J.-E. Lee
ApJ 908, 82 (2021)
Carbon Chain Chemistry in Hot-core Regions around Three Massive Young Stellar Objects Associated with 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers
K. Taniguchi, E. Herbst, L. Majumdar, P. Caselli, J. C. Tan, Z.-Y. Li, T. Shimoikura, K. Dobashi, F. Nakamura, and M. Saito
ApJ 908, 100 (2021)
Physical and Chemical Structure of the Disk and Envelope of the Class 0/I Protostar L1527
L. Flores-Rivera, S. Terebey, K. Willacy, A. Isella, N. Turner, and M. Flock
ApJ 908, 108 (2021)
Zonal Features in the Behavior of Weak Molecular Absorption Bands on Jupiter
V. D. Vdovichenko, A. M. Karimov, G. A. Kirienko, P. G. Lysenko, V. G. Tejfel', V. A. Filippov, G. A. Kharitonova, and A. P. Khozhenets
Solar Sys Res 55, 35-46 (2021)
Published in April 2021
Rate coefficients for the reactions of CO+
with O: Lessons from MAVEN at Mars

J. L. Fox, M. Benna, J. P. McFadden, B. M. Jakosky, MAVEN NGIMS team, and MAVEN LPW team
Icarus 358, 114186 (2021)
Quantitative study of methane-nitrogen mixed clathrates using gas chromatography and Raman spectroscopy for their detection in icy surfaces of the outer solar system
D. Nna-Mvondo, G. Tobie, E. Le Menn, and O. Grasset
Icarus 358, 114182 (2021)
Published in March 2021
Charge and energy sharing in the fragmentation of astrophysically relevant carbon clusters
N. F. Aguirre, S. Díaz-Tendero, P.-A. Hervieux, M. Alcamí, M. Chabot, K. Béroff, and F. Martín
Theor Chem Acct 140, 22 (2021)
Comprehensive investigation of Mars methane and organics with ExoMars/NOMAD
E. W. Knutsen, G. L. Villanueva, G. Liuzzi, M. M. J. Crismani, M. J. Mumma, M. D. Smith, A. C. Vandaele, S. Aoki, I. R. Thomas, F. Daerden, S. Viscardy, J. T. Erwin, L. Trompet, L. Neary, B. Ristic, M. A. Lopez-Valverde, J. J. Lopez-Moreno, M. R.Patel, O. Karatekin, and G. Bellucci
Icarus 357, 114266 (2021)
Ethane clathrate hydrate infrared signatures for solar system remote sensing
E. Dartois and F. Langlet
Icarus 357, 114255 (2021)
A physico-chemical model to study the ion density distribution in the inner coma of comet C/2016 R2 (Pan-STARRS)
S. Raghuram, A. Bhardwaj, D. Hutsemékers, C. Opitom, J. Manfroid, and E. Jehin
MNRAS 501, 4035-4052 (2021)
Published in February 2021
Complex Organic Matter Synthesis on Siloxyl Radicals in the Presence of CO
M. Fioroni and N. J. DeYonker
Front Chem 8, 621898 (2021).
Molecular water detected on the sunlit Moon by SOFIA
C. I. Honniball, P. G. Lucey, S. Li, S. Shenoy, T. M. Orlando, C. A. Hibbitts, D. M. Hurley, and W. M. Farrell
Nature Astron 5, 121-127 (2021)
Interstellar detection of the highly polar five-membered ring cyanocyclopentadiene
M. C. McCarthy, K. L. K. Lee, R. A. Loomis, A. M. Burkhardt, C. N. Shingledecker, S. B. Charnley, M. A. Cordiner, E. Herbst, S. Kalenskii, E. R. Willis, C. Xue, A. J. Remijan, and B. A. McGuire
Nature Astron 5, 176-180 (2021)
Ubiquitous aromatic carbon chemistry at the earliest stages of star formation
A. M. Burkhardt, R. A. Loomis, C. N. Shingledecker, K. L. K. Lee, A. J. Remijan, M. C. McCarthy, and B. A. McGuire
Nature Astron 5, 181-187 (2021)
An investigation of spectral line stacking techniques and application to the detection of HC11N
R. A. Loomis, A. M. Burkhardt, C. N. Shingledecker, S. B. Charnley, M. A. Cordiner, E. Herbst, S. Kalenskii, K. L. K. Lee, E. R. Willis, C. Xue, A. J. Remijan, M. C. McCarthy, and B. A. McGuire
Nature Astron 5, 188-196 (2021)
A non-energetic mechanism for glycine formation in the interstellar medium
S. Ioppolo, G. Fedoseev, K.-J. Chuang, H. M. Cuppen, A. R. Clements, M. Jin, R. T. Garrod, D. Qasim, V. Kofman, E. F. van Dishoeck, and H. Linnartz
Nature Astron 5, 197-205 (2021)
A Survey of Three Isotopologues of CO in Molecular Clouds in the CMa OB1 Complex
Z. Lin, Y. Sun, Y. Xu, J. Yang, and Y. Li
ApJS 252, 20 (2021)
Collision-Induced Rotational Excitation of CO2 by N(4S) Atoms: A New Ab Initio Potential Energy Surface and Scattering Calculations
H. Xie, H. Zhang, and X. Cheng
J Phys Chem A 125, 1134-1141 (2021)
Pickup and reactions of molecules on clusters relevant for atmospheric and interstellar processes
M. Fárník, J. Fedor, J. Kočišek, J. Lengyel, E. Pluhařová, V. Poterya, and A. Pysanenko
Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 3195-3213 (2021)
Energetics and kinetics of various cyano radical hydrogen abstractions
A. D. Burke, M. C. Bowman, J. M. Turney, and H. F. Schaefer III
Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 3389-3400 (2021)
Quantum and quasiclassical dynamical simulations for the Ar2H+ on a new global analytical potential energy surface
D. Koner
J Chem Phys 154, 054303 (2021)
In search of phosphorus in astronomical environments: The reaction between the CP radical (X2Σ+) and methanimine
S. Alessandrini, F. Tonolo, and C. Puzzarini
J Chem Phys 154, 054306 (2021)
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Dielectric Breakdown of Lunar Regolith: Implications for Water Ice Formation on Lunar Surface
Z. Huang, K. Nomura, A. Nakano, and J. Wang
Geophys Res Lett 48, e2020GL091681 (2021)
Transient Formation of C2 and CN in the Near-maximum Phase of Nova Cas 2020(=V1391 Cas)
M. Fujii, A. Arai, and H. Kawakita
ApJ 907, 70 (2021)
Identification of Methyl Isocyanate and Other Complex Organic Molecules in a Hot Molecular Core, G31.41+0.31
P. Gorai, A. Das, T. Shimonishi, D. Sahu, S. K. Mondal, B. Bhat, and S. K. Chakrabarti
ApJ 907, 108 (2021)
Collisional excitation of C+(2P) spin-orbit levels by molecular hydrogen revisited
J. Kłos, P. J. Dagdigian, and F. Lique
MNRASL 501, L38-L42 (2021)
Refined Telluric Absorption Correction for Low-resolution Ground-based Spectroscopy: Resolution and Radial Velocity Effects in the O2 A-band for Exoplanets and K I Emission LinesTitle
S. Kimeswenger, M. Rainer, N. Przybilla, and W. Kausch
AJ 161, 66 (2021)
Near-Infrared Spectra of High-Density Crystalline H2O Ices II, IV, V, VI, IX, and XII
C. M. Tonauer, E.-M. Köck, T. M. Gasser, V. Fuentes-Landete, R. Henn, S. Mayr, C. G. Kirchler, C. W. Huck, and T. Loerting
J Phys Chem A 125, 1062-1068 (2021)
A quantum mechanical study of the astrophysically important reaction Li + HD+ (v = 0,1, j = 0): the effect of reagent vibrational and translational excitation on the angular distributions of LiH and LiD
H. Wu, Z. Duan, T. Md Islam, and G. Chen
Mol Phys 119, e1861352 (2021)
Non-adiabatic coupling as a frictional force in (He, H, H)+ dynamics and the formation of HeH2+
S. Ravi, S. Mukherjee, B. Mukherjee, S. Adhikari, N. Sathyamurthy, and M. Baer
Mol Phys 119, e1811907 (2021)
Complications in the ALMA Detection of Phosphine at Venus
A. B. Akins, A. P. Lincowski, V. S. Meadows, and P. G. Steffes
ApJL 907, L27 (2021)
Sulfur Ice Astrochemistry: A Review of Laboratory Studies
D. V. Mifsud, Z. Kaňuchová, P. Herczku, S. Ioppolo, Z. Juhász, S. T. S. Kovács, N. J. Mason, R. W. McCullough, and B. Sulik
Space Sci Rev 217, 14 (2021)
Quantum chemical study on the formation of isopropyl cyanide and its linear isomer in the interstellar medium
K. K. Singh, P. Tandon, A. Misra, Shivani, M. Yadav, and A. Ahmad
Int J Astrobio 20, 62-72 (2021)
A survey of CH2DOH towards starless and pre-stellar cores in the Taurus molecular cloud
H. E. Ambrose, Y. L. Shirley, and S. Scibelli
MNRAS 501, 347-355 (2021)
Chemical modelling of dust-gas chemistry within AGB outflows - III. Photoprocessing of the ice and return to the ISM
M. Van de Sande, C. Walsh, and T. J. Millar
MNRAS 501, 491-506 (2021)
Influence of a quasi-molecular mechanism of recombination on the formation of hydrogen in the early Universe
T. Kereselidze, I. Noselidze, and J. F. Ogilvie
MNRAS 501, 1160-1167 (2021)
Chemical mechanism for the decomposition of CH3NH2 and implications to interstellar glycine
D. N. de Jesus, J. M. B. A. da Silva, T. N. Tejero, G. de Souza Machado, N. F. Xavier, Jr., and G. F. Bauerfeldt
MNRAS 501, 1202-1214 (2021)
Species cycling and the enhancement of ammonia in pre-stellar cores
A. A. von Procházka and T. J. Millar
MNRAS 501, 1228-1242 (2021)
Tackling the FeO orange band puzzle in meteor and airglow spectra through combined astronomical and laboratory studies
A. M. Popov, A. A. Berezhnoy, J. Borovička, T. A. Labutin, S. M. Zaytsev, and A. V. Stolyarov
MNRAS 500, 4296-4306 (2021)
Prestellar grain-surface origins of deuterated methanol in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
M. N. Drozdovskaya, I. R. H. G. Schroeder I, M. Rubin, K. Altwegg, E. F. van Dishoeck, B. M. Kulterer, J. De Keyser, S. A. Fuselier, and M. Combi
MNRAS 500, 4901-4920 (2021)
Water ice deposition and growth in molecular clouds
J. M. C. Rawlings and D. A. Williams
MNRAS 500, 5117-5128 (2021)
Published in January 2021
Phosphine in Venus' atmosphere: Detection attempts and upper limits above the cloud top assessed from the SOIR/VEx spectra
L. Trompet, S. Robert, A. Mahieux, F. Schmidt, J. Erwin, and A. C. Vandaele
A&A 645, L4 (2021)
C18O, 13CO, and 12CO abundances and excitation temperatures in the Orion B molecular cloud - Analysis of the achievable precision in modeling spectral lines within the approximation of the local thermodynamic equilibrium
A. Roueff, M. Gerin, P. Gratier, F. Levrier, J. Pety, M. Gaudel, J. R. Goicoechea, J. H. Orkisz, V. de Souza Magalhaes, M. Vono, S. Bardeau, E. Bron, J. Chanussot, P. Chainais, V. V. Guzman, A. Hughes, J. Kainulainen, D. Languignon, J. Le Bourlot, F. Le Petit, H. S. Liszt, A. Marchal, M.-A. Miville-Deschênes, N. Peretto, E. Roueff, and A. Sievers
A&A 645, A26 (2021)
Quantitative inference of the H2 column densities from 3 mm molecular emission: case study towards Orion B
P. Gratier, J. Pety, E. Bron, A. Roueff, J. H. Orkisz, M. Gerin, V. de Souza Magalhaes, M. Gaudel, M. Vono, S. Bardeau, J. Chanussot, P. Chainais, J. R. Goicoechea, V. V. Guzmán, A. Hughes, J. Kainulainen, D. Languignon, J. Le Bourlot, F. Le Petit, F. Levrier, H. Liszt, N. Peretto, E. Roueff, and A. Sievers
A&A 645, A27 (2021)
Tracers of the ionization fraction in dense and translucent gas - I. Automated exploitation of massive astrochemical model grids
E. Bron, E. Roueff, M. Gerin, J. Pety, P. Gratier, F. Le Petit, V. Guzman, J. H. Orkisz, V. de Souza Magalhaes, M. Gaudel, M. Vono, S. Bardeau, P. Chainais, J. R. Goicoechea, A. Hughes, J. Kainulainen, D. Languignon, J. Le Bourlot, F. Levrier, H. Liszt, K. Öberg, N. Peretto, A. Roueff, and A. Sievers
A&A 645, A28 (2021)
The ALMA-PILS survey: first detection of the unsaturated 3-carbon molecules Propenal (C2H3CHO) and Propylene (C3H6) towards IRAS 16293-2422 B
S. Manigand, A. Coutens, J.-C. Loison, V. Wakelam, H. Calcutt, H. S. P. Müller, J. K. Jørgensen, V. Taquet, S. F. Wampfler, T. L. Bourke, B. M. Kulterer, E. F. van Dishoeck, M. N. Drozdovskaya, and N. F. W. Ligterink
A&A 645, A53 (2021)
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS) - XI. First measurement of nitrogen fractionation in shocked clumps of the L1157 protostellar outflow
M. Benedettini, S. Viti, C. Codella, C. Ceccarelli, R. Neri, A. López-Sepulcre, E. Bianchi, G. Busquet, P. Caselli, F. Fontani, B. Lefloch, L. Podio, S. Spezzano, and C. Vastel
A&A 645, A91 (2021)
ALMA chemical survey of disk-outflow sources in Taurus (ALMA-DOT) - V. Sample, overview, and demography of disk molecular emission
A. Garufi, L. Podio, C. Codella, D. Fedele, E. Bianchi, C. Favre, F. Bacciotti, C. Ceccarelli, S. Mercimek, K. Rygl, R. Teague, and L. Testi
A&A 645, A145 (2021)
Is TiO emission present in the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-33b? A reassessment using the improved ExoMol TOTO line list
D. B. Serindag, S. K. Nugroho, P. Mollière, E. J. W. de Mooij, N. P. Gibson, and I. A. G. Snellen
A&A 645, A90 (2021)
CF+ excitation in the interstellar medium
B. Desrousseaux, F. Lique, J. R. Goicoechea, E. Quintas-Sánchez, and R. Dawes
A&A 645, A8 (2021)
Comprehensive rotational study and astronomical search for cyclopropanecarboxaldehyde
C. Cabezas, E. M. Neeman, B. Tercero, C. Bermúdez, and J. Cernicharo
A&A 645, A175 (2021)
High-Resolution Rotational Spectroscopy and Interstellar Search for Isopropyl Isothiocyanate
Y. Xu, J. Zhang, W. Li, J. Li, and G. Feng
ACS Earth Space Chem 5, 33-39 (2021)
Hydrogen Abstraction of Acetic Acid by Hydrogen Atom to Form Carboxymethyl Radical •CH2C(O)OH in Solid para-Hydrogen and Its Implication in Astrochemistry
P. R. Joshi, K. C.-Y. How, and Y.-P. Lee
ACS Earth Space Chem 5, 106-117 (2021)
Charge Transfer Processes for H + H2+ Reaction Employing Coupled 3D Wavepacket Approach on Beyond Born-Oppenheimer Based Ab Initio Constructed Diabatic Potential Energy Surfaces
S. Ghosh, T. Sahoo, M. Baer, and S. Adhikari
J Phys Chem A 125, 731-745 (2021)
Reinterpreting the vibrational structure in the electronic spectrum of the propargyl cation (H2C3H+) using an efficient and accurate quantum model
Z. Ouyang and C. Xie
J Chem Phys 154, 044308 (2021)
ALMA Observation of SO2 Gas Originating from Io's Volcanic Plume and Lava Areas
R. Koga, T. Suzuki, F. Tsuchiya, T. Sakanoi, and Y. Hirahara
ApJL 907, L6 (2021)
The First Mid-infrared Detection of HNC in the Interstellar Medium: Probing the Extreme Environment toward the Orion Hot Core
S. Nickerson, N. Rangwala, S. W. J. Colgan, C. DeWitt, X. Huang, K. Acharyya, M. Drozdovskaya, R. C. Fortenberry, E. Herbst, and T. J. Lee
ApJ 907, 51 (2021)
Gas phase formation of carbon cluster (fullerenes and graphenes)/prebiotic sugar complexes
D. Zhang, Y. Yang, X. Hu, and J. Zhen
Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 1424-1436 (2021)
Photodissociation branching ratios for several absorption bands of 12C16O from 108,500 to 109,220 cm–1
X. Chi, P. Jiang, Q. Zhu, M. Cheng, and H. Gao
Mol Phys 119, e1718228 (2021)
Characterisation of the state and its interaction with the b3Σ+, v = 0 state in aluminium monofluoride
M. Doppelbauer, N. Walter, S. Hofsäss, S. Marx, H. C. Schewe, S. Kray, J. Pérez-Ríos, B. G. Sartakov, S. Truppe, and G. Meijer
Mol Phys 119, e1810351 (2021)
High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of naphthalene and acenaphthene dimers
A. K. Lemmens, P. Chopra, D. Garg, A. L. Steber, M. Schnell, W. J. Buma, and A. M. Rijs
Mol Phys 119, e1811908 (2021)
HDCO radical dissociation thresholds by velocity map imaging
C. D. Foley, G. A. Cooper, J. Tu, M. Harmata, and A. G. Suits
Mol Phys 119, e1811908 (2021)
Velocity map imaging studies of the photodissociation of CS2 by two-photon excitation at around 303-315 nm
Z. Li, M. Zhao, T. Xie, Y. Chang, Z. Luo, Z. Chen, X. Wang, K. Yuan, and X. Yang
Mol Phys 119, e1813911 (2021)
Charge transfer dynamics in Ar+ + CO
T. Michaelsen,T. Gstir, B. Bastian, E. Carrascosa, A. Ayasli, J. Meyer, and R. Wester
Mol Phys 119, e1815885 (2021)
High-resolution anion photoelectron spectroscopy of cryogenically cooled 4-atom silicon carbides
M. C. Babin, M. DeWitt, M. L. Weichman, J. A. DeVine, and D. M. Neumark
Mol Phys 119, e1817596 (2021)
Characterisation of the first electronically excited state of protonated acetylene C2H3+ by coincident imaging photoelectron spectroscopy
G. A. Garcia, J.-C. Loison, F. Holzmeier, B. Gans, C. Alcaraz, L. Nahon, X. Wu, X. Zhou, A. Bodi, and P. Hemberger
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Fine-structure resolved rovibrational transitions for SO + H2 collisions
T. J. Price, R. C. Forrey, B. Yang, and P. C. Stancil
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Collisional excitation of interstellar PN by H2: New interaction potential and scattering calculations
B. Desrousseaux, E. Quintas-Sánchez, R. Dawes, S. Marinakis, and F. Lique
J Chem Phys 154, 034304 (2021)
On the formation of van der Waals complexes through three-body recombination
M. Mirahmadi and J. Pérez-Ríos
J Chem Phys 154, 034305 (2021)
The TW Hya Rosetta Stone Project. II. Spatially Resolved Emission of Formaldehyde Hints at Low-temperature Gas-phase Formation
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ApJ 906, 111 (2021)
Reactive Rate Constants for the C+ + H2(v = 0, 1) Reaction: An Accurate State-to-state Quantum Dynamical Study
H. Wu, Z. Duan, and X. He
ApJ 906, 117 (2021)
Sodium isocyanide-Helium potential energy surface and astrophysical applications
C. Gharbi, Y. Ajili, D. Ben Abdallah, and M. Hochlaf
Theor Chem Acc 140, 10 (2021)
Dust/ice mixing in cold regions and solid-state water in the diffuse interstellar medium
A. Potapov, J. Bouwman, C. Jäger, and T. Henning
Nature Astron 5, 78-85 (2021)
Laboratory Study of the Cameron Bands, the First Negative Bands, and Fourth Positive Bands in the Middle Ultraviolet 180-280 nm by Electron Impact Upon CO
R. A. Lee, J. M. Ajello, C. P. Malone, J. S. Evans, V. Veibell, G. M. Holsclaw, W. E. McClintock, A. C. Hoskins, S. Jain, J.-C. Gérard, and N. M. Schneider
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OH Evolution in Molecular Clouds
N. Tang, D. Li, N. Yue, P. Zuo, T. Liu, G. Luo, L. Chen, S.-L. Qin, Y. Wu, and . Heiles
ApJS 252, 1 (2021)
Gas-Phase Formation of C5H6 Isomers via the Crossed Molecular Beam Reaction of the Methylidyne Radical (CH; X2Π) with 1,2-Butadiene (CH3CHCCH2; X1A')
C. He, A. A. Nikolayev, L. Zhao, A. M. Thomas, S. Doddipatla, G. R. Galimova, V. N. Azyazov, A. M. Mebel, and R. I. Kaiser
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CH3O Radical Binding on Hexagonal Water Ice and Amorphous Solid Water
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Astrochemistry and compositions of planetary systems
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Low-temperature gas-phase formation of indene in the interstellar medium
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An accurate full-dimensional potential energy surface for the reaction OH + SO → H + SO2
J. Qin and J. Li
Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 487-497 (2021)
The Formation of Glycolonitrile (HOCH2CN) from Reactions of C+ with HCN and HNC on Icy Grain Mantles
D. E. Woon
ApJ 906, 20 (2021)
Silicon and Hydrogen Chemistry under Laboratory Conditions Mimicking the Atmosphere of Evolved Stars
M. Accolla, G. Santoro, P. Merino, L. Martínez, G. Tajuelo-Castilla, L. Vázquez, J. M. Sobrado, M. Agúndez, M. Jiménez-Redondo, V. J. Herrero, I. Tanarro, J. Cernicharo, and J. Á. Martín-Gago
ApJ 906, 44 (2021)
Detection of PO in Orion-KL: Phosphorus Chemistry in the Plateau Outflow
J. J. Bernal, L. A. Koelemay, and L. M. Ziury
ApJ 906, 55 (2021)
SOLEIL and ALMA views on prototypical organic nitriles: C2H5CN
C. P.Endres, M.-A. Martin-Drumel, O. Zingsheim, L. Bonah, O. Pirali, T. Zhang, Á. Sánchez-Monge, T. Möller, N. Wehres, P. Schilke, M. C.McCarthy, S. Schlemmer, P. Caselli, and S. Thorwirth
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A Significant Increase in Detection of High-resolution Emission Spectra Using a Three-dimensional Atmospheric Model of a Hot Jupiter
H. Beltz, E. Rauscher, M. Brogi, and E. M.-R. Kempton
AJ 161, 1 (2021)
Transmission Spectroscopy for the Warm Sub-Neptune HD 3167c: Evidence for Molecular Absorption and a Possible High-metallicity Atmosphere
T. Mikal-Evans, I. J. M. Crossfield, B. Benneke, L. Kreidberg, J. Moses, C. V. Morley, D. Thorngren, P. Mollièare, K. K. Hardegree-Ullman, J. Brewer, J. L. Christiansen, D. R. Ciardi, D. Dragomir, C. Dressing, J. J. Fortney, V. Gorjian, T. P. Greene, L. A. Hirsch, A. W. Howard, S. B. Howell, H. Isaacson, M. R. Kosiarek, J. Krick, J. H. Livingston, J. D. Lothringer, F. Y. Morales, E. A Petigura, J. E. Schlieder, and M. Werner
AJ 161, 18 (2021)
ARES IV: Probing the Atmospheres of the Two Warm Small Planets HD 106315c and HD 3167c with the HST/WFC3 Camera
G. Guilluy, A. Gressier, S. Wright, A. Santerne, A. Y. Jaziri, B. Edwards, Q. Changeat, D. Modirrousta-Galian, N. Skaf, A. Al-Refaie, R. Baeyens, M. F. Bieger, D. Blain, F. Kiefer, M. Morvan, L. V. Mugnai, W. Pluriel, M. Poveda, T. Zingales, N. Whiteford, K. H. Yip, B. Charnay, J. Leconte, P. Drossart, A. Sozzetti, E. Marcq, A. Tsiaras, O. Venot, I. Waldmann, and J.-P. Beaulieu
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A new six-dimensional ab initio potential energy surface and rovibrational spectra for the Ne-H2S complex
X. Pei, Y. Peng, and H. Zhu
Chem Phys Lett 763, 138156 (2021)
Accurate MRCI study of the low-lying electronic states of the AlS molecule
Z. Zhu and M. Wu
Comp Theor Chem 1195, 113097 (2021)
The formation of H2O and Si-OH by H2+ irradiation in major minerals of carbonaceous chondrites
Y. Nakauchi, M. Abe, M. Ohtake, T. Matsumoto, A. Tsuchiyama, K. Kitazato, K. Yasuda, K. Suzuki, and Y. Nakata
Icarus 355, 114140 (2021)
Turbulent dissipation, CH+ abundance, H2 line luminosities, and polarization in the cold neutral medium
E. R. Moseley, B. T. Draine, K. Tomida, and J. M. Stone
MNRAS 500, 3290-3308 (2021)
The role of radiolysis in the modelling of C2H4O2 isomers and dimethyl ether in cold dark clouds
A. Paulive, C. N. Shingledecker, and E. Herbst
MNRAS 500, 3414-3424 (2021)
Abundance measurements of H2O and carbon-bearing species in the atmosphere of WASP-127b confirm its supersolar metallicity
J. J. Spake, D. K. Sing, H. R. Wakeford, N. Nikolov, T. Mikal-Evans, D. Deming, J. K. Barstow, D. R. Anderson, A. L. Carter, M. Gillon, J. M. Goyal, G. Hebrard, C. Hellier, T. Kataria, K. W. F. Lam, A. H. M. J. Triaud, and P. J. Wheatley
MNRAS 500, 4042-4064 (2021)
Escape and evolution of Titan's N2 atmosphere constrained by 14N/15N isotope ratios
N. V. Erkaev, M. Scherf, S. E. Thaller, H. Lammer, A. V. Mezentsev, V. A. Ivanov, and K. E. Mandt
MNRAS 500, 2020-2035 (2021)
Temperature inversions on hot super-Earths: the case of CN in nitrogen-rich atmospheres
M. Zilinskas, Y. Miguel, Y. Lyu, and M. Bax
MNRAS 500, 2197-2208 (2021)
Radiative association for the formation of MgO
T. Bai, Z. Qin, and L. Liu
MNRAS 500, 2496-2502 (2021)
Gas-phase spectroscopic characterization of neutral and ionic polycyclic aromatic phosphorus heterocycles (PAPHs)
R. R. Oliveira, G. Molpeceres, F. Fantuzzi, H. M. Quitián-Lara, H. M. Boechat-Roberty, and J. Kästner
MNRAS 500, 2564-2576 (2021)
Thermal and photochemical study of CH3OH and CH3OH-O2 astrophysical ices
K. Leroux and L. Krim
MNRAS 500, 1188-1200 (2021)
Theoretical kinetic studies of Venus chemistry. Formation and destruction of SCl, SCl2, and HSCl
D. E. Woon, D. M. Maffucci, and E. Herbst
Icarus 354, 114051 (2021)
Experimental study of the reaction of O ions with CO2 molecules with different ternary gases at temperatures relevant to the martian ionosphere
I. Zymak, J. Žabka, M. Polášek, T. D. Tran, P. Španěl, and D. Smith
Icarus 354, 114057 (2021)
Neptune's HCl upper limit from Herschel/HIFI
N. A. Teanby, B. Gould, and P. G. J. Irwin
Icarus 354, 114045 (2021)
Infrared spectra and optical constants of astronomical ices: III. Propane, propylene, and propyne
R. L. Hudson, P. A. Gerakines, Y. Y. Yarnall, and R. T.Coones
Icarus 354, 114033 (2021)
Carbon isotope evidence for the substrates and mechanisms of prebiotic synthesis in the early solar system
L. Chimiak, J. E. Elsila, B. Dallas, J. P. Dworkin, J. C. Aponte, A. L. Sessions, and J. M. Eilera
Geochem Cosmochem Acta 292, 188-202 (2021)

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