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Dedicated Journal Issues
Phys Chem Chem Phys 120(8) Theory, experiment, and simulations in laboratory astrochemistry 2018
Int J Quantum Chem 117(2) Computational Astrochemistry 2017
Faraday Discuss 168 Astrochemistry of Dust, Ice and Gas 2014
Chem Rev 113(12) Astrochemistry 2013
J Phys Chem A 117(39) Oka Festschrift 2013
AIP Conf Proc 1541 Astrochem2012 2013
Phil Trans A 371(1994) Surface Science in the ISM 2013
Phil Trans A 370(1978) Chemistry, Astronomy and Physics of H3+ 2012
Faraday Discuss 147 Chemistry of the Planets 2010
J Phys Chem A 113(42) Chemistry: Titan Atmosphere 2009
Faraday Discuss 133 Chemical Evolution of the Universe 2006
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New Articles
Constraints on water vapor and sulfur dioxide at Ceres: Exploiting the sensitivity of the Hubble Space Telescope
L. Roth
Icarus 305, 149-159 (2018)

Chemical modelling of glycolaldehyde and ethylene glycol in star-forming regions
A. Coutens, S. Viti, J. M. C. Rawlings, M. T. Beltrán, J. Holdship, I. Jiménez-Serra, D. Quénard, and V. M. Rivilla
MNRAS 475, 2016-2026 (2018)

On the gas-phase formation of the HCO radical: accurate quantum study of the H+CO radiative association
T. Stoecklin, P. Halvick, H.-G. Yu, G. Nyman, and Y. Ellinger
MNRAS 475, 2545-2552 (2018)

Where is OH and Does It Trace the Dark Molecular Gas (DMG)?
D. Li, N. Tang, H. Nguyen, J. R. Dawson, C. Heiles, D. Xu, Z. Pan, P. F. Goldsmith, S. J. Gibson, C. E. Murray, T. Robishaw, N. M. McClure-Griffiths, J. Dickey, J. Pineda, S. Stanimirović, L. Bronfman, T. Troland, and The PRIMO Collaboration
ApJS 235, 1 (2018)

Line Lists for LiF and LiCl in the X 1Σ+ Ground State
D. M. Bittner and P. F. Bernath
ApJS 235, 8 (2018)

Hydrogen Dimers in Giant-planet Infrared Spectra
L. N. Fletcher, M. Gustafsson, and G. S. Orton
ApJS 235, 24 (2018)

Combined Experimental-Theoretical Study of the OH + CO → H + CO2 Reaction Dynamics
A. Caracciolo, D. Lu, N. Balucani, G. Vanuzzo, D. Stranges, X. Wang, J. Li, H. Guo, and P. Casavecchia
J Phys Chem Lett 9, 1229-1236 (2018)

XUV photodesorption of carbon cluster ions and ionic photofragments from a mixed methane-water ice
T. Suhasaria, J. D. Thrower, R. Frigge, S. Roling, M. Bertin, X. Michaut, J.-H. Fillion, and H. Zacharias
Phys Chem Chem Phys 20, 7457-7469 (2018)

Rotational relaxation of AlO+(1Σ+) in collision with He
O. Denis-Alpizar, T. Trabelsi, M. Hochlaf, and T. Stoecklin
MNRAS 475, 783-787 (2018)

Observable Signatures of Wind-driven Chemistry with a Fully Consistent Three-dimensional Radiative Hydrodynamics Model of HD 209458b
B. Drummond, N. J. Mayne, J. Manners, A. L. Carter, I. A. Boutle, I. Baraffe, É. Hébrard, P. Tremblin, D. K. Sing, D. S. Amundsen, and D. Acreman
ApJL 855, L31 (2018)

The first frost in the Pipe Nebula
M. Goto, J. D. Bailey, S. Hocuk, P. Caselli, G. B. Esplugues, S. Cazaux, and M. Spaans
A&A 610, A9 (2018)

The molecular chemistry of diffuse and translucent clouds in the line-of-sight to Sgr B2: Absorption by simple organic and inorganic molecules in the GBT PRIMOS survey
J. F. Corby, B. A. McGuire, E. Herbst, and A. J. Remijan
A&A 610, A10 (2018)

Clustering the Orion B giant molecular cloud based on its molecular emission
E. Bron, C. Daudon, J. Pety, F. Levrier, M. Gerin, P. Gratier, J. H. Orkisz, V. Guzman, S. Bardeau, J. R. Goicoechea, H Liszt, K. Öberg, N. Peretto, A. Sievers, and P. Tremblin
A&A 610, A12 (2018)

The ALMA-PILS Survey: Formaldehyde deuteration in warm gas on small scales toward IRAS 16293-2422 B
M. V. Persson, J. K. Jørgensen, H. S. P. Müller, A. Coutens, E. F. van Dishoeck, V. Taquet, H. Calcutt, M. H. D. van der Wiel, T. L. Bourke, and S. F. Wampfler
A&A 610, A54 (2018)

Stringent upper limit of CH4 on Mars based on SOFIA/EXES observations
S. Aoki, M. J. Richter, C. DeWitt, A. Boogert, T. Encrenaz, H. Sagawa, H. Nakagawa, A. C. Vandaele, M. Giuranna, T. K. Greathouse, T. Fouchet, A. Geminale, G. Sindoni, M. McKelvey, M. Case, and Y. Kasaba
A&A 610, A78 (2018)

The formation of urea in space. I. Ion-molecule, neutral-neutral, and radical gas-phase reactions
F. S. Brigiano, Y. Jeanvoine, A. Largo, and R. Spezia
A&A 610, A26 (2018)

High-resolution IR absorption spectroscopy of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the 3 μm region: role of hydrogenation and alkylation
E. Maltseva, C. J. Mackie, A. Candian, A. Petrignani, X. Huang, T. J. Lee, A. G. G. M. Tielens, J. Oomens, and W. J. Buma
A&A 610, A65 (2018)

Submillimeter wave spectroscopy of ethyl isocyanide and its searches in Orion
L. Margulès, B. Tercero, J. C. Guillemin, R. A. Motiyenko, and J. Cernicharo
A&A 610, A44 (2018)

New Articles from Last Week
GTC/CanariCam Mid-IR Imaging of the Fullerene-rich Planetary Nebula IC 418: Searching for the Spatial Distribution of Fullerene-like Molecules
J. J. Díaz-Luis, D. A. García-Hernández, A. Manchado, P. García-Lario, E. Villaver, and G. García-Segura
AJ 155, 105 (2018)

A Wideband Self-consistent Disk-averaged Spectrum of Jupiter Near 30 GHz and Its Implications for NH3 Saturation in the Upper Troposphere
R. L. Karim, D. DeBoer, I. de Pater, and G. K. Keating
AJ 155, 129 (2018)

Possible scenarios for SiS formation in the interstellar medium: Electronic structure calculations of the potential energy surfaces for the reactions of the SiH radical with atomic sulphur and S2
M. Rosi, L. Mancini, D. Skouteris, C. Ceccarelli, N. Faginas Lago, L. Podio, C. Codella, B. Lefloch, and N. Balucani
Chem Phys Lett 695, 87-93 (2018)

Infrared Spectroscopy of Matrix-Isolated Neutral and Ionized Anthracoronene in Argon
A. L. F. de Barros, A. L. Mattioda, J. M. Korsmeyer and A. Ricca
J Phys Chem A 122, 2361-2375 (2018)

On the Synthesis of Chocolate Flavonoids (Propanols, Butanals) in the Interstellar Medium
M. J. Abplanalp, S. Góbi, A. Bergantini, A. M. Turner, and R. I. Kaiser
Chem Phys Chem 19, 556-560 (2018)

Unimolecular reaction energies for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon ions
B. West, S. Rodriguez Castillo, A. Sit, S. Mohamad, B. Lowe, C. Joblin, A. Bodi and P. M Mayer
Phys Chem Chem Phys 20, 7195-7205 (2018)

Interstellar dehydrogenated PAH anions: vibrational spectra
M. Buragohain, A. Pathak, P. Sarre, and N. K. Gour
MNRAS 474, 4594-4602 (2018)

Detection of HC5N and HC7N Isotopologues in TMC-1 with the Green Bank Telescope
A. M. Burkhardt, E. Herbst, S. V. Kalenskii, M. C. McCarthy, A. J. Remijan, and B. A. McGuire
MNRAS 474, 5068-5075 (2018)

A new look at sulphur chemistry in hot cores and corinos
T. H. G. Vidal and V. Wakelam
MNRAS 474, 5575-5587 (2018)

Nitrogen oxide in protostellar envelopes and shocks: the ASAI survey
C. Codella, S. Viti, B. Lefloch, J. Holdship, R. Bachiller, E. Bianchi, C. Ceccarelli, C. Favre, I. Jiménez-Serra, L. Podio, and M. Tafalla
MNRAS 474, 5694-5703 (2018)

Improved Ultraviolet and Infrared Oscillator Strengths for OH+
J. N. Hodges, D. M. Bittner, and P. F. Bernath
ApJ 855, 21 (2018)

Adsorption Energies of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Atoms on the Low-temperature Amorphous Water Ice: A Systematic Estimation from Quantum Chemistry Calculations
T. Shimonishi, N. Nakatani, K. Furuya, and T. Hama
ApJ 855, 27 (2018)

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emission Toward the Galactic Bulge
M. J. Shannon, E. Peeters, J. Cami, and J. A. D. L. Blommaert
ApJ 855, 32 (2018)

ALMA Astrochemical Observations of the Infrared-luminous Merger NGC 3256
N. Harada, K. Sakamoto, S. Martín, S. Aalto, R. Aladro, and K. Sliwa
ApJ 855, 49 (2018)

Candidate Water Vapor Lines to Locate the H2O Snowline through High-dispersion Spectroscopic Observations. III. Submillimeter H216O and H218O Lines
S. Notsu, H. Nomura, C. Walsh, M. Honda, T. Hirota, E. Akiyama, and T. J. Millar
ApJ 855, 62 (2018)

Published in April 2018
Comets in UV
B. Shustov, M. Sachkov, A. I. Gómez de Castro, J. C. Vallejo, E. Kanev, and V. Dorofeeva
Astrophys Space Sci 363. 64 (2018)

Published in March 2018
An infrared measurement of chemical desorption from interstellar ice analogues
Y. Oba, T. Tomaru, T.Lamberts, A. Kouchi, and N. Watanabe
Nature Astron 2, 228-232 (2018)

Widespread distribution of OH/H2O on the lunar surface inferred from spectral data
J. L. Bandfield, M. J. Poston, R. L. Klima, and C. S. Edwards
Nature Geosci 11, 173-177 (2018)

Providing theoretical data for detection of four formamidic acid isomers in astrophysical media
R. M. Vichietti, A. B. F. da Silva, and R. L. A. Haiduke
Mol Astrophys 10, 1-10 (2018)

First-principles study of the formation of glycine-producing radicals from common interstellar species
A. Sato, Y. Kitazawa, T. Ochi, M. Shoji, Y. Komatsu, M.Kayanuma, Y. Aikawa, M. Umemura, and Y. Shigeta
Mol Astrophys 10, 11-20 (2018)

Direct Detection of S(3P) and S(1D) Generated in the O(1D) + OCS Reaction: Mechanism of the Formation of S2(X3Σg and a1Δg)
H. Tanimoto, S. Tendo, K. Orimi, H. Goto, H. Kohguchi, and K. Yamasaki
J Phys Chem A 122, 1948-1953 (2018)

The reactivity of cyclopropyl cyanide in Titan's atmosphere: a possible pre-biotic mechanism
E. López, D. Ascenzi, P. Tosi, J. M. Bofill, J. de Andrés, M. Albertí, J. M. Lucas, and A. Aguilar
Phsy Chem Chem Phys 20, 6198-6210 (2018)

New measurements on water ice photodesorption and product formation under ultraviolet irradiation
G. A. Cruz-Diaz, R. Martín-Doménech, E. Moreno, G. M. Muñoz Caro, and Y.-J. Chen
MNRAS 474, 3080-3089 (2018)

The origin of fast molecular outflows in quasars: molecule formation in AGN-driven galactic winds
A. J. Richings and C.-A. Faucher-Giguère
MNRAS 474, 3673-3699 (2018)

The quest for H3+ at Neptune: deep burn observations with NASA IRTF iSHELL
H. Melin, L. N. Fletcher, T. S. Stallard, R. E. Johnson, J. O'Donoghue, L. Moore, and P. T. Donnelly
MNRAS 474, 3714-3719 (2018)

Revised models of interstellar nitrogen isotopic fractionation
E. S. Wirström and S. B. Charnley
MNRAS 474, 3720-3726 (2018)

Widespread SiO and CH3OH emission in filamentary infrared dark clouds
G. Cosentino, I. Jiménez-Serra, J. D. Henshaw, P. Caselli, S. Viti, A. T. Barnes, F. Fontani, J. C. Tan, and A. Pon
MNRAS 474, 3760-3781 (2018)

Solid-phase equilibria on Pluto's surface
S. P. Tan and J. S. Kargel
MNRAS 474, 4254-5263 (2018)

Low temperature studies of the removal reactions of 1CH2 with particular relevance to the atmosphere of Titan
K. Douglas, M. A. Blitz, W. Feng, D. E. Heard, J. M. C. Plane, E. Slater, K. Willacy, and P. W.Seakins
Icarus 303, 10-21 (2018)

New accurate theoretical line lists of 12CH4 and 13CH4 in the 0-13400 cm-1 range: Application to the modeling of methane absorption in Titan's atmosphere
M. Rey, A. V. Nikitin, B. Bézard, P. Rannou, A. Coustenis, and V. G. Tyuterev
Icarus 303, 114-130 (2018)

Mesospheric CO2 ice clouds on Mars observed by Planetary Fourier Spectrometer onboard Mars Express
S. Aoki, Y. Sato, M. Giuranna, P. Wolkenberg, T.M.Sato, H.Nakagawa, and Y. Kasaba
Icarus 302, 175-190 (2018)

Photodissociation threshold and emission with 220 nm of icy ethene
J.-I. Lo, S.-L. Chou, Y.-C. Peng, H.-C. Lu, and B.-M. Cheng
Icarus 302, 261-265 (2018)

A reanalysis of ozone on Mars from assimilation of SPICAM observations
J. A. Holmes, S. R. Lewis, M. R. Patel, F. Lefèvre
Icarus 302, 308-318 (2018)

Coloring Jupiter's clouds: Radiolysis of ammonium hydrosulfide (NH4SH)
M. J. Loeffler and R. L. Hudson
Icarus 302, 418-425 (2018)

Analysis of gaseous ammonia (NH3) absorption in the visible spectrum of Jupiter
P. G. J. Irwin, N. Bowles, A. S. Braude, R. Garland, and S. Calcutt
Icarus 302, 426-436 (2018)

Molecular emission in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: An investigation of its suitability for chlorine quantification on Mars
D. S. Vogt, K. Rammelkamp, S. Schröder, and H. W. Hübers
Icarus 302, 470-482 (2018)

Published in February 2018
Kinetics of CO and CO2 with N and O atoms
J. E. Tenewitz, T. Lê, O. Martinez, Jr., S. G. Ard, N. S. Shuman, J. C. Sanchez, A. A. Viggiano, and J. J. Melko
J Chem Phys 148, 084305 (201u8)

Chemical and Physical Picture of IRAS 16293-2422 Source B at a Sub-arcsecond Scale Studied with ALMA
Y. Oya, K. Moriwaki, S. Onishi, N. Sakai, A. López-Sepulcre, C. Favre, Y. Watanabe, C. Ceccarelli, B. Lefloch, and S. Yamamoto
ApJ 854, 96 (2018)

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Straight Edges and the 7.6/6.2 and 8.6/6.2 Intensity Ratios in Reflection Nebulae
A. Ricca, C. W. Bauschlicher, Jr., J. E. Roser, and E. Peeters
ApJ 854, 115 (2018)

Complex Organic Molecules in Taurus Molecular Cloud-1
T. Soma, N. Sakai, Y. Watanabe, and S. Yamamoto
ApJ 854, 116 (2018)

Survey Observations to Study Chemical Evolution from High-mass Starless Cores to High-mass Protostellar Objects. I. HC3N and HC5N
K. Taniguchi, M. Saito, T. K. Sridharan, and T. Minamidani
ApJ 854, 133 (2018)

The Genealogical Tree of Ethanol: Gas-phase Formation of Glycolaldehyde, Acetic Acid, and Formic Acid
D. Skouteris, N. Balucani, C. Ceccarelli, F. Vazart, C. Puzzarini, V. Barone, C. Codella, and B. Lefloch
ApJ 854, 135 (2018)

Modeling H2O and CO2 in Optically Thick Comets Using Asymmetric Spherical Coupled Escape Probability and Application to Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd Observations of CO, H2O, and CO2
A. M. Gersch, L. M. Feaga, and M. F. A'Hearn
ApJ 854, 149 (2018)

Directed gas phase formation of silicon dioxide and implications for the formation of interstellar silicates
T. Yang, A. M. Thomas, B. B. Dangi, R. I. Kaiser, A. M. Mebel, and T. J. Millar
Nature Comm 9, 774 (2018)

HNCO: a molecule that traces low-velocity shocks
N.-P. Yu, J.-L. Xu, and J.-J. Wang
Res Astron Astrophys 18, 015 (2018)

Gas phase kinetics of the OH + CH3CH2OH reaction at temperatures of the interstellar medium (T = 21-107 K)
A. J. Ocaña, S. Blázquez, B. Ballesteros, A. Canosa, M. Antiñolo, J. Albaladejo, and E. Jiménez
Phys Chem Chem Phys 20, 5868-5873 (2018)

Chemical reactions in the nitrogen-acetone ice induced by cosmic ray analogues: relevance for the Solar system
A. L. F. de Barros, D. P. P. Andrade, E. F. da Silveira, K. F. Alcantara, P. Boduch, and H. Rothard
MNRAS 474, 1469-1481 (2018)

Populating H2 and CO in galaxy simulation with dust evolution
L.-H. Chen, H. Hirashita, K.-C. Hou, S. Aoyama, I. Shimizu, and K. Nagamine
MNRAS 474, 1545-1563 (2018)

Gas-phase spectra of MgO molecules: a possible connection from gas-phase molecules to planet formation
K. A. Kloska and R. C. Fortenberry
MNRAS 474, 2055-2063 (2018)

Chemical modelling of complex organic molecules with peptide-like bonds in star-forming regions
D. Quénard, I. Jiménez-Serra, S. Viti, J. Holdship, and A. Coutens
MNRAS 474, 2796-2812 (2018)

Seasonal Evolution of Titan's Stratosphere Near the Poles
A. Coustenis, D. E. Jennings, R. K. Achterberg, G. Bampasidis, C. A. Nixon, P. Lavvas, V. Cottini, and F. M. Flasar
ApJL 854, L30 (2018)

The NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database: Computational Version 3.00 with Updated Content and the Introduction of Multiple Scaling Factors
C. W. Bauschlicher, Jr., A. Ricca, C. Boersma, and L. J. Allamandola
ApJS 234, 32 (2018)

Phase Diagram of the Ternary Water-Tetrahydrofuran-Ammonia System at Low Temperatures. Implications for Clathrate Hydrates and Outgassing on Titan
V. Muñoz-Iglesias, M. Choukroun, T. H. Vu, R. Hodyss, A. Mahjoub, W. D. Smythe, and C. Sotin
ACS Earth Space Chem 2, 135-146 (2018)

Phase Transitions and Hygroscopic Growth of Mg(ClO4)2, NaClO4, and NaClO4•H2O: Implications for the Stability of Aqueous Water in Hyperarid Environments on Mars and on Earth
X. Jia, W. Gu, Y. J. Li, P. Cheng, Y. Tang, L. Guo, X. Wang, and M. Tang
ACS Earth Space Chem 2, 159-167 (2018)

Full-Dimensional Quantum Dynamics of SiO in Collision with H2/SUB>
B. Yang, P. Zhang, C. Qu, X. H. Wang, P. C. Stancil, J. M. Bowman, N. Balakrishnan, B. M. McLaughlin, and R. C. Forrey
J Phys Chem A 122, 1511-1520 (2018)

Quantum-Chemical Modeling of the First Steps of the Strecker Synthesis: From the Gas-Phase to Water Solvation
V. Riffet, G. Frison, and G. Bouchoux
J Phys Chem A 122, 1643-1657 (2018)

Bound and continuum-embedded states of cyanopolyyne anions
W. Skomorowski, S. Gulania, and A. I. Krylov
Phys Chem Chem Phys 20, 4805-4817 (2018)

Strong CO+ and N2+ Emission in Comet C/2016 R2 (Pan-STARRS)
A. L. Cochran and A. J. McKay
ApJL 854, L10 (2018)

Convective Dynamics and Disequilibrium Chemistry in the Atmospheres of Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs
B. Bordwell, B. P. Brown, and J. S. Oishi
ApJ 854, 8 (2018)

Modeling CO, CO2, and H2O Ice Abundances in the Envelopes of Young Stellar Objects in the Magellanic Clouds
T. Pauly and R. T. Garrod
ApJ 854, 13 (2018)

Formation of H2O+ and H3O+ Cations in Reactions of OH+ and H2O+ with H2: Experimental Studies of the Reaction Rate Coefficients from T = 15 to 300 K
T. D. Tran, S. Rednyk, A. Kovalenko, Š. Rouɩka, P. Dohnal, R. Plašil, D. Gerlich, and J. Glosík
ApJ 854, 25 (2018)

Laboratory Gas-phase Infrared Spectra of Two Astronomically Relevant PAH Cations: Diindenoperylene, C32H16+ and Dicoronylene, C48H20+
J. Zhen, A. Candian, P. Castellanos, J. Bouwman, H. Linnartz, and A. G. G. M. Tielens
ApJ 854, 27 (2018)

Hydrogenated Benzene in Circumstellar Environments: Insights into the Photostability of Super-hydrogenated PAHs
H. M. Quitián-Lara, F. Fantuzzi, M. A. C. Nascimento, W. Wolff, and H. M. Boechat-Roberty
ApJ 854, 61 (2018)

Detecting aromatic compounds on planetary surfaces using ultraviolet time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
E. Eshelman, M. G. Daly, G. Slater, and E. Cloutis
Planet Space Sci 151, 1-10 (2018)

The CaO orange system in meteor spectra
A. A. Berezhnoy, J. Boroviɩka, J. Santos, J. F. Rivas-Silva, L.Sandoval, A. V.Stolyarov, and A. Palma
Planet Space Sci 151, 27-32 (2018)

High Accuracy ab Initio Calculations of Rotational-Vibrational Levels of the HCN/HNC System
V. Y. Makhnev, A. A. Kyuberis, N. F. Zobov, L. Lodi, J. Tennyson, and O. L. Polyansky
J Phys Chem A 122, 1326-1343 (2018)

A combined theoretical and experimental investigation of the kinetics and dynamics of the O(1D) + D2 reaction at low temperature
D. Nuñez-Reyes, K. M. Hickson, P. Larrégaray, L. Bonnet, T. González-Lezana, and Y. V. Suleimanov
Phys Chem Chem Phys 20, 4404-2214 (2018)

Reactive Desorption of CO Hydrogenation Products under Cold Pre-stellar Core Conditions
K.-J. Chuang, G. Fedoseev, D. Qasim, S. Ioppolo, E. F. van Dishoeck, and H. Linnartz
ApJ 853, 102 (2018)

A Model of Titan-like Chemistry to Connect Experiments and Cassini Observations
A. W. Raymond, E. Sciamma-O'Brien, F. Salama, and E. Mazur
ApJ 853, 101 (2018)

Chemical Modeling for Predicting the Abundances of Certain Aldimines and Amines in Hot Cores
M. Sil, P. Gorai, A. Das, B. Bhat, E. E. Etim, and S. K. Chakrabarti
ApJ 853, 139 (2018)

Molecular Reconnaissance of the β Pictoris Gas Disk with the SMA: A Low HCN/(CO+CO2) Outgassing Ratio and Predictions for Future Surveys
L. Matrà, D. J. Wilner, K. I. Öberg, S. M. Andrews, R. A. Loomis, M. C. Wyatt, and W. R. F. Dent
ApJ 853, 147 (2018)

G331.512-0.103: An Interstellar Laboratory for Molecular Synthesis. I. The Ortho-to-para Ratios for CH3OH and CH3CN
E. Mendoza, L. Bronfman, N. U. Duronea, J. R. D. Lépine, R. Finger, M. Merello, C. Hervías-Caimapo, D. R. G. Gama, N. Reyes, and L. Åke-Nyman
ApJ 853, 152 (2018)

Characterization of methanol as a magnetic field tracer in star-forming regions
B. Lankhaar, W. Vlemmings, G. Surcis, H. Jan van Langevelde, G. C. Groenenboom, and A. van der Avoird
Nature Astron 2, 145-150 (2018)

Magnesium replacement in formaldehyde: Theoretical rovibrational analysis of X3B1 MgCH2
M. K. Bassett and R. C. Fortenberry
J Mol Spectrosc 344, 61-64 (2018)

Challenges in XUV Photochemistry Simulations: A Case Study on Ultrafast Fragmentation Dynamics of the Benzene Radical Cation
S. Bazzi, R. Welsch, O. Vendrell, and R. Santra
J Phys Chem A 122, 1004-1010 (2018)

Renner-Teller effects in the photoelectron spectra of CNC, CCN, and HCCN
L. H. Coudert, B. Gans, G. A. Garcia, and J.-C. Loison
J Chem Phys 148, 054302 (2018)

Einstein A coefficients for rovibronic lines of the A2Π → X2Σ+ and B2Σ+X2Σ+ transitions of CaH and CaD
S. F. Alavi and A. Shayesteh
MNRAS 474, 2-11 (2018)

Measuring molecular abundances in comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) using the APEX telescope
M. de Val-Borro, S. N. Milam, M. A. Cordiner, S. B. Charnley, I. M. Coulson, A. J. Remijan, and G. L. Villanueva
MNRAS 474, 1099-1107 (2018)

C/O ratios in planetary nebulae with dual-dust chemistry from faint optical recombination lines
J. García-Rojas, G. Delgado-Inglada, D. A. García-Hernández, F. Dell'Agli, M. Lugaro, A. I. Karakas, and M. Rodríguez
MNRAS 473, 4476-4496 (2018)

Collisional excitation of CH2 rotational/fine-structure levels by helium
P. J. Dagdigian and F. Lique
MNRAS 473, 4824-2831 (2018)

Anomalous phosphine sensitivity coefficients as probes for a possible variation of the proton-to-electron mass ratio
A. Owens, S. N. Yurchenko, and V. Špirko
MNRAS 473, 4986-4992 (2018)

ExoMol line lists XXIV: a new hot line list for silicon monohydride, SiH
S. N. Yurchenko, F. Sinden, L. Lodi, C. Hill, M. N. Gorman, and J. Tennyson
MNRAS 473, 5324-5333 (2018)

The Detection of Hot Cores and Complex Organic Molecules in the Large Magellanic Cloud
M. Sewiło, R. Indebetouw, S. B. Charnley, S. Zahorecz, J. M. Oliveira, J. T. van Loon, J. L. Ward, C.-H. R. Chen, J. Wiseman, Y. Fukui, A. Kawamura, M. Meixner, T. Onishi, and P. Schilke
ApJL 853, L19 (2018)

Discovery of the Ubiquitous Cation NS+ in Space Confirmed by Laboratory Spectroscopy
J. Cernicharo, B. Lefloch, M. Agúndez, S. Bailleux, L. Margulès, E. Roueff, R. Bachiller, N. Marcelino, B. Tercero, C. Vastel, and E. Caux
ApJL 853, L22 (2018)

ALMA Reveals an Inhomogeneous Compact Rotating Dense Molecular Torus at the NGC 1068 Nucleus
M. Imanishi, K. Nakanishi, T. Izumi, and K. Wada
ApJL 853, L25 (2018)

High spectral resolution observations of HNC3 and HCCNC in the L1544 pre-stellar core
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Published in January 2018
Venus Upper Clouds and the UV Absorber From MESSENGER/MASCS Observations
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Obituary: William Klemperer
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