Astrochemistry Publications from 2003
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Recent Additions
December 2003

"Importance of Surface Morphology in Interstellar H2 Formation." L. Hornekær, A. Baurichter, V. V. Petrunin, D. Field, A. C. Luntz. Science 302:1943-1946 (2003) ABSTRACT

"Theoretical calculation of vibronic levels of C2H and C2D to 10 000 cm–1." R. Tarroni and S. Carter. J Chem Phys 119:12878-12889 (2003) ABSTRACT

"The Spectroscopic Consequences of C-H --- π H-Bonding: C6H6-(C4H2)n Clusters with n = 1 and 2." C. Ramos, P. R. Winter, J. A. Stearns, and T. S. Zwier. J Phys Chem A 107:10280-10287 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"Titan Aerosol Analogues: Analysis of the Nonvolatile Tholins." N. Sarker, A. Somogyi, J. I. Lunine, and M. A. Smith. Astrobiol 3:719-726 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Production of Oxidants in Europa's Surface." R. E. Johnson, T. I. Quickenden, P. D. Cooper, A. J. McKinley, and C. G. Freeman. Astrobiol 3:823-850 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Infrared Properties of Solid Titanium Oxides: Exploring Potential Primary Dust Condensates." T. Posch, F. Kerschbaum, D. Fabian, H. Mutschke, J. Dorschner, A. Tamanai, and T. Dunning. ApJS 149:437-445 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Doubly Ionized Carbon Observed in the Plasma Tail of Comet Kudo-Fujikawa." M. S. Povich, J. C. Raymond, G. H. Jones, M. Uzzo, Y.-K. Ko, P. D. Feldman, P. L. Smith, B. G. Marsden, and T. N. Woods. Science 302:1949-1952 (2003). ABSTRACT (REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

"Observational Indicators of Formation Excitation of H2." S. Tiné D. A. Williams, D. C. Clary, A. J. Farebrother, A. J. Fisher, A. J. H. M. Meijer, J. M. C. Rawlings, and C. J. Davis. Astrophys Space Sci 288:377-389 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Large Molecules in Space?" D. Williams. Astron Geophys 44:6.14 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Surface Coverage Effects on the Formation of Molecular Hydrogen on a Graphite Surface via an Eley-Rideal Mechanism." A. J. H. M. Meijer, A. J. Fisher, and D. C. Clary. J Phys Chem A 107:10862-10871 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"Laboratory Infrared Observation of Linear C7S Carbon-Sulfur Cluster in Solid Argon." H. Wang, J. Szczepanski, P. J. Brucat, and M. T. Vala. J Phys Chem A 107:10919-10925 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"The origin of organic matter in the solar system: evidence from the interplanetary dust particles." G. J. Flynn, L. P. Keller, M. Feser, S. Wirick, and C. Jacobsen. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 67:4791-4806 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Carbon Isotope Ratio in 12CO/13CO toward Local Molecular Clouds with Near-Infrared High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Vibrational Transition Bands." M. Goto, T. Usuda, N. Takato, M. Hayashi, S. Sakamoto, W. Gaessler, Y. Hayano, M. Iye, Y. Kamata, T. Kanzawa, N. Kobayashi, Y. Minowa, K. Nedachi, S. Oya, T.-S. Pyo, D. Saint-Jacques, H. Suto, H. Takami, H. Terada, and G. F. Mitchell. ApJ 598:1038-1047 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Infrared Properties of Solid Titanium Oxides: Exploring Potential Primary Dust Condensates." Th. Posch, F. Kerschbaum, D. Fabian , H. Mutschke, J. Dorschner, A. Tamanai, and T. Henning. ApJS 149:437-445 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory measurements of the Ka-band (7.5 mm to 9.2 mm) opacity of phosphine (PH3) and ammonia (NH3) under simulated conditions for the Cassini-Saturn encounter." P. N. Mohammed and P. G. Steffel. Icarus 166:425-435 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Hardening of Titan's aerosols by their charging." V. Dimitrov and A. Bar-Nun. Icarus 166:440-443 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Hydrogen peroxide dimers and the production of O2 in icy satellite surfaces." P. D. Cooper, R. E. Johnson, and T. I. Quickenden. Icarus 166:444-446 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Interstellar SiN." P. Schilke, S. Leurini, K. M. Menten, and J. Alcolea. A&A 412::L15-L18 (2003). ABSTRACT

"UV-photoprocessing of interstellar ice analogs: New infrared spectroscopic results." G. M. Muñoz Caro and W. A. Schutte. A&A 412:121-132 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Sulphur chemistry in the envelopes of massive young stars." F. F. S. van der Tak, A. M. S. Boonman, R. Braakman, and E. F. van Dishoeck. A&A 412:133-145 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Astrochemistry of sub-millimeter sources in Orion - Studying the variations of molecular tracers with changing physical conditions." D. Johnstone, A. M. S. Boonman, and E. F. van Dishoeck. A&A 412:157-174 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Water ice on outer solar system surfaces: Basic properties and radiation effects." R. A. Baragiola. P&SS 51:953-961 (2003). ABSTRACT

"A model of Titan's haze of fractal aerosols constrained by multiple observations." P. Rannou, C. P. McKay, and R. D. Lorenz. P&SS 51:963-976 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Experimental simulation of Titan's atmosphere: Detection of ammonia and ethylene oxide." J.-M. Bernard, P. Coll, A. Coustenis, and F. Raulin. P&SS 51:1003-1011 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Chemical sources of haze formation in Titan's atmosphere." E. H. Wilson and S. K. Atreya. P&SS 51:1017-1033 (2003). ABSTRACT

"HCN and HNC in Comets C/2000 Wm1 (Linear) and C/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang)." W. M. Irvine, P. Bergman, T. B. Lowe, H. Matthews, D. McGonagle, A. Nummelin, and T. Owen. Origins Life Evol Biosphere 33:609-619 (2003). ABSTRACT

November 2003

"Rate constant for the reaction CH3 + CH3 → C2H6 at T = 155 K and model calculation of the CH3 abundance in the atmospheres of Saturn and Neptune." R. J. Cody, P. N. Romani, F. L. Nesbitt, M. A. Iannone, D. C. Tardy, and L. J. Steif. JGR-Planets 108:5119 (2003). ABSTRACT

"A crossed beam and ab initio study of the C2(X1Σg+/a3Πu) + C2H2(X1Σ2+) reactions." R. I. Kaiser, N. Balucani, D. O. Charkin, and A. M. Mebel. Chem Phys Lett 382:112-119 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Oxirane: An Exotic Oxygenated Organic Compound on Titan?" P. Coll, J.-M. Bernard, R. Navarro-González, and F. Raulin. ApJ 598:700-703 (2003). ABSTRACT

"First detections of extragalactic SO2, NS and NO." S. Martín, R. Mauersberger, J. Martín-Pintado, S. García-Burillo, and C. Henkel. A&A 411:L465-L468 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Detection of MgNC in CRL 618: Tracing Metal Chemistry with Asymptotic Giant Branch Evolution." J. L. Highberger and L. M. Ziurys. ApJ 597:1065-1069 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Chemistry and clumpiness in planetary nebulae." M. P. Redman, S. Viti, P. Cau, and D. A. Williams. MNRAS 345:1291-1296 (2003). ABSTRACT

"HCN fluorescence on Titan." R. V. Yelle and C. A. Griffith. Icarus 166:107-115 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The rotational structure of the B-X system of sulfur dimers in the spectra of Comet Hyakutake (C/1996 B2)." S. J. Kim, M. F. A'Hearn, D. D. Wellnitz, R. Meier, and Y. S. Lee. Icarus 166:157-166 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Spectroscopy of Comet Hale-Bopp in the infrared." T. Y. Brooke,, H. A. Weaver, G. Chin, D. Bockelée-Morvan, S. J. Kim, and L.-H. Xu. Icarus 166:167-187 (2003). ABSTRACT

"An Infrared and Theoretical Study about the "XCN" Band Formation: Reactivity of HNCO with NH3 Astrophysical Ice Laboratory Analogues and the Spontaneous Production of OCN-." S. Raunier, T. Chiavassa, F. Marinelli, A. Allouche, and J.-P. Aycard. J Chem Phys A 107:9335-9343 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"Crystalline water ice in OH32.8-0.3." M. M. Maldoni, M. P. Egan, R. G. Smith, G. Robinson, and C. M. Wright. MNRAS 345:912-922 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Search for solid HDO in low-mass protostars." B. Parise, T. Simon, E. Caux, E. Dartois, C. Ceccarelli, J. Raynere and A. G. G. M. Tielens. A&A 410:897-904 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Dust tail of the distant comet C/1999 J2 (Skiff)." P. P. Korsun and G. F. Chörny. A&A 410:1029-1037 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Propane on Titan." H. G. Roe, T. K. Greathouse, M. J. Richter, and J. H. Lacy. ApJ 597:L65-L68 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory Submillimeter-Wave Detection of D2H+: A New Probe into Multiple Deuteration?." T. Hirao and T. Amano. ApJ 597:L85-L87 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Intrinsic lifetime of metastable excited C4H2: implications for the photochemistry of C4H2 in Titan's atmosphere." V. Vuitton, C. Gée, F. Raulin, Y. Bénilan, C. Crépin, and M.-C. Gazeau. P&SS 51:847-852 (2003). ABSTRACT

"What can we expect from the in situ chemical investigation of a cometary nucleus by gas chromatography: First results from laboratory studies." C. Szopa, R. Sternberg, F. Raulin, and H. Rosenbauer. P&SS 51:863-877 (2003). ABSTRACT

October 2003

"The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey. I. Low-Resolution Near-Infrared Spectra." I. S. McLean, M. R. McGovern, A. J. Burgasser, J. D. Kirkpatrick, L. Prato, and S. S. Kim. ApJ 596:561-586 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Beyond the T Dwarfs: Theoretical Spectra, Colors, and Detectability of the Coolest Brown Dwarfs." A. Burrows, D. Sudarsky, and J. I. Lunine. ApJ 596:587-596 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Molecules in high spin states II: the pure rotational spectrum of MnF (X7Σ+)." P. M. Sheridan and L. M. Ziurys. Chem Phys Lett 380:632-646 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Estimation of potential energy curves, dissociation energies, franck-condon factors and r-centroids of comet interesting molecules." R. R. Reddy, Y. N. Ahammed, K. R. Gopal, and D. B. Basha. Astrophys Space Sci 286:627-644 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Chemical effects of H2 formation excitation." R. T. Garrod, J. M. C. Rawlings, and D. A. Williams. Astrophys Space Sci 286:695-707 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Electronic Absorption Spectra of C5S, C6S, and C6S- in Neon Matrices." E. Riaplov and J. P. Maier. J Phys Chem A 107:8856-8858 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"Theoretical H2CO emission from protostellar envelopes." C. Ceccarelli, S. Maret, A. G. G. M. Tielens, A. Castets, and E. Caux. A&A 410:587-595 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Testing the "strong" PAHs hypothesis I. Profile invariance of electronic transitions of interstellar PAH cations." G. Malloci, G. Mulas, and P. Benvenuti. A&A 410:623-637 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Testing the "strong" PAHs hypothesis II. A quantitative link between DIBs and far-IR emission features." G. Mulas, G. Malloci, and P. Benvenuti. A&A 410: 639-648 (2003). ABSTRACT

"A search for interstellar pyrimidine." Y.-J. Kuan, C.-H. Yan, S. B. Charnley, Z. Kisiel, P. Ehrenfreund, and H.-C. Huang. MNRAS 345:650-656 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory Spectrum of the 111-202 Rotational Transition of CH2." E. A. Michael, F. Lewen, G. Winnewisser, H. Ozeki, H. Habara, and E Herbst. ApJ 596:1356-1362 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Facile Generation and Storage of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Ions in Astrophysical Ices." M. S. Gudipati and L. J. Allamandola. ApJ 596:L195-L198 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Source of Atomic Hydrogen in the Atmosphere of HD 209458b." M.-C. Liang, C. D. Parkinson, A. Y.-T. Lee, Y. L. Yung, and S. Seager. ApJ 596:L247-L250 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Nitrogen isotopic composition of macromolecular organic matter in interplanetary dust particles." J. Aléon, F. Robert, M. Chaussidon, and B. Marty. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 67:3773-3783 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Absorption and reflection infrared spectra of MgO and other diatomic compounds." A. M. Hofmeister, E. Keppel, and A. K. Speck. MNRAS 345:16038 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Dynamics of amorphous water, via migration of 3- and 5-coordinated H2O." N. Grishina and V. Buch. Chem Phys Lett 379:418-426 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Spectrum of the trans-trans Conformer of Diethyl Ether (C2H5OC2H5)." I. Medvedev, M. Winnewisser, F. C. De Lucia, E. Herbst, E. Yi, L. P. Leong, R. P. A. Bettens, E. Biakowska-Jaworska, O. Desyatnyk, L. Pszczókowski, and Z. Kisiel. ApJS 148:593-597 (2003). ABSTRACT

"New Theoretical Line List for the B' 2Σ+X 2Σ+ System of 24MgH." S. Skory, P. F. Weck, P. C. Stancil, and K. Kirby. ApJS 148:599-606 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Mid-IR spectroscopy of T Tauri stars in Chamealeon I: Evidence for processed dust at the earliest stages." G. Meeus, M. Sterzik, J. Bouwman, and A. Natta. A&A 409:L25-L29 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Star forming cores in L 1251: Maps and molecular abundances." S. Nikolic, L. E. B. Johansson, and J. Harju. A&A 409:941-951 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The identification of HCN and HNC in carbon stars: model atmospheres, synthetic spectra and fits to observations in the 2.7-4.0 μm region." G. J. Harris, Y. V. Pavlenko, H. R. A. Jones, and J. Tennyson. MNRAS 344:1107-1118 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Simulation of Titan haze formation using a photochemical flow reactor: The optical constants of the polymer." B. N. Tran, J. C. Joseph, J. P. Ferris, P. D. Persans, and J. J. Chera. Icarus 165:379-390 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Methane in Oort cloud comets." E. L. Gibb, M. J. Mumma, N. Dello Russo, M. A. DiSanti and K. Magee-Sauer. Icarus 165:391-406 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The contribution of small grains to the opacity of protoplanetary atmospheres." M. Podolak. Icarus 165:428-437 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Measurement of the Kinetic Energy of Hydrogen Molecules Desorbing from Amorphous Water Ice." J. E. Roser, S. Swords, G. Vidali, G. Manicò, and V. Pirronello. ApJ 596:L55-L58 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Interferometric observations of FeO towards Sagittarius B2." R. S. Furuya, C. M. Walmsley, K. Nakanishi, P. Schilke, and R. Bachiller. A&A 409:L21-L24 (2003). ABSTRACT

September 2003

"A theoretical study of the conversion of gas phase methanediol to formaldehyde." D. R. Kent IV, S. L. Widicus, G. A. Blake, and W. A. Goddard III. J Chem Phys 119:5117-5120 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Interstellar Dust Grains." B. T. Draine. Ann Rev Astron Astrophys 41:241-289 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Submillimeter-wave spectrum of the FCO radical." H. Habara, A. Maeda and T. Amano. J Mol Spectrosc 221:31-37 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Possible identification of local deposits of Cl2SO2 on Io from NIMS/Galileo spectra." B. Schmitt and S. Rodriguez. J Geophys Res Planets 108:5104 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Catalytic Potential of Cosmic Dust: Implications for Prebiotic Chemistry in the Solar Nebula and Other Protoplanetary Systems." H. G. H. Hill and J. A. Nuth. Astrobiol 3:291 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Multifrequency Electron Spin Resonance Detection of Solid-State Organic Free Radicals in HCN Polymer and a Titan Tholin." D.E. Budil, J. L. Roebber, S. A. Liebman, and C. N. Matthews. Astrobiol 3:323 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Observations of Rotationally Resolved C3 in Translucent Sight Lines." M. Ádámkovics, G. A. Blake, and B. J. McCall. ApJ 595:235-246 (2003). ABSTRACT

"A 3-5 μm VLT spectroscopic survey of embedded young low mass stars. I. Structure of the CO ice." K. M. Pontoppidan, H. J. Fraser, E. Dartois, W.-F. Thi, E. F. van Dishoeck, A. C. A. Boogert, L. d'Hendecourt, A. G. G. M. Tielens, and S. E. Bisschop. A&A 408:981-1007 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Collisional excitation rates of H2O with H2. II. Rotational excitation with ortho-H2 at very low temperature and application to cold molecular clouds." A. Grosjean, M.-L. Dubernet, and C. Ceccarell. A&A 408:1197-1203 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Mapping Observations of DNC and HN13C in Dark Cloud Cores." T. Hirota, M. Ikeda, and S. Yamamoto. ApJ 594:859-868 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Locally Aromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons as Potential Carriers of Infrared Emission Features." S. Petrie, R. Stranger, and W. W. Duley. ApJ 594:869-873 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Ultraviolet Absorption Spectrum of Cyclic S2O in Solid Ar." W.-J. Lo, Y.-J. Wu, and Y.-P. Lee. J Phys Chem A 107:6944-6947 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"Steps toward interstellar silicate mineralogy VII. Spectral properties and crystallization behaviour of magnesium silicates produced by the sol-gel method ." C. Jäger, J. Dorschner, H. Mutschke, T. Posch, and T. Henning. A&A 408:193-204 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Supernova Reverse Shocks: SiC Growth and Isotopic Composition ." E. A.-N. Denault, D. D. Clayton, and A. Heger. APJ 594:312-325 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Guilt by Association: The 13 Micron Dust Emission Feature and Its Correlation to Other Gas and Dust Features." G. C. Sloan, K. E. Kraemer, J. H. Goebel, and S. D. Price. ApJ 594:483-495 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Spectra of T Dwarfs. II. Red Optical Data." A. J. Burgasser, J. D. Kirkpatrick, J. Liebert, and A. Burrows. ApJ 594:510-524 (2003). ABSTRACT

"New Laboratory Spectra of Isolated β-SiC Nanoparticles: Comparison with Spectra Taken by the Infrared Space Observatory." D. Clément, H. Mutschke, R. Klein, and T. Henning. ApJ 594:642-650 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Line Intensities and Molecular Opacities of the FeH F 4Δi - X 4Δi Transition." M. Dulick, C. W. Bauschlicher, Jr., A. Burrows, C. M. Sharp, R. S. Ram, and P. Bernath. ApJ 594:651-663 (2003). ABSTRACT

August 2003

"The Hot Core around the Low-Mass Protostar IRAS 16293-2422: Scoundrels Rule!" S. Cazaux, A. G. G. M. Tielens, C. Ceccarelli, A. Castets, V. Wakelam, E. Caux, B. Parise, and D. Teyssier. ApJ:593:L51-L55 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Meeting report: Solid-state astrochemistry in star-forming regions." H. Fraser, D. Williams, I. Sims, A. Richards, and J. Yates. Astron Geophys 44:4.29 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Formation of a CO-CH4 complex in thin solid films below 50 K." W. Z. Alsindi, D. O.Gardner, E. F. van Dishoeck and H. J. Fraser. Chem Phys Lett 378:178-184 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Photochemical formation rates of organic aerosols through time-resolved in situ laboratory measurements." M. Ádámkovics and K. A. Boering. J Geophys Res Planets 108:5092 (2003). ABSTRACT

"On the origin of diffuse clouds." R. I. Price, S. Viti, and D. A. Williams. MNRAS 340:1257-1262 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Molecular Evolution in Collapsing Prestellar Cores. II. The Effect of Grain-Surface Reactions." Y. Aikawa, N. Ohashi, and E. Herbst. ApJ 593:906-924 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Interstellar Glycine." Y.-J. Kuan, S. B. Charnley, H.-C. Huang, W.-L. Tseng, and Z. Kisiel. ApJ 593:848-867 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The evolution of comets in the Oort cloud and Kuiper belt." S. A. Stern. Nature 424:639-642 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Theoretical Study of Small MgCn, MgCn+, and MgCn- Cyclic Clusters." P. Redondo, C. Barrientos, A. Cimas, and A. Largo. J Phys Chem A 107:6317-6325 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"Rotational Rest Frequencies for FeN (X 2Δi) and Revised Spectroscopic Constants for FeC (X 3Δi)." P. M. Sheridan, L. M. Ziurys, and T. Hirano. ApJ 593:L141-L144 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Astrobiology of Nucleobases." Z. Peeters, O. Botta, S. B. Charnley, R. Ruiterkamp, and P. Ehrenfreund. ApJ 593:L129-L132 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Indications for Grain Growth and Mass Decrease in Cold Dust Disks around Classical T Tauri Stars in the MBM 12 Young Association." M. R. Hogerheijde, D. Johnstone, I. Matsuyama, R. Jayawardhana, and J. Muzerolle. ApJ 593:L101-L104 (2003). ABSTRACT

"First Detection of Doubly Deuterated Hydrogen Sulfide." C. Vastel, T. G. Phillips, C. Ceccarelli ,3 and J. Pearson. ApJ 593:L97-L100 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Salty Scrambled Egg: Detection of NaCl Toward CRL 2688." J. L. Highberger, K. J. Thomson, P. A. Young, D. Arnett, and L. M. Ziurys. ApJ 593:393=401 (2003). ABSTRACT

"A spectral survey of the Orion Nebula from 455-507 GHz." G. J. White,, M. Araki, J. S. Greaves, M. Ohishi, and N. S. Higginbottom. A&A 407:589-607 (2003). ABSTRACT

"13C isotope effects on infrared bands of quenched carbonaceous composite (QCC)." S. Wada, T. Onaka, I. Yamamura, Y. Murata, and A. T. Tokunaga. A&A 407:551-562 (2003). ABSTRACT

"A molecular line survey of the candidate massive Class 0 protostar IRAS 23385+6053." M. A. Thompson and G. H. Macdonald. A&A 407:237-248 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The influence of grains on the propagation and structure of C-type shock waves in interstellar molecular clouds." D. R. Flower and G. Pineau des Forêts. MNRAS 343:390-400 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Titanium carbide particles as pre-solar grains." Y. Kimura and C. Kaito. MNRAS 343:385-389 (2003). ABSTRACT

"First Detection of Millimeter Dust Emission from Brown Dwarf Disks." R. Klein, D. Apai, I. Pascucci, T. Henning, and L. B. F. M. Waters. ApJ 593:L57-L60 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Long-term evolution of CO, CS and HCN in Jupiter after the impacts of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9." R. Moreno,, A. Marten, H. E. Matthews, and Y. Biraud. P&SS 51:591-611 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Carbon monoxide depletion in Orion B molecular cloud cores." D. Savva, L. T. Little, R. R. Phillips, and A. G. Gibb. MNRAS 343:259-267 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Has MgCCCN been detected within the envelope of IRC+10216?." S. Petrie, E. Kagi, and K. Kawaguchi. MNRAS 343:209-214 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Role of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Ultraviolet Extinction. I. Probing Small Molecular Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons." G. C. Clayton, K. D. Gordon, F. Salama, L. J. Allamandola, P. G. Martin, T. P. Snow, D. C. B. Whittet, A. N. Witt, and M. J. Wolff. ApJ 592:947-952 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Modeling gas-phase H2O between 5 μm and 540 μm toward massive protostars." A. M. S. Boonman, S. D. Doty, E. F. van Dishoeck, E. A. Bergin, G. J. Melnick, C. M. Wright, and R. Stark. A&A 406:937-955 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Observational study of reactive ions and radicals in PDRs." A. Fuente, A. Rodriguez-Franco, S. Garcia-Burillo, J. Martin-Pintado, and J. H. Black. A&A 406:899-913 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Experimental study of amorphous silicate formation." S. Wada, Y. Murata, A. T. Tokunaga, and J. Watanabe. A&A 406:783-788 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Elementary reactions of the phenyl radical, C6H6, with C3H4 isomers, and of benzene, C6H6, with atomic carbon in extraterrestrial environments." R. I. Kaiser, L. Vereecken, J. Peeters, H. F. Bettinger, P. v. R. Schleyer, and H. F. Schaefer III. A&A 406:385-391 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Far-infrared detection of 17OH towards Sagittarius B2." E. T. Polehampton, J. M. Brown, B. M. Swinyard, and J.-P. Baluteau. A&A 406:L47-L50 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Precise Laboratory Frequencies for the J = 1-0 and J = 2-1 Rotational Transitions of C18O." G. Cazzoli, C. Puzzarini, and A. V. Lapinov. ApJ 592:L95-L98 (2003). ABSTRACT

"The Radio Spectrum of Si3." M. C. McCarthy and P. Thaddeus. ApJ 592:L91-L93 (2003). ABSTRACT

July 2003

"Rate theory of methyl recombination at the low temperatures and pressures of planetary atmospheres." G. P. Smith. Chem Phys Lett 376:381-388 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Theoretical Study of the Reaction of HCl with C3H2+: A Possible Source of Carbon-Chlorine Compounds in Space." J. R. Redondo, P. Redondo, and A. Largo. J Phys Chem A 107:5844-5853 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"H Atom Branching Ratios from the Reactions of CH with C2H2, C2H4, C2H6, and neo-C5H12 at Room Temperature and 25 Torr." K. McKee, M. A. Blitz, K. J. Hughes, M. J. Pilling, H.-B. Qian, A. Taylor, and P. W. Seakins. J Phys Chem A 107:5710-5716 (2003). [Abstract not accessible.]

"Isotopic Fractionation by Ion-Molecule Reactions." E. Herbst. Space Sci Rev 106:293-304 (2003). ABSTRACT

"Oxygen Isotope Processes and Transfer Reactions." K. Mauersberger, D. Krankowsky, and C. Janssen. Space Sci Rev 106:265-279 (2003). ABSTRACT

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