Astrochemistry Publications from 2005
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Recent Additions
December 2005

"Another suggestion for an interstellar C5H2 search." S. Chandra, P. G. Musrif, S. V. Shinde, and S. A. Shinde. New Astron 11:166-172 (2005). ABSTRACT

"NC4NC2: A new isomer of dicyanodiacetylene isolated in a cryogenic matrix." A. Coupeaud, N. Piétri, I. Couturier-Tamburelli, and J.-P. Aycard. Chem Phys Lett 418:349-353 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Radical-Molecule Reactions HCO/HOC + C2H2: Mechanistic Study." H. Dong, Y. Ding, and C. Sun. J Phys Chem A 109:11941-11955 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Insights into the Carbon Chemistry of Monoceros R2." J. R. Rizzo, A. Fuente, and S. García-Burillo. ApJ 634:1133-1145 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Rotational spectra of the carbon-chain radicals HC5O, HC6O, and HC7O." S. Mohamed, M. C. McCarthy, A. L. Cooksy, C. Hinton, and P. Thaddeus. J Chem Phys 123:234301 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Influence of rotation and isotope effects on the dynamics of the N(2D)+H2 reactive system and of its deuterated variants." L. Bañares, F. J. Aoiz, T. González-Lezana, V. J. Herrero, and I. Tanarro. J Chem Phys 123:224301 (2005). ABSTRACT

"H2 excitation in turbulent interstellar clouds." C. Cecchi-Pestellini, S. Casu, and A. Dalgarno. MNRAS 364:1309-1314 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Spitzer Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Ices toward Extincted Background Stars." C. Knez, A. C. A. Boogert, K. M. Pontoppidan, J. Kessler-Silacci, E. F. van Dishoeck, N. J. Evans II, J.-C. Augereau, G. A. Blake, and F. Lahuis. ApJ 635:L145-L148 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The abundances of constituents of Titan's atmosphere from the GCMS instrument on the Huygens probe." H. B. Niemann et al. Nature 438:779-784 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Complex organic matter in Titan's atmospheric aerosols from in situ pyrolysis and analysis." G. Israël, C. Szopa, F. Raulin, M. Cabane, H. B. Niemann, S. K. Atreya, S. J. Bauer, J.-F. Brun, E. Chassefière, P. Coll, E. Condé, D. Coscia, A. Hauchecorne, P. Millian, M. J. Nguyen, T. Owen, W. Riedler, R. E. Samuelson, J.-M. Siguier, M. Steller, R. Sternberg, and C. Vidal-Madjar. Nature 438:796-799 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Spitzer's large CO2 ice detection toward the L723 class 0 object." E. Dartois, K. Pontoppidan, W.-F. Thi, and G. M. Muñoz Caro. A&A 444:L57-L60 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Estimation and reduction of the uncertainties in chemical models: application to hot core chemistry." V. Wakelam, F. Selsis, E. Herbst, and P. Caselli. A&A 444:883-891 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Gas-Phase Water in the Surface Layer of Protoplanetary Disks." C. Dominik, C. Ceccarelli, D. Hollenbach, and M. Kaufman. ApJ 635:L85-L88 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Latitudinal variations of CO and OCS in the lower atmosphere of Venus from near-infrared nightside spectro-imaging." E. Marcq, B. Bézard, T. Encrenaz, and M. Birlan. Icarus 179:375-386 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The 2.9-4.2 micron spectrum of Saturn: Clouds and CH4, PH3, and NH3." S. J. Kim and T. R. Geballe. Icarus 179:449-458 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Near-infrared laboratory spectra of solid H2O/CO2 and CH3OH/CO2 ice mixtures." M. P. Bernstein, D. P. Cruikshank, and S. A. Sandford. Icarus 179:527-534 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Detection of a hot core in the intermediate-mass Class 0 protostar NGC 7129-FIRS 2." A. Fuente, R. Neri and P. Caselli. A&A 444:481-493 (2005) . ABSTRACT

"Trans-ethyl methyl ether in space. A new look at a complex molecule in selected hot core regions." A. W. Strong, R. Diehl, H. Halloin, V. Schönfelder, L. Bouchet, P. Mandrou, F. Lebrun and R. Terrier. A&A 444:521-530 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Hydrogen dissociation of naphthalene cations: a theoretical study." F. Jolibois, A. Klotz, F. X. Gadéa and C. Joblin. A&A 444:629-634 (2005). ABSTRACT

"First Detection of 13CH+ (J = 1-0)." E. Falgarone, T. G. Phillips, and John C. Pearson. ApJ 634:L149-L152 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Ab Initio Prediction of Spectroscopic Constants of CaN in the Lowest 2Π, 4Σ-, 2Σ-, and 4Π Electronic States: A Potential Candidate for the First Calcium-bearing Interstellar Molecule." K. Ishii and T. Taketsugu. ApJ 634:L201-L204 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The 12C/13C Isotope Gradient Derived from Millimeter Transitions of CN: The Case for Galactic Chemical Evolution." S. N. Milam, C. Savage, M. A. Brewster, L. M. Ziurys, and S. Wyckoff. ApJ 634:1126-1132 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Silicon tetrafluoride on Io." L. Schaefer and B. Fegley, Jr. Icarus 179:252-259 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Elastic collisions in ion irradiation experiments: A mechanism for space weathering of silicates." R. Brunetto and G. Strazzulla. Icarus 179:265-273 (2005). ABSTRACT

November 2005

"Chemical model for dense portion of the nearby globule Barnard (B68)." M. Y. Amin and M. S. El-Nawawy. New Astron 11:138-145 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Ices as tracers of massive star birth." M. E. Palumbo. Proc Int Astro Union S227:37-46 (2005). ABSTRACT

"ESO-VLT and Spitzer spectroscopy of IRAS 05328-6827: a massive young stellar object in the Large Magellanic Cloud." J. T. van Loon, J. M. Oliveira, P. R. Wood, A. A. Zijlstra, G. C. Sloan, M. Matsuura, P. A. Whitelock, M. A. T. Groenewegen, J. A. D. L. Blommaert, M.-R. L. Cioni, S. Hony, C. Loup, and L. B. F. M. Waters. MNRAS 364:L71-L75 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Mass spectrum of the butadiynyl radical (C4H; X2Σ+)." X. Gu, Y. Guo and R. I. Kaiser. Int J Mass Spectrom 246:29-34 (2005). ABSTRACT

"An eight-degree-of-freedom quantum dynamics study for the H2+C2H system." D. Wang. J Chem Phys 123:194302 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Quantum approaches for the insertion dynamics of the H++D2 and D++H2 reactive collisions." T. González-Lezana, A. Aguado, M. Paniagua, and O. Roncero. J Chem Phys 123:194309 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Molecular gas in irradiated protoplanetary discs." J. S. Greaves. MNRAS Lett 364:L47-L50 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Isomers of NCO2: IR-absorption spectra of ONCO in solid Ne." Y.-J. Wu and Y.-P. Lee. J Chem Phys 123:174301 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Ultraviolet to near-infrared absorption spectrum of carbon dioxide ice from 0.174 to 1.8 μm." G. B. Hansen. J Geophys Res Planets 110:E11003 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Submillimeter-wave spectroscopy of HN2+ and DN2+ in the excited vibrational states." T. Amano, T. Hirao, and J. Takano. J Mol Spectrosc 234:170-175 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The far-infrared rotational spectrum of nitrous acid (HONO) and its deuterated species (DONO) studied by high-resolution Fourier-transform spectroscopy." A. Dehayem-Kamadjeu, O. Pirali, J. Orphal, I. Kleiner and P.-M. Flaud. J Mol Spectrosc 234:182-189 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Titan atmosphere database." P. Rannou, S. Lebonnois, F. Hourdin, and D. Luz. Adv Space Res 36:2194-2198 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The legacy of SWAS: Water and molecular oxygen in the interstellar medium." G. J. Melnick and E. A. Bergin. Adv Space Res 36:1027-1030 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Gas and dust in the interstellar medium." D. A. Willams. J Phys Conf Ser 6:1-17 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Chemistry on interstellar grains." E. Herbst, Q. Chang and H. M. Cuppen. J Phys Conf Ser 6:18-35 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Formation of molecular hydrogen on analogues of interstellar dust grains: experiments and modelling." G. Vidali, J. Roser, G. Manicó, V. Pirronello, H. B. Perets, and O. Biham. J Phys Conf Ser 6:36-58 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Chirality in prebiotic molecules and the phenomenon of photo- and radioracemization." F. Cataldo, J. R. Brucato, and Y. Keheyan. J Phys Conf Ser 6:139-148 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Molecular Hydrogen formation on grain surfaces." S. Cazaux, P. Caselli, A. G. G. M. Tielens, J. Le Bourlot, and M. Walmsley. J Phys Conf Ser 6:155-160 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Theoretical spectral properties of PAHs: towards a detailed model of their photophysics in the ISM." G. Malloci, G. Mulas, and I. Porceddu. J Phys Conf Ser 6:178-184 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Retrieving physical conditions from interstellar H2 emission lines: a non linear fitting technique." S. Casu and C. Cecchi-Pestellini. J Phys Conf Ser 6:191-196 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Dust Evolution from the Laboratory to the Interstellar Medium." V. Mennella. J Phys Conf Ser 6:197-202 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The morphology of interstellar water ice." M. E. Palumbo. J Phys Conf Ser 6:211-216 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Identifying specific interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons." G. Mulas, G. Malloci, and I. Porceddu. J Phys Conf Ser 6:217-222 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Interstellar grains - the 75th anniversary." A. Li. J Phys Conf Ser 6:229-248 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Ultraviolet Radiation inside Interstellar Grain Aggregates. II. Field Depolarization." R. Saija, C. Cecchi-Pestellini, M. Antonia Iatì, A. Giusto, F. Borghese, P. Denti, and S. Aiello. ApJ 633:953-966 (2005). ABSTRACT

"High-Resolution Spectroscopic Investigation of the B 2A1 - A 2A1 Transitions of CaCH3 and SrCH3." P. M. Sheridan, M. J. Dick, J.-G. Wang, and P. F. Bernath. J Phys Chem A 109:10547-10553 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory Studies on the Formation of Three C2H4O Isomers - Acetaldehyde (CH3CHO), Ethylene Oxide (c-C2H4O), and Vinyl Alcohol (CH2CHOH) - in Interstellar and Cometary Ices." C. J. Bennett, Y. Osamura, M. D. Lebar, and R. I. Kaiser. ApJ 634:698-711 (2005). ABSTRACT

"A note on the kinetics of heavy atom reactions on interstellar grains." S.B. Charnley. Adv Space Res 36:132-136 (20050). ABSTRACT

"Astronomical searches for nitrogen heterocycles." S. B. Charnley, Y.-J. Kuan, H.-C. Huang, O. Botta, H. M. Butner, N. Cox, D. Despois, P. Ehrenfreund, Z. Kisiel, Y.-Y. Lee, A. J. Markwick, Z. Peeters, and S. D. Rodgers. Adv Space Res 36:137-145 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Organic molecules in the hot corinos and circumstellar disks of IRAS 16293-2422." H.-C. Huang, Y.-J. Kuan, S. B. Charnley, N. Hirano, S. Takakuwa, and T. L. Bourke. Adv Space Res 36:146-155 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Infrared spectroscopy of matrix-isolated polycyclic aromatic compounds and their ions. 7. Phenazine, a dual substituted polycyclic aromatic nitrogen heterocycle." A.L. Mattioda, D.M. Hudgins, C.W. Bauschlicher, Jr., and L.J. Allamandola. Adv Space Res 36:156-165 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory IR spectra of 4-azachrysene in solid H2O." M.P. Bernstein, S.A. Sandford and R.L. Walker. Adv Space Res 36:166-172 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Stability of interstellar fullerenes under high-dose γ-irradiation: new data." V. A. Basiuk, G. Albarrán, E. V. Basiuk, and J.-M. Saniger. Adv Space Res 36:173-177 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Tholins as coloring agents on outer Solar System bodies." D. P. Cruikshank, H. Imanaka, and C. M. Dalle Ore. Adv Space Res 36:178-183 (2005). ABSTRACT

"IR characterization and radiation chemistry of glycolaldehyde and ethylene glycol ices." R. L. Hudson, M. H. Moore, and A. M. Cook. Adv Space Res 36:184-189 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Abiogenic photochemical synthesis on surface of meteorites and other small space bodies." M. B. Simakov and E. A. Kuzicheva. Adv Space Res 36:190-194 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Search for organics in extraterrestrial environments by in situ gas chromatography analysis." C. Rodier, R. Sternberg, C. Szopa, A. Buch, M. Cabane, and F. Raulin. Adv Space Res 36:195-200 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Iron-sulfides and layer silicates: a new approach to aqueous processing of organics in interplanetary dust particles, CI and CM meteorites." F. J.M. Rietmeijer. Adv Space Res 36:201-208 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Glycine amide hydrolysis with water and OH radical: a comparative DFT study." V. A. Basiuk and H. M. Montiel. Adv Space Res 36:209-213 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Putative mechanism of the sugar formation on prebiotic Earth initiated by UV-radiation." O. Pestunova, A. Simonov, V. Snytnikov, V. Stoyanovsky, and V. Parmon. Adv Space Res 36:214-219 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The role of photochemistry in Titan's atmospheric chemistry." J. Ferris, B. Tran, J. Joseph, V. Vuitton, R. Briggs, and M. Force. Adv Space Res 36:251-257 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Methane photochemistry: A brief review in the frame of a new experimental program of Titan's atmosphere simulations." C. Romanzin, M.-C. Gazeau, Y. Bénilan, E. Hébrard, A. Jolly, F. Raulin, S. Boyé-Péronne, S. Douin, and D. Gauyacq. Adv Space Res 36:258-267 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Sensitivity effects of photochemical parameters uncertainties on hydrocarbon production in the atmosphere of Titan." E. Hébrard, Y. Bénilan, and F. Raulin. Adv Space Res 36:268-273 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Organic chemistry induced by corona discharges in Titan's troposphere: Laboratory simulations." S. I. Ramírez, R. Navarro-González, P. Coll, and F. Raulin. Adv Space Res 36:274-280 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The Mid-Infrared Absorption Spectra of Neutral Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Conditions Relevant to Dense Interstellar Clouds." M. P. Bernstein, S. A. Sandford, and L. J. Allamandola. ApJS 161:53-64 (2005). ABSTRACT

"A sensitive search for SO2 in the martian atmosphere: Implications for seepage and origin of methane." V. A. Krasnopolsky. Icarus 178:487-492 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Gas phase infrared spectrum and ab initio calculations of phosphorus(III) thiocyanide, SPCN." A. W. Allaf and M. N. Odeh. Spectrochim Acta A 62:282-286 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Collisional excitation rate coefficients of N2H+ by He." F. Daniel, M.-L. Dubernet, M. Meuwly, J. Cernicharo, and L. Pagani. MNRAS 363:1083-1091 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The chemistry of C2 and C3 in the coma of Comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) at heliocentric distances rh > 2.9 AU." J. Helbert, H. Rauer, D. C. Boice and W. F. Huebner. A&A 442:1107-1120 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The role of Fischer-Tropsch catalysis in the origin of methane-rich Titan." Y. Sekine, S. Sugita, T. Shido, T. Yamamoto, Y. Iwasawa, T. Kadono, and T. Matsui. Icarus 178:154-164 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Condensed species in Titan's stratosphere: Confirmation of crystalline cyanoacetylene (HC3N) and evidence for crystalline acetylene (C2H2) on Titan." R. K. Khanna. Icarus 178:165-170 (2005). ABSTRACT

"H3+ as a trap for noble gases: 1 - The case of Argon." F. Pauzat and Y. Ellinger. Planet Space Sci 53:1389-1399 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory production of magnesium sulfide grains and their characteristic infrared spectra due to shape." Y. Kimura, M. Kurumada, K. Tamura, C. Koike, H. Chihara and C. Kaito. A&A 442:507-512 (2005). ABSTRACT

"CH3OH abundance in low mass protostars." S. Maret, C. Ceccarelli, A. G. G. M. Tielens, E. Caux, B. Lefloch, A. Faure, A. Castets and D. R. Flowe. A&A 442:527-538 (2005). ABSTRACT

October 2005

"IRAS 16293-2422: Proper Motions, Jet Precession, the Hot Core, and the Unambiguous Detection of Infall." C. J. Chandler, C. L. Brogan, Y. L. Shirley, and L. Loinard. ApJ 632:371 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Synthesis and Characterization of 2,4-Pentadiynenitrile - A Key Compound in Space Science." Y. Trolez and J.-C. Guillemin. Ang Chem 117:7390-7392 (2005). ABSTRACT

"CS2O+ and CS2O in the gas phase: An experimental and computational study." G. de Petris, A. Troiani, and M. Rosi. J Chem Phys 123:164307 ABSTRACT

"Reactivity enhancement of ultracold O(3P)+H2 collisions by van der Waals interactions." P. F. Weck and N. Balakrishnan. J Chem Phys 123:144308 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Fine-grained dust rims in the Tagish Lake carbonaceous chondrite: Evidence for parent body alteration." A. Greshake, A. N. Krot, G. J. Flynn, and K. Keil. Meteorit Planet Sci 40:? (2005). ABSTRACT UNAVAILABLE

"Planetary atmospheres Cassini at Titan: the story so far." N. Teanby. Astron Geophys ABSTRACT

"Production of Oxidants by Ion Irradiation of Water/Carbon Dioxide Frozen Mixtures." G. Strazzulla, G. Leto, F. Spinella, and O. Gomis. Astrobiol 5:612-621 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Pre-Cometary Ice Composition from Hot Core Chemistry." C. Tornow, E. Kührt, and U. Motschmann. Astrobiol 5:632-650 (2005). ABSTRACT

"A 'dry' condensation origin for circumstellar carbonates." A. Toppani, F. Robert, G. Libourel, P. de Donato, O. Barres, L. d'Hendecourt, and J. Ghanbaja. Nature 437:1121-1124 (2005) ABSTRACT NOT ACCESSIBLE

"Blue Luminescence and the Presence of Small Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Interstellar Medium." U. P. Vijh, A. N. Witt, and K. D. Gordon. ApJ 633:262-271 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Temperature Dependence of the Submillimeter Absorption Coefficient of Amorphous Silicate Grains." N. Boudet, H. Mutschke, C. Nayral, C. Jäger, J.-P. Bernard, T. Henning, and C. Meny. ApJ 633:272-281 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Sub-monolayer coverages of CO on water ice." M. P. Collings, J. W. Dever, and M. R.S. McCoustra. Chem Phys Lett 415:40-45 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Detection of PAH Emission Features from Nearby Elliptical Galaxies with the Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph." H. Kaneda, T. Onaka, and I. Sakon. ApJ 632:L83-L86 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Detection of Interstellar Acetone toward the Orion-KL Hot Core." D. N. Friedel, L. E. Snyder, Anthony J. Remijan, and B. E. Turner. ApJ 632:L95-L98 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Is the 21 Micron Feature Observed in Some Post-AGB Stars Caused by the Interaction between Ti Atoms and Fullerenes?" Y. Kimura, J. A. Nuth III, and F. T. Ferguson. ApJ 632:L159-L162 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Hot and Diffuse Clouds near the Galactic Center Probed by Metastable H3+." T. Oka, T. R. Geballe, M. Goto, T. Usuda, and B. J. McCall. ApJ 632:882-893 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Mid-Infrared Spectra of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emission in Herbig Ae/Be Stars." G. C. Sloan, L. D. Keller, W. J. Forrest, E. Leibensperger, B. Sargent, A. Li, J. Najita, D. M. Watson, B. R. Brandl, C. H. Chen, J. D. Green, F. Markwick-Kemper, T. L. Herter, P. D'Alessio, P. W. Morris, D. J. Barry, P. Hall, P. C. Myers, and J. R. Houck. ApJ 632:956-963 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Probing the Inner 200 AU of Low-Mass Protostars with the Submillimeter Array: Dust and Organic Molecules in NGC 1333 IRAS 2A." J. K. Jørgensen, T. L. Bourke, P. C. Myers, F. L. Schöier, E. F. van Dishoeck, and D. J. Wilner. ApJ 632:973-981 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Modeling the Physical Structure of the Low-Density Pre-Protostellar Core Lynds 1498." Y. L. Shirley, M. K. Nordhaus, J. M. Grcevich, N. J. Evans II J. M. C. Rawlings, and K. Tatematsu. ApJ 632:982-1000 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Rapid Timescales for Accretion and Melting of Differentiated Planetesimals Inferred from 26Al-26Mg Chronometry." M. Bizzarro, J. A. Baker, H. Haack, and K. L. Lundgaard. ApJ 632:L41-L44 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Distribution of hydrate on Europa: Further evidence for sulfuric acid hydrate." R.W. Carlson, M.S. Anderson, R. Mehlman, and R.E. Johnson. Icarus 177:461-471 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Spectral comparison of heavily hydrated salts with disrupted terrains on Europa." J.B. Dalton, O. Prieto-Ballesteros, J.S. Kargel, C.S. Jamieson, J. Jolivet, and R. Quinn. Icarus 177:472-490 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Evaluation of the possible presence of clathrate hydrates in Europa's icy shell or seafloor." O. Prieto-Ballesteros, J. S. Kargel, M. Fernández-Sampedro, F. Selsis, E. Sebastián Martínez, and D. L. Hogenboom. Icarus 177:491-505 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The chemical nature of Europa surface material and the relation to a subsurface ocean." T. M. Orlando, T. B. McCord, and G. A. Grieves. Icarus 177:528-533 (2005). ABSTRACT

"CO2 production by ion irradiation of H2O ice on top of carbonaceous materials and its relevance to the Galilean satellites." O. Gomis and G. Strazzulla. Icarus 177:570-576 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Photoinduced products from cold coronene clusters. A route to hydrocarbonated nanograins?" P. Bréchignac, M. Schmidt, A. Masson, T. Pino, P. Parneix and C. Bréchignac. A&A 442:239-247 (2005). ABSTRACT

"CN and HCN in Dense Interstellar Clouds." G. I. Boger and A. Sternberg. ApJ 632:302-315 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Variations in the Peak Position of the 6.2 μm Interstellar Emission Feature: A Tracer of N in the Interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Population." D. M. Hudgins, C. W. Bauschlicher, Jr., and L. J. Allamandola. ApJ 632:316-332 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Interstellar Isomers: The Importance of Bonding Energy Differences." A. J. Remijan, J. M. Hollis, F. J. Lovas, D. F. Plusquellic, and P. R. Jewell. ApJ 632:333-339 (2005). ABSTRACT

"A Theoretical Study on the Potential Energy Surface of the 1C3 + NO Reaction." J. Li, X. Huang, H. Bai, C. Geng, G. Yu, and C. Sun. J Mol Struct Theochem 730:207-215 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Recombination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon photoions with electrons in a flowing afterglow plasma." O. Novotny, B. Sivaraman, C. Rebrion-Rowe, D. Travers, L. Biennier, J. B. A. Mitchell, and B. R. Rowe. J Chem Phy 123:104303 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Rotational spectra of the CCCCCl radical." Y. Sumiyoshi, K. Katoh, and Y. Endo. Chem Phys Lett 414:82-86 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Laboratory measurement of the J, K = 1,0- - 0,0+ transition of ortho-D3O+." T. Furuya and S. Saito. A&A 441:1039-1041 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Nanodiamond Dust and the Far-Ultraviolet Quasar Break." L. Binette, G. Magris C., Y. Krongold, Ch. Morisset, S. Haro-Corzo, J. A. de Diego, H. Mutschke, and A. C. Andersen. ApJ 631:661-677 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission bands in selected planetary nebulae: a study of the behaviour with gas phase C/O ratio." Martin Cohen and M. J. Barlow. MNRAS 362:1199-1207 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Theoretical HDO emission from low-mass protostellar envelopes." B. Parise, C. Ceccarelli and S. Maret. A&A 441:171-179 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Interstellar 12C/13C ratios through CH+ λλ3957,4232 absorption in local clouds: incomplete mixing in the ISM." S. Casassus, O. Stahl and T. L. Wilson. A&A 441:181-194 (2005). ABSTRACT

"A 3-5 μm VLT spectroscopic survey of embedded young low mass stars II Solid OCN-." F. A. van Broekhuizen, K. M. Pontoppidan, H. J. Fraser and E. F. van Dishoeck.A&A 441:249-260 (2005). ABSTRACT

"The origin of the CN radical in comets: A review from observations and models." N. Fray, Y. Bénilan, H. Cottin, M.-C. Gazeau and J. Crovisier. P&SS 53:1243-1262 (2005). ABSTRACT

September 2005

"Reflection Absorption Infrared Spectroscopy and Temperature-Programmed Desorption Studies of the Adsorption and Desorption of Amorphous and Crystalline Water on a Graphite Surface." A. S. Bolina, A. J. Wolff, and W. A. Brown. J Phys Chem B 109:16836-16845 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Asymmetric Vacuum UV photolysis of the Amino Acid Leucine in the Solid State." U. J. Meierhenrich, L. Nahon, C. Alcaraz, J. H. Bredehöft, S. V. Hoffmann, B. Barbier, A. Brack. Angew Chem Int Ed 44:5630-5636 (2005). ABSTRACT

"Theoretical Study on the Reaction Mechanism of Vinyl Radical with Formaldehyde." H. Xie, Y. Ding, and C. Sun. J Phys Chem A 109:8419-8423 (2005). ABSTRACT

"On the electron affinity of SiN and spectroscopic constants of SiN-." I. S. K. Kerkines and A. Mavridis. J Chem Phys 123:124301 (2005). ABSTRACT

"On the theory of the CO+OH reaction, including H and C kinetic isotope effects." W.-C. Chen and R. Marcus. J Chem Phys 123:094307 (2005). ABSTRACT

"A Comparison of Stiff ODE Solvers for Astrochemical Kinetics Problems." L. A. M. Nejad. Astrophys Space Sci 299:1-29 (2005). ABSTRACT

"H2 Pure Rotational Lines in the Orion Bar." K. N. Allers, D. T. Jaffe, J. H. Lacy, B. T. Draine, and M. J. Richter. ApJ 630:368-380 (2005). ABSTRACT

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