Astrochemistry Publications from 2010
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Recent Additions
Theoretical study of the reaction of CCN radical with H2S
X. Dong, L. Wang, and Y. Tian
J Mol Struct THEOCHEM 947, 45-51 (2010)
Published in December 2010
Quantum dynamics of the charge transfer in C+ + S at low collision energies
A. Chenel, E. Mangaud, Y. Justum, D. Talbi, M.-C. Bacchus-Montabonel, and M. Desouter-Lecomte
J Phys B At Mol Opt Phys 53, 245701 (2010)
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy applications to meteorites: Chemical analysis and composition profiles
M. Dell'Aglio, A. De Giacomo, R. Gaudiuso, O. De Pascale, G. S. Senesia, and S. Longo
Geochim Cosmochim Acta 74, 7329-7339 (2010)
The Zeeman effect and hyperfine interactions in J = 1-0 transitions of CH+ and its isotopologues
T. Amano
J Chem Phys 133, 244305 (2010)
Influence of nuclear exchange on nonadiabatic electron processes in H+ + H2 collisions
L. F. Errea, Clara Illescas, A. Macías, L. Méndez, B. Pons, I. Rabadán, and A. Riera
J Chem Phys 133, 244307 (2010)
Cassini Finds an Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere at Saturn's Icy Moon Rhea
B. D. Teolis, G. H. Jones, P. F. Miles, R. L. Tokar, B. A. Magee, J. H. Waite, E. Roussos, D. T. Young, F. J. Crary, A. J. Coates, R. E. Johnson, W.-L. Tseng, and R. A. Baragiola
Science 330, 1813-1815 (2010)
Rotational excitation of interstellar heavy water by hydrogen molecules
Y. Scribano, A. Faure, and L. Wiesenfeld
J Chem Phys 133, 231105 (2010)
Benchmarks for the generation of interaction potentials for scattering calculations: applications to rotationally inelastic collisions of C4 (X3Σg-) with He
F. Lique, J. Kos, and M. Hochlaf
Phys Chem Chem Phys 12, 15672-15680 (2010)
Photolysis of solid NH3 and NH3-H2O mixtures at 193 nm
M. J. Loeffler and R. A. Baragiola
J Chem Phys 133, 214506 (2010)
Composition of Titan's lower atmosphere and simple surface volatiles as measured by the Cassini-Huygens probe gas chromatograph mass spectrometer experiment
H. B. Niemann, S. K. Atreya, J. E. Demick, D. Gautier, J. A. Haberman, D. N. Harpold, W. T. Kasprzak, J. I. Lunine, T. C. Owen, and F. Raulin
J Geophys Res Planets 115, E12006 (2010)
The Foggy Disks Surrounding AeBe Stars: A Theoretical Study of The HDO Lines
C. Ceccarelli, J. Cernicharo, F. Ménard, and C. Pinte
ApJ 525, L135 (2010)
Competing Mechanisms of Molecular Hydrogen Formation in Conditions Relevant to the Interstellar Medium
J. L. Lemaire, G. Vidali, S. Baouche, M. Chehrouri, H. Chaabouni, and H. Mokrane
ApJ 525, L156 (2010)
The HDO/H2O Ratio in Gas in the Inner Regions of a Low-mass Protostar
J. K. Jørgensen and E. F. van Dishoeck
ApJ 525, L172 (2010)
Identification of KCN in IRC+10216: Evidence for Selective Cyanide Chemistry
R. L. Pulliam, C. Savage, M. Agúndez, J. Cernicharo, M. Guélin, and L. M. Ziurys
ApJ 525, L181 (2010)
Chemistry in Evaporating Ices-Unexplored Territory
C. Cecchi-Pestellini, J. M. C. Rawlings, S. Viti, and D. A. Williams
ApJ 725, 1581 (2010)
The Complete, Temperature-resolved Experimental Spectrum of Ethyl Cyanide (CH3CH2CN) between 210 and 270 GHz
S. M. Fortman, I. R. Medvedev, C. F. Neese, and F. C. De Lucia
ApJ 725, 1682 (2010)
Gas-grain Modeling of Isocyanic Acid (HNCO), Cyanic Acid (HOCN), Fulminic Acid (HCNO), and Isofulminic Acid (HONC) in Assorted Interstellar Environments
D. Quan, E. Herbst, Y. Osamura, and E. Roueff
ApJ 725, 2101 (2010)
Spectroscopic parameters of SiC4
M.L. Senent and R. Domínguez-Gómez
Chem Phys Lett 501, 25-29 (2010)
Speciation of sulfur in the insoluble organic matter from carbonaceous chondrites by XANES spectroscopy
F.-R. Orthous-Daunay, E. Quirico, L. Lemelle, P. Beck, V. deAndrade, A. Simionovici, and S. Derenne
Earth Planet Sci Lett 300, 321-328 (2010)
Water in the atmosphere of HD 209458b from 3.6-9 μm IRAC photometric observations in primary transit
J. P. Beaulieu et al
MNRAS 409, 953-962 (2010)
X-ray photodesorption from methanol ice
D. P. P. Andrade, M. L. M. Rocco, and H. M. Boechat-Roberty
MNRAS 409, 1289-1296 (2010)
How Complete are Astrophysical Catalogs for the Millimeter and Submillimeter Spectral Region
S. M. Fortman, I. R. Medvedev, C. F. Neese, and Frank C. De Lucia
ApJ 725, L11 (2010)
Spitzer Mapping of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon and H2 Features in Photodissociation Regions
B. Fleming, K. France, R. E. Lupu, and S. R. McCandliss
ApJ 725, 159 (2010)
Deuterated Species in Extragalactic Star-forming Regions
E. Bayet, Z. Awad, and S. Viti
ApJ 725, 214 (2010)
Observations of the [HNCS]/[HSCN] Ratio in Sgr B2 and TMC-1: Evidence for Low-temperature Gas-phase Chemistry
G. R. Adande, D. T. Halfen, L. M. Ziurys, D. Quan, and E. Herbst
ApJ 725, 561 (2010)
Abiotic Formation of Carboxylic Acids (RCOOH) in Interstellar and Solar System Model Ices
Y. S. Kim and R. I. Kaiser
ApJ 725, 1002 (2010)
Formation Pumping of Molecular Hydrogen in Dark Clouds
F. Islam, C. Cecchi-Pestellini, S. Viti, and S. Casu
ApJ 725, 1111 (2010)
Molecular content of the circumstellar disk in AB Aurigae - First detection of SO in a circumstellar disk
A. Fuente, J. Cernicharo, M. Agúndez, O. Berné, J. R. Goicoechea, T. Alonso-Albi, and N. Marcelino
A&A 524, A19 (2010)
Statistical universal branching ratios for cosmic ray dissociation, photodissociation, and dissociative recombination of the Cn = 2-10, Cn = 2-4H and C3H2 neutral and cationic species
M. Chabot, T. Tuna, K. Béroff, T. Pino, A. Le Padellec, P. Désequelles, G. Martinet, V. O. Nguyen-Thi, Y. Carpentier, F. Le Petit, E. Roueff, and V. Wakelam
A&A 524, A39 (2010)
Effects of initial condition and cloud density on the composition of the grain mantle
A. Das, K. Acharyya, and S. Chakrabarti
MNRAS 409, 789-800 (2010)
(90377) Sedna: Investigation of Surface Compositional Variation
M. A. Barucci, C. Morea Dalle Ore, A. Alvarez-Candal, C. de Bergh, F. Merlin, C. Dumas, and D. Cruikshank
AJ 140, 2095 (2010)
Photochemistry in the Inner Layers of Clumpy Circumstellar Envelopes: Formation of Water in C-rich Objects and of C-bearing Molecules in O-rich Objects
M. Agúndez, J. Cernicharo, and M. Guélin
ApJ 724, L133 (2010)
The Role of Methanol in the Crystallization of Titan's Primordial Ocean
F. Deschamps, O. Mousis, C. Sanchez-Valle, and Jonathan I. Lunine
ApJ 724, 887 (2010)
Search for Interstellar Methoxyacetonitrile and Cyanoethanol: Insights Into Coupling of Cyano- to Methanol and Ammonia Chemistry
R. Braakman, A. Belloche, G. A. Blake, and K. M. Menten
ApJ 724, 994 (2010)
Infrared collision-induced and far-line absorption in dense CO2 atmospheres
R. Wordsworth, F. Forget, and V. Eymet
Icarus 210, 992-997 (2010)
Published in November 2010
A comprehensive survey of hydrogen chloride in the Galaxy
R. Peng, H. Yoshida, R. A. Chamberlin, T. G. Phillips, D. C. Lis, and M. Gerin
ApJ 723, 218 (2010)
Equilibrium Data of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Xenon Clathrate Hydrates below the Freezing Point of Water. Applications to Astrophysical Environments
N. Fray, U. Marboeuf, O. Brissaud, and B. Schmitt
J Chem Eng Data 55, 5101-5108 (2010)
Chemical Variation in Molecular Cloud Cores in the Orion A Cloud
K. Tatematsu, T. Hirota, R. Kandori, and T. Umemoto
Publ Astron Soc Japan 62, 1473-1482 (2010)
Radical formation of amino acid precursors in interstellar regions? Ser, Cys and Asp
D. J. Knowles, T. Wang, and J. H. Bowie
Org Biomol Chem 8, 4934-4939 (2010)
Synthesis of glycine-containing complexes in impacts of comets on early Earth
N. Goldman, E. J. Reed, L. E. Fried, I.-F. William Kuo1, and A. Maiti
Nat Chem 2, 949-954 (2010)
Transport properties of high-temperature Jupiter atmosphere components
D. Bruno, C. Catalfamo, M. Capitelli, G. Colonna, O. De Pascale, P. Diomede, C. Gorse, A. Laricchiuta, S. Longo, D. Giordano, and F. Pirani
Phys Plasmas 17, 112315 (2010)
Mechanistical studies on the formation and nature of the 'XCN' (OCN-) species in interstellar ices
C. J. Bennett, B. Jones, E. Knox, J. Perry, Y. S. Kim, and R. I. Kaiser
ApJ 723, 641 (2010)
Extraterrestrial amino acids in the Almahata Sitta meteorite
D. P. Glavin, A. D. Aubrey, M. P. Callahan, J. P. Dworkin, J. E. Elsila, E. T. Parker, J. L. Bada, P. Jenniskens, and M. H. Shaddad
Meteor Planet Sci 45, 1695-1709 (2010)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the asteroid 2008 TC3: Dispersion of organic compounds inside asteroids
H. Sabbah, A. L. Morrow, P. Jenniskens, M. H. Shaddad, and R. N. Zare
Meteor Planet Sci 45, 1710-1717 (2010)
Evidence for the Formation of an Interstellar Species, HCS+, during the Ionic Fragmentation of Methyl Thiofluoroformate, FC(O)SCH3, in the 100-1000 eV Region
M. Geronés, M. F. Erben, R. M. Romano, R. L. Cavasso Filho, and C. O. Della Védova
J Phys Chem A 114, 12353-12361 (2010)
Laboratory detection of protonated SO2 in two isomeric forms
V. Lattanzi, P. Thaddeus, M. C. McCarthy, and S. Thorwirth
J Chem Phys 133, 194305 (2010)
Radiolysis of H2O:CO2 ices by heavy energetic cosmic ray analogs
S. Pilling, E. Seperuelo Duarte, A. Domaracka, H. Rothard, P. Boduch, and E. F. da Silveira
A&A 523, A77 (2010)
Chiral molecule formation in interstellar ice analogs: alpha-aminoethanol NH2CH(CH3)OH
F. Duvernay, V. Dufauret, G. Danger, P. Theulé, F. Borget, and T. Chiavassa
A&A 523, A79 (2010)
Detection of Vibrational Bending Mode ν8 and Overtone Bands of the Propargyl Radical, HCCCH2 X 2B1
X. Zhang, S. P. Sander, A. Chaimowitz, G. B. Ellison, and J. F. Stanton
J Phys Chem A 114, 12021-12027 (2010)
Theoretical characterization of the SiC3H- anion
N. Inostroza and M. L. Senent
J Chem Phys 133, 184107 (2010)
Growth of polyaromatic molecules via ion-molecule reactions: An experimental and theoretical mechanistic study
D. Ascenzi, J. Aysina, P. Tosi, A. Maranzana, and G. Tonachini
J Chem Phys 133, 184308 (2010)
On the formation of S2O at low energies: An ab initio study
I. Navizet, N. Komiha, R. Linguerri, G. Chambaud, and P. Rosmus
Chem Phys Lett 500, 207-210 (2010)
Photoionization of two substituted methyl radicals: Cyanomethyl and bromomethyl
M. Steinbauer, P. Hemberger, I. Fischer, M. Johnson, and A. Bodi
Chem Phys Lett 500, 232-236 (2010)
Computer simulations of water interactions with low-coordinated forsterite surface sites: Implications for the origin of water in the inner solar system
H. E. King, M. Stimpfl, P. Deymier, M. J. Drake, C. R. A. Catlow, A. Putnis, and N. H. de Leeuw
Earth Planet Sci Lett 300, 11-18 (2010)
Investigating the effects of chemistry on molecular line profiles of infalling low-mass cores
J. F. Roberts, J. M. C. Rawlings, and H. A. Stace
MNRAS, 408, 2426-2441 (2010)
Heavy water around the L1448-mm protostar
C. Codella, C. Ceccarelli, B. Nisini, R. Bachiller, J. Cernicharo, F. Gueth, A. Fuente, and B. Lefloch
A&A 522, L1 (2010)
Ground-state ammonia and water in absorption towards Sgr B2
E. S. Wirström, P. Bergman, J. H. Black, Å. Hjalmarson, B. Larsson, A. O. H. Olofsson, P. J. Encrenaz, E. Falgarone, U. Frisk, M. Olberg, and A. Sandqvist
A&A 522, A19 (2010)
Tracing early evolutionary stages of high-mass star formation with molecular lines
M. G. Marseille, F. F. S. van der Tak, F. Herpin, and T. Jacq
A&A 522, A40 (2010)
Chemistry in disks. IV. Benchmarking gas-grain chemical models with surface reactions
D. Semenov, F. Hersant, V. Wakelam, A. Dutrey, E. Chapillon, St. Guilloteau, T. Henning, R. Launhardt, V. Piétu, and K. Schreyer
A&A 522, A42 (2010)
Water formation on bare grains: When the chemistry on dust impacts interstellar gas
S. Cazaux, V. Cobut, M. Marseille, M. Spaans, and P. Caselli
A&A 522, A74 (2010)
A molecular survey of outflow gas: velocity-dependent shock chemistry and the peculiar composition of the EHV gas
M. Tafalla, J. Santiago-García, A. Hacar and R. Bachiller
A&A 522, A91 (2010)
New results on thermal and photodesorption of CO ice using the novel InterStellar Astrochemistry Chamber (ISAC)
G. M. Muñoz Caro, A. Jimínez-Escobar, J. Á Martín-Gago, C. Rogero, C. Atienza, S. Puertas, J. M. Sobrado and, J. Torres-Redondo
A&A 522, A108 (2010)
Experimental studies of the dissociative recombination of CD3CDOD+ and CH3CH2OH2+
M. Hamberg, V. Zhaunerchyk, E. Vigren, M. Kaminska, I. Kashperka, M. Zhang, S. Trippel, F. Österdahl, M. af Ugglas, R. D. Thomas, A. Kållberg, A. Simonsson, A. Paál, J. Semaniak, M. Larsson, and W. D. Geppert
A&A 522, A90 (2010)
Infrared Spectra and Optical Constants of Nitrile Ices Relevant to Titan's Atmosphere
M. H. Moore, R. F. Ferrante, W. J. Moore, and R. Hudson
ApJS 191, 96 (2010)
Communication: Rotational g-factor and spin-rotation constant of CH+
S. P. A. Sauer
J Chem Phys 133, 171101 (2010)
Submillimeter-wave and far-infrared spectroscopy of high-J transitions of the ground and ν2 = 1 states of ammonia
S. Yu, J. C. Pearson, B. J. Drouin, K. Sung, O. Pirali, M. Vervloet, M.-A. Martin-Drumel, C. P. Endres, T. Shiraishi, K. Kobayashi, and F. Matsushima
J Chem Phys 133, 174317 (2010)
Formation of Fullerenes in H-containing Planetary Nebulae
D. A. García-Hernández, A. Manchado, P. García-Lario, L. Stanghellini, E. Villaver, R. A. Shaw, R. Szczerba and J. V. Perea-Calderón
ApJ 724, L39 (2010)
Is H+ an Efficient Destroyer of LiH Molecules? A Quantum Investigation at Early Universe Conditions
S. Bovino, M. Tacconi, F. A. Gianturco, and T. Stoecklin
ApJ 724, 126 (2010)
Ammonium and Formate Ions in Interstellar Ice Analogs
O. Gálvez, B. Maté, V. J. Herrero, and R. Escribano
ApJ 724, 539 (2010)
Organic compounds in the C3H6O3 family: Microwave spectrum of cis-cis dimethyl carbonate
F. J. Lovas, D. F. Plusquellic, S. L. Widicus Weaver, B. A. McGuire, and G. A. Blake
J Mol Spectrosc 264, 10-18 (2010)
Extended analysis of hydroxyacetone in the torsional ground state
R. Braakman, B. J. Drouin, S. L. Widicus Weaver, and G. A. Blake
J Mol Spectrosc 264, 43-49 (2010)
The pure rotational spectrum of TiS (X3Δr) at submillimeter wavelengths
R. L. Pulliam, L. N. Zack, and L. M. Ziurys
J Mol Spectrosc 264, 50-54 (2010)
Absorption spectrum of the (2, 1) band in the A2Πi - X2Σ+ system of CS+ cation
C. Li, L. Deng, Y. Zhang, X. Yang, and Y. Chen
J Mol Spectrosc 264, 75-77 (2010)
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Reactions Between H Atoms and Carbanions of Interstellar Relevance
Z. Yang, B. Eichelberger, M. Y. Carpenter, O. Martinez, T. P. Snow, and V. M. Bierbaum
ApJ 723, 1325 (2010)
Abundances of Jupiter's trace hydrocarbons from Voyager and Cassini
C. A. Nixon, R. K. Achterberg, P. N. Romani, M. Allen, X. Zhang, N. A. Teanby, P. G. J. Irwin, and F. M. Flasar
Planet Space Sci 58, 1667-1680 (2010)
Why is the librational water-ice band at 11.5 μm so difficult to detect
G. Robinson nd M. M. Maldoni
MNRAS 408, 1956-1967 (2010)
The Submillimeter Spectrum of Glycolaldehyde
P. B. Carroll, B. J. Drouin, and S. L. Widicus Weaver
ApJ 723, 845 (2010)
A comparative study of the hydroxy acids from the Murchison, GRA 95229 and LAP 02342 meteorites
S. Pizzarello, Y. Wang, and G. M. Chaban
Geochim Cosmochim Acta 74, 6206-6217 (2010)
Published in October 2010
First detection of ND in the solar-mass protostar IRAS16293-2422
A. Bacmann, E. Caux, P. Hily-Blant, B. Parise, L. Pagani, S. Bottinelli, S. Maret, C. Vastel, C. Ceccarelli, J. Cernicharo, T. Henning, A. Castets, A. Coutens, E. A. Bergin, G. A. Blake, N. Crimier, K. Demyk, C. Dominik, M. Gerin, P. Hennebelle, C. Kahane, A. Klotz, G. Melnick, P. Schilke, V. Wakelam, A. Walters, A. Baudry, T. Bell, M. Benedettini, A. Boogert, S. Cabrit, P. Caselli, C. Codella, C. Comito, P. Encrenaz, E. Falgarone, A. Fuente, P. F. Goldsmith, F. Helmich, E. Herbst, T. Jacq, M. Kama, W. Langer, B. Lefloch, D. Lis, S. Lord, A. Lorenzani, D. Neufeld, B. Nisini, S. Pacheco, J. Pearson, T. Phillips, M. Salez, P. Saraceno, K. Schuster, X. Tielens, F. F. S. van der Tak, M. H. D. van der Wiel, S. Viti, F. Wyrowski, H. Yorke, A. Faure, A. Benz, O. Coeur-Joly, A. Cros, R. Güsten, and L. Ravera
A&A 521, L42 (2010)
Virtual atomic and molecular data centre
M. L. Dubernet, V. Boudon, J. L. Culhane, M. S. Dimitrijevic, A. Z. Fazliev, C. Joblin, F. Kupka, G. Leto, P. Le Sidaner, P. A. Loboda, H. E. Mason, N. J. Mason, C. Mendoza, G. Mulas, T. J. Millar, L. A. Nuñez, V. I. Perevalov, N. Piskunov, Y. Ralchenko, G. Rixon, and L. S. Rothman
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 111, 2151-2159 (2010)
Some fundamental properties and reactions of ice surfaces at low temperature
S.-C. Park, E.-S. Moon, and H. Kang
Phys Chem Chem Phys 12, 12000-12011 (2010)
Radical routes to interstellar glycolaldehyde. The possibility of stereoselectivity in gas-phase polymerization reactions involving CH2O and •CH2OH
T. Wang and J. H. Bowie
Org Biomol Chem 8, 4757-4766 (2010)
O atom production in water ice: Implications for O2 formation on icy satellites
P. D. Cooper, M. H. Moore, and R. L. Hudson
J Geophys Res Planets 115, E10013 (2010)
HIFI spectroscopy of low-level water transitions in M 82
A. Weiß et al
A&A 521, L1 (2010)
Water content and wind acceleration in the envelope around the oxygen-rich AGB star IK Tauri as seen by Herschel/HIFI
L. Decin et al
A&A 521, L4 (2010)
Discovery of water vapour in the carbon star V Cygni from observations with Herschel/HIFI
D. A. Neufeld et al
A&A 521, L5 (2010)
A HIFI preview of warm molecular gas around χ Cygni: First detection of H2O emission toward an S-type AGB star
K. Justtanont et al
A&A 521, L6 (2010)
Herschel/HIFI deepens the circumstellar NH3 enigma
K. M. Menten et al
A&A 521, L7 (2010)
A high-resolution line survey of IRC +10216 with Herschel/HIFI - First results: Detection of warm silicon dicarbide (SiC2 )
J. Cernicharo et al
A&A 521, L8 (2010)
Herschel/HIFI discovery of interstellar chloronium (H2Cl+)
D. C. Lis et al
A&A 521, L9 (2010)
Herschel/HIFI observations of interstellar OH+ and H2O+ towards W49N: A probe of diffuse clouds with a small molecular fraction
D. A. Neufeld et al
A&A 521, L10 (2010)
Herschel observations of ortho- and para-oxidaniumyl (H2O+) in spiral arm clouds toward Sagittarius B2(M)
P. Schilke et al
A&A 521, L11 (2010)
Detection of hydrogen fluoride absorption in diffuse molecular clouds with Herschel/HIFI: An ubiquitous tracer of molecular gas
P. Sonnentrucker et al
A&A 521, L12 (2010)
Excitation and abundance of C3 in star forming cores - Herschel/HIFI observations of the sight-lines to W31C and W49N
B. Mookerjea et al
A&A 521, L13 (2010)
CH+(1-0) and 13CH+(1-0) absorption lines in the direction of massive star-forming regions
E. Falgarone et al
A&A 521, L15 (2010)
Nitrogen hydrides in the cold envelope of IRAS 16293-2422
P. Hily-Blant, S. Maret, A. Bacmann, S. Bottinelli, B. Parise, E. Caux, A. Faure, E. A. Bergin, G. A. Blake, A. Castets, C. Ceccarelli, J. Cernicharo, A. Coutens, N. Crimier, K. Demyk, C. Dominik, M. Gerin, P. Hennebelle, T. Henning, C. Kahane, A. Klotz, G. Melnick, L. Pagani, P. Schilke, C. Vastel, V. Wakelam, A. Walters, A. Baudry, T. Bell, M. Benedettini, A. Boogert, S. Cabrit, P. Caselli, C. Codella, C. Comito, P. Encrenaz, E. Falgarone, A. Fuente, P. F. Goldsmith, F. Helmich, E. Herbst, T. Jacq, M. Kama, W. Langer, B. Lefloch, D. Lis, S. Lord, A. Lorenzani, D. Neufeld, B. Nisini, S. Pacheco, T. Phillips, M. Salez, P. Saraceno, K. Schuster, X. Tielens, F. van der Tak, M. H. D. van der Wiel, S. Viti, F. Wyrowski, and H. Yorke
A&A 521, L52 (2010)
Subsurface chemistry of mantles of interstellar dust grains in dark molecular cores
J. Kalvans and I. Shmeld
A&A 521, A37 (2010)
Charge transfer excitation in H2+ + CO2 collisions under beam conditions
B. Pranszke
Chem Phys Lett 499, 199-202 (2010)
Detection and mapping of hydrocarbon deposits on Titan
R. N. Clark, J. M. Curchin, J. W. Barnes, R. Jaumann, L. Soderblom, D. P. Cruikshank, R. H. Brown, S. Rodriguez, J. Lunine, K. Stephan, T. M. Hoefen, S. Le Mouélic, C. Sotin, K. H. Baines, B. J. Buratti, and P. D. Nicholson
J Geophys Res Planets 115, E10005 (2010)
Molecular absorption lines toward star-forming regions: a comparative study of HCO+, HNC, HCN, and CN
B. Godard, E. Falgarone, M. Gerin, P. Hily-Blant and M. De Luca
A&A 520, A20 (2010)
Absorption cross section of molecular oxygen in the transition E 3Σu ν = 0 - X 3Σg- ν = 0 at 38 K
H.-C. Lu, H.-K. Chen, H.-F. Chen, B.-M. Cheng and J. F. Ogilvie
A&A 520, A19 (2010)
Hyperfine structure in the rotational spectra of trans-formic acid: Lamb-dip measurements and quantum-chemical calculations
G. Cazzoli, C. Puzzarini, S. Stopkowicz and J. Gauss
A&A 520, A64 (2010)
Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Broadening and Shifting of NH2+ Rotatational Lines by He
G. Buffa, O. Tarrini, L. Dore, and M. Meuwly
Chem Phys Chem 11, 3141-3145 (2010)
Computational studies of gas phase reactions of carbon chain anions with N and O atoms
Z. Yang, T. P. Snow, and V. M. Bierbaum
Phys Chem Chem Phys 40, 13091-13098 (2010)
Exploring the Role of PAHs in the Formation of Soot: Pyrene Dimerization
H. Sabbah, L. Biennier, S. J. Klippenstein, I. R. Sims, and B. R. Rowe
J Phys Chem Lett 1, 2962-2967 (2010)
Reaction Dynamics of H3+ + CO on an Interpolated Potential Energy Surface
H.-A. Le, T. J. Frankcombe, and M. A. Collins
J Phys Chem A 114, 10783-10788 (2010)
Mapping water collisions for interstellar space conditions
C.-H. Yang, G. Sarma, J. J. ter Meulen, D. H. Parker, G. C. McBane, L. Wiesenfeld, A. Faure, Y. Scribano, and N. Feautrier
J Chem Phys 133, 131103 (2010)
Spectrally Resolved Pure Rotational Lines of Water in Protoplanetary Disks
K. M. Pontoppidan, C. Salyk, G. A. Blake, and H. U. Käufl
ApJ 722, L173 (2010)
Formation of Carbonic Acid (H2CO3) by Surface Reactions of Non-energetic OH Radicals with CO Molecules at Low Temperatures
Y. Oba, N. Watanabe, A. Kouchi, T. Hama, and V. Pirronello
ApJ 722, 1598 (2010)
Chemical Processes in Protoplanetary Disks
C. Walsh, T. J. Millar, and H. Nomura
ApJ 722, 1607 (2010)
Distributions of Carbon-chain Molecules in L1527
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