Astrochemistry Publications from 2012
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Recent Additions
Published in December 2012
Equilibrium Pressure of Ethane, Acetylene, and Krypton Clathrate Hydrates below the Freezing Point of Water
U. Marboeuf, N. Fray, O. Brissaud, B. Schmitt, D. Bockelée-Morvan, and D. Gautier
J Chem Eng Data 57, 3408-3415 (2012)
Hydro-chemical study of the evolution of interstellar pre-biotic molecules during the collapse of molecular clouds
L. Majumdar, A. Das, S. K. Chakrabarti, and S. Chakrabarti
Res Astron Astrophys 12, 1613 (2012)
Analysis of an 18O and D enhanced water spectrum and new assignments for HD18O and D218O in the near-infrared region (6000-7000 cm–1) using newly calculated variational line lists
M. J. Down, J. Tennyson, J. Orphal, P. Chelin, and A. A. Ruth
J Mol Spectrosc 282, 1-8 (2012)
Rovibrationally selected absolute total cross sections for the reaction H2O+(X2B1; ν1+ν3+ν3+ = 000; N+Ka+Kc) + D2: Observation of the rotational enhancement effect
Y. Xu, B. Xiong, Y. C. Chang, and C. Y. Ng
J Chem Phys 137, 241101 (2012)
The He + H2+ → HeH+ + H reaction: Ab initio studies of the potential energy surface, benchmark time-independent quantum dynamics in an extended energy range and comparison with experiments
D. De Fazio, M. de Castro-Vitores, A. Aguado, V. Aquilanti, and S. Cavalli
J Chem Phys 137, 241101 (2012)
Signatures of Large-Amplitude Vibrations in the Spectra of H5+ and D5+
Z. Lin and A. B. McCoy
J Phys Chem Lett 3, 3690-3696 (2012)
Reactivity Between Non-Energetic Hydroxyl (OH) Radicals and Methane (CH4)
E.-L. Zins, C. Pirim, P. R. Joshi, and L. Krim
J Phys Chem A 116, 12357-12363 (2012)
Cassini UVIS observations of Titan nightglow spectra
J. M. Ajello, R. A. West, J. Gustin, K. Larsen, A. I. F. Stewart, L. W. Esposito, W. E. McClintock, G. M. Holsclaw, and E. T. Bradley
J Geophys Res Space Phys 117, A12315 (2012)
Two Isomers of Protonated Isocyanic Acid: Evidence for an Ion-Molecule Pathway for HNCO ↔ HOCN Isomerization
V. Lattanzi, S. Thorwirth, C. A. Gottlieb, and M. C. McCarthy
J Phys Chem Lett 3, 3420-3424 (2012)
Magmatic water in the martian meteorite Nakhla
L. J. Hallis, G. J. Taylor, K. Nagashima, and G. R. Huss
Earth Planet Sci Lett 359-360, 84-92 (2012)
The Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Orion: A Source of Turbulence and Chemical Mixing
O. Berné and Y. Matsumoto
ApJ 761, L4 (2012)
First Observation in the South of Titan's Far-infrared 220 cm–1 Cloud
D. E. Jennings, C. M. Anderson, R. E. Samuelson, F. M. Flasar, C. A. Nixon, G. L. Bjoraker, P. N. Romani, R. K. Achterberg, V. Cottini, B. E. Hesman, V. G. Kunde, R. C. Carlson, R. de Kok, A. Coustenis, S. Vinatier, G. Bampasidis, N. A. Teanby, and S. B. Calcutt
ApJ 761, L15 (2012)
Cassini VIMS Observations Show Ethane is Present in Titan's Rainfall
P. A. Dalba, B. J. Buratti, R. H. Brown, J. W. Barnes, K. H. Baines, C. Sotin, R. N. Clark, K. J. Lawrence, and P. D. Nicholson
ApJ 761, L24 (2012)
Hydrogenation of PAH Cations: A First Step toward H2 Formation
L. Boschman, G. Reitsma, S. Cazaux, T. Schlathölter, R. Hoekstra, M. Spaans, and O. González-Magaña
ApJ 761, L33 (2012)
The 217.5 nm Band, Infrared Absorption, and Infrared Emission Features in Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Nanoparticles
W. W. Duley and A. Hu
ApJ 761, 115 (2012)
Photochemistry in Terrestrial Exoplanet Atmospheres. I. Photochemistry Model and Benchmark Cases
R. Hu, S. Seager, and W. Bains
ApJ 761, 166 (2012)
An Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Ionization Energies of SiC2Hx (x = 0, 1, 2) isomers
R. I. Kaiser, S. P. Krishtal, A. M. Mebel, O. Kostko, and M. Ahmed
ApJ 761, 178 (2012)
High SiO abundance in the HH212 protostellar jet
S. Cabrit, C. Codella, F. Gueth, and A. Gusdorf
A&A 548, L2 (2012)
A method to measure CO and N2 depletion profiles inside prestellar cores
L. Pagani, A. Bourgoin, and F. Lique
A&A 548, L4 (2012)
Strong irradiation of protostellar cores in Corona Australis
J. E. Lindberg and J. K. Jørgensen
A&A 548, A24 (2012)
Nanostructuration of carbonaceous dust as seen through the positions of the 6.2 and 7.7 μm AIBs
Y. Carpentier, G. Féraud, E. Dartois, R. Brunetto, E. Charon, A.-T. Cao, L. d'Hendecourt, P. Bréchignac, J.-N. Rouzaud, and T. Pino
A&A 548, A40 (2012)
The IRAM-30 m line survey of the Horsehead PDR. II. First detection of the l-C3H+ hydrocarbon cation
J. Pety, P. Gratier, V. Guzmán, E. Roueff, M. Gerin, J. R. Goicoechea, S. Bardeau, A. Sievers, F. Le Petit, J. Le Bourlot, A. Belloche, and D. Talbi
A&A 548, A68 (2012)
Chemistry in disks. VIII. The CS molecule as an analytic tracer of turbulence in disks
S. Guilloteau, A. Dutrey, V. Wakelam, F. Hersant, D. Semenov, E. Chapillon, T. Henning, and V. Piétu
A&A 548, A70 (2012)
Rotational spectrum of formamide up to 1 THz and first ISM detection of its ν12 vibrational state
R. A. Motiyenko, B. Tercero, J. Cernicharo, and L. Margulès
A&A 548, A71 (2012)
The hyperfine structure in the rotational spectrum of CF+
V. Guzmán, E. Roueff, J. Gauss, J. Pety, P. Gratier, J. R. Goicoechea, M. Gerin, and D. Teyssier
A&A 548, A94 (2012)
Titan's photochemical model: Further update, oxygen species, and comparison with Triton and Pluto
V. A. Krasnopolsky
Planet Space Sci 73, 318-326 (2012)
Carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen and methane clathrate hydrates: Thermodynamic modelling, investigation of their stability in Martian atmospheric conditions and variability of methane trapping
J.-M. Herri and E. Chassefière
Planet Space Sci 73, 376-386 (2012)
Formation of methyl formate in comets by irradiation of methanol-bearing ices
P. Modica, M. E. Palumbo, and G. Strazzulla
Planet Space Sci 73, 425-429 (2012)
Electronic spectra of C4H3Cl+ isomers
S. Chakrabarty, V. Rudnev, J. Fulara, R. Dietsche, A. Nagy, I. Garkusha, F. J. Mazzotti, C. A. Rice, and J. P. Maier
Mol Phys 110, 3077-3084 (2012)
The Formation of Cosmic Fullerenes from Arophatic Clusters
E. R. Micelotta, A. P. Jones, J. Cami, E. Peeters, J. Bernard-Salas, and G. Fanchini
ApJ 761, 35 (2012)
Photodesorption of Solid CO2 by Lyα
D. A. Bahr and R. A. Baragiola
ApJ 761, 36 (2012)
Ultraviolet Measurements of Interstellar C2
R. C. Hupe, Y. Sheffer, and S. R. Federman
ApJ 761, 38 (2012)
A Self-consistent Model of the Circumstellar Debris Created by a Giant Hypervelocity Impact in the HD 172555 System
B. C. Johnson, C. M. Lisse, C. H. Chen, H. J. Melosh, M. C. Wyatt, P. Thebault, W. G. Henning, E. Gaidos, L. T. Elkins-Tanton, J. C. Bridges, and A. Morlok
ApJ 761, 45 (2012)
Phosphorus Chemistry in the Shocked Region L1157 B1
T. Aota and Y. Aikawa
ApJ 761, 74 (2012)
Oxygen isotopes in crystalline silicates of comet Wild 2: A comparison of oxygen isotope systematics between Wild 2 particles and chondritic materials
D. Nakashima, T. Ushikubo, D. J. Joswiak, D. E. Brownlee, G. Matrajt, M. K. Weisberg, M. E. Zolensky, and N. T. Kita
Earth Planet Sci Lett 357-358, 355-365 (2012)
3D-PDR: a new three-dimensional astrochemistry code for treating photodissociation regions
T. G. Bisbas, T. A. Bell, S. Viti, J. Yates, and M. J. Barlow
MNRAS 427, 2100-2118 (2012)
The chemical effects of mutual shielding in photon-dominated regions
R. P. Rollins and J. M. C. Rawlings
MNRAS 427, 2328-2335 (2012)
Modelling of c-C2H4O formation on grain surfaces
A. Occhiogrosso, S. Viti, M. D. Ward, and S. D. Price
MNRAS 427, 2450-2456 (2012)
Hydroxyl as a Tracer of H2 in the Envelope of MBM40
D. L. Cotten, L. Magnani, E. A. Wennerstrom, K. A. Douglas, and J. S. Onello
AJ 144, 163 (2012)
Chemical destruction of rotationally "hot" HeH+: Quantum cross sections and mechanisms of its reaction with H
S. Bovino, F. A. Gianturco, and M. Tacconi
Chem Phys Lett 554, 47-52 (2012)
VUV spectroscopy of formamide ices
B. Sivaraman, B. N. Raja Sekhar, N. C. Jones, S. V. Hoffmann, and N. J. Mason
Chem Phys Lett 554, 57-59 (2012)
Fine-grained rims surrounding chondrules in the Tagish Lake carbonaceous chondrite: Verification of their formation through parent-body processes
A. Takayama and K. Tomeoka
Geochim Cosmochim Acta 98, 1-18 (2012)
Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) in Stardust tracks: Constraining the origin of ferric iron-bearing minerals
H. G. Changela, J. C. Bridges, and S. J. Gurman
Geochim Cosmochim Acta 98, 282-294 (2012)
The Carriers of the Interstellar Unidentified Infrared Emission Features: Aromatic or Aliphatic?
A. Li and B. T. Draine
ApJ 760, L35 (2012)
Infrared Study of Fullerene Planetary Nebulae
D. A. García-Hernández, E. Villaver, P. García-Lario, J. A. Acosta-Pulido, A. Manchado, L. Stanghellini, R. A. Shaw, and F. Cataldo
ApJ 760, 107 (2012)
Thermal and Chemical Structure Variations in Titan's Stratosphere during the Cassini Mission
G. Bampasidis, A. Coustenis, R. K. Achterberg, S. Vinatier, P. Lavvas, C. A. Nixon, D. E. Jennings, N. A. Teanby, F. M. Flasar, R. C. Carlson, X. Moussas, P. Preka-Papadema, P. N. Romani, E. A. Guandique, and S. Stamogiorgos
ApJ 760, 144 (2012)
13O Cores in the Taurus Molecular Cloud
L. Qian, D. Li, and P. F. Goldsmith
ApJ 760, 147 (2012)
Correlation between the local OH stretching vibration wavenumber and the hydrogen bonding pattern of water in a condensed phase: Quantum chemical approach to analyze the broad OH band
T. Shimoaka, T. Hasegawa, K. Ohno, and Y. Katsumoto
J Mol Struct 1029, 209-216 (2012)
The changing rotational excitation of C3 in comet 9P/Tempel 1 during Deep Impact
M. Ádámkovics, I. de Pater, and H. Spinrad
Astrophys Space Sci 342, 309-315 (2012)
Origin and stability of lunar polar volatiles
A..A. Berezhnoy, E..A. Kozlova, M..P. Sinitsyn, A..A. Shangaraev, and V..V. Shevchenko
Adv Space Res 50, 1638-1646 (2012)
Published in November 2012
Microwave absorptivity by sulfuric acid in the Venus atmosphere: First results from the Venus Express Radio Science experiment VeRa
J. Oschlisnioka, B. Häusler, M. Pätzold, G. L. Tyler, M. K. Bird, S. Tellmann, S. Remus, and T. Andert
Icarus 221, 940-948 (2012)
Small carbides of third-row main group elements: structure and bonding in C3X compounds (X = K-Br)
E. F. Villanueva, P. Redondo, V. M. Rayón, C. Barrientos, and A. Largo
Phys Chem Chem Phys 14, 12923-14932 (2012)
Active upper-atmosphere chemistry and dynamics from polar circulation reversal on Titan
N. A. Teanby, P. G. J. Irwin, C. A. Nixon, R. de Kok, S. Vinatier, A. Coustenis, E. Sefton-Nash, S. B. Calcutt, and F. M. Flasar
Nature 491, 732-735 (2012)
Rovibrational levels of helium hydride ion
K. Pachucki and J. Komasa
J Chem Phys 137, 204314 (2012)
Low-pressure line shape study of acetylene transitions in the ν1 + ν3 + ν4 + ν5 band over a range of temperatures
C. Povey, A. Predoi-Cross, and D. R. Hurtmans
Mol Phys 110, 2633-2644 (2012)
Experimental and theoretical study of N2-broadened acetylene line parameters in the ν1 + ν3 band over a range of temperatures
H. Rozario, J. Garber, C. Povey, D. Hurtmans, J. Buldyreva, A. Predoi-Cross
Mol Phys 110, 2633-2644 (2012)
17O12C17O and 18O12C17O spectroscopy in the 1.6 μm region
X. de Ghellinck d'Elseghem Vaernewijck, S. Kassi, and M. Herman
Mol Phys 110, 2665-2671 (2012)
Coriolis Coupling Effects in O+(4S) + H2(X1Σg+) → OH+(X3Σ) + H(2S) Reaction and Its Isotopic Variants: Exact Time-Dependent Quantum Scattering Study
W. Xu, W. Li, S. Lv, H. Zhai, Z. Duan, and and P. Zhang
J Phys Chem A 116, 10882-10888 (2012)
On the Dissociation of the Naphthalene Radical Cation: New iPEPICO and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Results
B. West, C. Joblin, V. Blanchet, A. Bodi, B. Sztáray, and P. M. Mayer
J Phys Chem A 116, 10999-11007 (2012)
The CH4 structure in Titan's upper atmosphere revisited
J. Cui, R. V. Yelle, D. F. Strobel, I. C. F. Müller-Wodarg, D. S. Snowden, and T. T. Koskinen
J Geophs Res Planets 117, E11006 (2012)
The role of OH in the chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks. II. Gas-rich environments
G. Chaparro Molano and I. Kamp
A&A 547, A7 (2012)
Upper limit for the D2H+ ortho-to-para ratio in the prestellar core 16293E (CHESS)
C. Vastel, P. Caselli, C. Ceccarelli, A. Bacmann, D. C. Lis, E. Caux, C. Codella, J. A. Beckwith, and T. Ridley
A&A 547, A33 (2012)
Influence of collisional rate coefficients on water vapour excitation
F. Daniel, J. R. Goicoechea, J. Cernicharo, M.-L. Dubernet, and A. Faure
A&A 547, A81 (2012)
Zwitterion Formation in Titan Ice Analogs: Reaction Between HC3N and NH3
I. Couturier-Tamburelli, B. Sessouma, T. Chiavassa, and N. Piétri
J Phys Chem A 116, 10721-10727 (2012)
A crossed beam study of the reaction CN + C2H4 at a high collision energy: The opening of a new reaction channel
F. Leonori, R. Petrucci, X. Wang, P. Casavecchia, and N. Balucani
Chem Phys Lett 553, 1-5 (2012)
Gas-phase rotational spectroscopy of AlCCH (X1Σ+): A model system for organo-aluminum compounds
M. Sun, D. T. Halfen, J. Min, D. J. Clouthier, and L. M. Ziurys
Chem Phys Lett 553, 11-16 (2012)
Elusive Ethylene Detected in Saturn's Northern Storm Region
B. E. Hesman, G. L. Bjoraker, P. V. Sada, R. K. Achterberg, D. E. Jennings, P. N. Romani, A. W. Lunsford, L. N. Fletcher, R. J. Boyle, A. A. Simon-Miller, C. A. Nixon, and P. G. J. Irwin
ApJ 760, 24 (2012)
Experimental Investigation of the Ortho/Para Ratio of Newly Formed Molecular Hydrogen on Amorphous Solid Water
L. Gavilan, G. Vidali, J. L. Lemaire, M. Chehrouri, F. Dulieu, J.-H. Fillion, E. Congiu, and H. Chaabouni
ApJ 760, 35 (2012)
From Prestellar to Protostellar Cores. II. Time Dependence and Deuterium Fractionation
Y. Aikawa, V. Wakelam, F. Hersant, R. T. Garrod, and E. Herbs
ApJ 760, 40 (2012)
Molecular Line Observations of the Carbon-rich Circumstellar Envelope CIT 6 at 7 mm Wavelengths
W. Chau, Y. Zhang, J. Nakashima, S. Deguchi, and S. Kwok
ApJ 760, 66 (2012)
Precise THz Measurements of HCO+, N2H+, and C++ for Astrophysical Observations
G. Cazzoli, L. Cludi, G. Buffa, and C. Puzzarini
ApJS 203, 11 (2012)
Combined Crossed Beam and Theoretical Studies of the N(2D) + C2H4 Reaction and Implications for Atmospheric Models of Titan
N. Balucani, D. Skouteris, F. Leonori, R. Petrucci, M. Hamberg, W. D. Geppert, P. Casavecchia, and M. Rosi
J Phys Chem A 116, 10467-10479 (2012)
Cyanate Ion in Compact Amorphous Water Ice
B. Maté, V. J. Herrero, Y. Rodríguez-Lazcano, D. Fernández-Torre, M. A. Moreno, P. C. Gómez, and R. Escribano
ApJ 759, 90 (2012)
A Unified Microscopic-Macroscopic Monte Carlo Simulation of Gas-grain Chemistry in Cold Dense Interstellar Clouds
Q. Chang and E. Herbst
ApJ 759, 147 (2012)
Structure, spectroscopy and dynamics of layered H2O and CO2 ices
M. W. Lee, N. Plattner, and M. Meuwly
Phys Chem Chem Phys 14, 15464-15474 (2012)
First Detection of Water Vapor in a Pre-stellar Core
P. Caselli, E. Keto, E. A. Bergin, M. Tafalla, Y. Aikawa, T. Douglas, L. Pagani, U. A. Yíldíz, F. F. S. van der Tak, C. M. Walmsley, C. Codella, B. Nisini, L. E. Kristensen, and E. F. van Dishoeck
ApJ 759, L37 (2012)
Discovery of the Methoxy Radical, CH3O, toward B1: Dust Grain and Gas-phase Chemistry in Cold Dark Clouds
J. Cernicharo, N. Marcelino, E. Roueff, M. Gerin, A. Jiménez-Escobar, and G. M. Muñoz Caro
ApJ 759, L43 (2012)
The chemistry of extragalactic carbon stars
P. M. Woods, C. Walsh, M. A. Cordiner and F. Kemper
MNRAS 426, 2689-2702 (2012)
A new way to produce and isolate the OH–(H2O) complex
E.-L. Zins, P. R. Joshi, and L. Krim
MNRAS 426, 3070-3078 (2012)
High-resolution Optical Spectroscopy of DY Cen: Diffuse Interstellar Bands in a Proto-fullerene Circumstellar Environment?
D. A. García-Hernández, N. Kameswara Rao, and D. L. Lambert
ApJ 759, L21 (2012)
The Low-temperature Nuclear Spin Equilibrium of H3+ in Collisions with H2
F. Grussie, M. H. Berg, K. N. Crabtree, S. Gärtner, B. J. McCall, S. Schlemmer, A. Wolf, and H. Kreckel
ApJ 759, 21 (2012)
Accurate Time-dependent Wave Packet Study of the H++LiH Reaction at Early Universe Conditions
E. Aslan, N. Bulut, J. F. Castillo, L. Bañares, F. J. Aoiz, and O. Roncer
ApJ 759, 31 (2012)
Ortho-to-para Ratio Studies of Shocked H2 Gas in the Two Supernova Remnants IC 443 and HB 21
J.-H. Shinn, H.-G. Lee, and D.-S. Moon
ApJ 759, 34 (2012)
Near-infrared Band Strengths of Molecules Diluted in N2 and H2O Ice Mixtures Relevant to Interstellar and Planetary Ices
C. R. Richey and P. A. Gerakines
ApJ 759, 74 (2012)
Searching for Interstellar Molecule Butatrienylidene in Reaction C2 + C2H4
S.-H. Lee, W.-J. Huang, Y.-C. Lin, and C.-H. Chin
ApJ 759, 75 (2012)
D-depleted organic matter and graphite in the Abee enstatite chondrite
L. Remusat, J.-N. Rouzaud, E. Charon, C. Le Guillou, Y. Guan, and J. M. Eiler
Geochim Cosmochim Acta 96, 319-335 (2012)

Chemistry, Astronomy and Physics of H3+

Chemistry, astronomy and physics of H3+
T. Oka
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 4991-5000 (2012)
Progress in calculating the potential energy surface of H3+
L. Adamowicz and M. Pavanello
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5001-5013 (2012)
Spectroscopy of H3+ based on a new high-accuracy global potential energy surface
O. L. Polyansky, A. Alijah, N. F. Zobov, I. I. Mizus, R. I. Ovsyannikov, J. Tennyson, L. Lodi, T. Szidarovszky, and Attila G. Császár
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5014-5027 (2012)
Transfer of a proton between H2 and O2
L. Kluge, S. Gärtner, S. Brünken, O. Asvany, D. Gerlich, and S. Schlemmer
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5041-5054 (2012)
The ortho:para ratio of H3+ in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas
K. N. Crantree and B. J. McCall
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5055-5065 (2012)
Stabilization of H+–H2 collision complexes between 11 and 28 K
R. Plašil, I. Zymak, P. Jusko, D. Mulin, D. Gerlich, and J. Glosík
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5066-5073 (2012)
The Jahn-Teller effect in the 3pe′ Rydberg state of H3: review of experimental and ab initio determinations
C. Jungen, M. Jungen, and S. T. Pratt
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5074-5087 (2012)
Storage ring measurements of the dissociative recombination of H3+
H. Kreckel, A. Petrignani, O. Novotný, K. Crabtree, H. Buhr, B. J. McCall, and A. Wolf
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5088-5100 (2012)
Binary recombination of para- and ortho-H3+ with electrons at low temperatures
P. Dohnal, M. Hejduk, J. Varju, P. Rubovič, Š. Roučka, T. Kotrík, R. Plašil, R. Johnsen, and J. Glosík
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5101-5108 (2012)
Kinetic processes in recombining H3+ plasmas
R. Johnsen
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5109-5117 (2012)
Dissociative recombination of H3+: 10 years in retrospect
M. Larsson
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5118-5129 (2012)
H3+ at the interface between astrochemistry and astroparticle physics
J. H. Black
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5130-5141 (2012)
The distribution of cosmic-ray ionization rates in diffuse molecular clouds as probed by H3+
N. Indriolo
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5142-5150 (2012)
Exploring the central molecular zone of the Galaxy using spectroscopy of H3+ and CO
T. R. Geballe
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5151-5161 (2012)
Hot, metastable hydronium ion in the Galactic centre: formation pumping in X-ray-irradiated gas?
D. C. Lis, P. Schilke, E. A. Bergin, M. Emprechtinger, and the HEXOS Team
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5162-5173 (2012)
Hydride spectroscopy of the diffuse interstellar medium: new clues on the gas fraction in molecular form and cosmic ray ionization rate in relation to H3+
M. Gerin, F. Levrier, E. Falgarone, B. Godard, P. Hennebelle, F. Le Petit, M. De Luca, D. Neufeld, P. Sonnentrucker, P. Goldsmith, N. Flagey, D. C. Lis, C. M. Persson, J. H. Black, J. R. Goicoechea, and K. M. Menten
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5174-5185 (2012)
Using deuterated H3+ and other molecular species to understand the formation of stars and planets
F. F. S. van der Tak
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5186-5199 (2012)
H2, H3+ and the age of molecular clouds and prestellar cores
L. Pagani, P. Lesaffre, E. Roueff, M. Jorfi, P. Honvault, T. González-Lezana, and A. Faure
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5200-5212 (2012)
Temperature changes and energy inputs in giant planet atmospheres: what we are learning from H3+
T S. Stallard, H. Melin, S. Miller, J. O'Donoghue, S. W. H. Cowley, S. V. Badman, A. Adriani, R. H. Brown, and K. H. Baines
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5213-5224 (2012)
To be or not to be: the early history of H3 and H3+
H. Kragh
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 370, 5225-5235 (2012)
Published in October 2012
Our astrochemical heritage
P. Caselli and C. Ceccarelli
Astron Astrophys Rev 20, 56 (2012)
Product Channels of the CN + HCNO Reaction
W. Feng and J. F. Hershberger
J Phys Chem A 116, 10285-10292 (2012)
Chemistry of C3 and carbon chain molecules in DR21(OH)
B. Mookerjea, G. E. Hassel, M. Gerin, T. Giesen, J. Stutzki, E. Herbst, J. H. Black, P. F. Goldsmith, K. M. Menten, J. Krełowski, M. De Luca, T. Csengeri, C. Joblin, M. Kaźmierczak, M. Schmidt, J. R. Goicoechea, and J. Cernicharo
A&A 546, A75 (2012)
Molecular line survey of the high-mass star-forming region NGC 6334I with Herschel/HIFI and the Submillimeter Arra
A. Zernickel, P. Schilke, A. Schmiedeke, D. C. Lis, C. L. Brogan, C. Ceccarelli, C. Comito, M. Emprechtinger, T. R. Hunter, and T. Möller
A&A 546, A87 (2012)
CH radio emission from Heiles Cloud 2 as a tracer of molecular cloud evolution
N. Sakai, H. Maezawa, T. Sakai, K. M. Menten, and S. Yamamoto
A&A 546, A103 (2012)
A chemical model for the atmosphere of hot Jupiters
O. Venot, E. Hébrard, M. Agúndez, M. Dobrijevic, F. Selsis, F. Hersant, N. Iro, and R. Bounaceur
A&A 546, A43 (2012)
Implantation of multiply charged carbon ions in water ice
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Published in May 2012
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Published in April 2012
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Published in January 2012
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