Astrochemistry Publications from 2013
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Recent Additions
Published in December 2013
Ion-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon collisions: kinetic energy releases for specific fragmentation channels
G. Reitsma, H. Zettergren, L. Boschman, E. Bodewits, R. Hoekstra1, and T. Schlathölter
J Phys B At Mol Opt Phys 46, 245201 (2013)
Looking at Radiation Damage on Prebiotic Building Blocks
M.-C. Bacchus-Montabonel
J Phys Chem A 117, 14169-14175 (2013)
Electronic Transitions of C6H4+ Isomers: Neon Matrix and Theoretical Studies
J. Fulara, A. Nagy, K. Filipkowski, V. S. Thimmakondu, J. F. Stanton, and J. P. Maier
J Phys Chem A 117, 13605-13615 (2013)
Rotational Spectroscopy of Isotopologues of Silicon Monoxide, SiO, and Spectroscopic Parameters from a Combined Fit of Rotational and Rovibrational Data
H. S. P. Müller, S. Spezzano, L. Bizzocchi, C. A. Gottlieb, C. Degli Esposti, and M. C. McCarthy
J Phys Chem A 117, 13843-13854 (2013)
Calculated Dipole Moments for Silicon and Phosphorus Compounds of Astrophysical Interest
H. S. P. Müller and D. E. Woon
J Phys Chem A 117, 13868-13877 (2013)
Detection of circumstellar nitric oxide. Enhanced nitrogen abundance in IRC +10420
G. Quintana-Lacaci, M. Agúndez, J. Cernicharo, V. Bujarrabal, C. Sánchez Contreras, A. Castro-Carrizo, and J. Alcolea
A&A 560, L2 (2013)
Nitrogen isotopic ratios in Barnard 1: a consistent study of the N2H+, NH3, CN, HCN, and HNC isotopologues
F. Daniel, M. Gérin, E. Roueff, J. Cernicharo, N. Marcelino, F. Lique, D. C. Lis, D. Teyssier, N. Biver, and D. Bockelée-Morvan
A&A 560, A3 (2013)
Deuterated water in the solar-type protostars NGC 1333 IRAS 4A and IRAS 4B
A. Coutens, C. Vastel, S. Cabrit, C. Codella, L. E. Kristensen, C. Ceccarelli, E. F. van Dishoeck, A. C. A. Boogert, S. Bottinelli, A. Castets, E. Caux, C. Comito, K. Demyk, F. Herpin, B. Lefloch, C. McCoey, J. C. Mottram, B. Parise, V. Taquet, F. F. S. van der Tak, R. Visser, and U. A. Yıldız
A&A 560, A39 (2013)
Gas-phase CO depletion and N2H+ abundances in starless cores
N. Lippok, R. Launhardt, D. Semenov, A. M. Stutz, Z. Balog, T. Henning, O. Krause, H. Linz, M. Nielbock, Y. N. Pavlyuchenkov, M. Schmalzl, A. Schmiedeke, and J. H. Bieging
A&A 560, A41 (2013)
The IRAM-30 m line survey of the Horsehead PDR. IV. Comparative chemistry of H2CO and CH3OH
V. V. Guzmán, J. R. Goicoechea, J. Pety, P. Gratier, M. Gerin, E. Roueff, F. Le Petit, J. Le Bourlot, and A. Faure
A&A 560, A73 (2013)
Sensitive CO and 13CO survey of water fountain stars. Detections towards IRAS 18460-0151 and IRAS 18596+0315
J. R. Rizzo, J. F. Gómez, L. F. Miranda, M. Osorio, O. Suárez and M. C. Durán-Rojas
A&A 560, A82 (2013)
Spatially extended OH+ emission from the Orion Bar and Ridge
F. F. S. van der Tak, Z. Nagy, V. Ossenkopf, Z. Makai, J. H. Black, A. Faure, M. Gerin, and E. A. Bergin
A&A 560, A95 (2013)
Detection of a Noble Gas Molecular Ion, 36ArH+, in the Crab Nebula
M. J. Barlow, B. M. Swinyard, P. J. Owen, J. Cernicharo, H. L. Gomez, R. J. Ivison, O. Krause, T. L. Lim, M. Matsuura, S. Miller, G. Olofsson, and E. T. Polehampton
Science 342, 1343-1345 (2013)

Quantum Dynamical Study of the He + NeH+ Reaction on a New Analytical Potential Energy Surface
D. Koner and A. N. Panda
J Phys Chem A 117, 13070-13078 (2013)
A new ab initio potential energy surface for the collisional excitation of HCN by para- and ortho-H2
O. Denis-Alpizar, Y. Kalugina, T. Stoecklin, M. Hernández Vera, and F. Lique
J Chem Phys 139, 224301 (2013)
Anharmonic rovibrational calculations of singlet cyclic C4 using a new ab initio potential and a quartic force field
X. Wang, X. Huang, J. M. Bowman, and T. J. Lee
J Chem Phys 139, 224302 (2013)
Rotational spectroscopy of pyridazine and its isotopologs from 235-360 GHz: Equilibrium structure and vibrational satellites
B. J. Esselman, B. K. Amberger, J. D. Shutter, M. A. Daane, J. F. Stanton, R. C. Woods, and R. J. McMahon
J Chem Phys 139, 224304 (2013)
Competition between abstraction and exchange channels in H + HCN reaction: Full-dimensional quantum dynamics
B. Jiang and H. Guo
J Chem Phys 139, 224310 (2013)
Global reaction route mapping of isomerization pathways of exotic C6H molecular species
Vikas and G. Kaur
J Chem Phys 139, 224311 (2013)
MULTIMODE calculations of the infrared spectra of H7+ and D7+ using ab initio potential energy and dipole moment surfaces
C. Qu, R. Prosmiti, and J. M. Bowman
Theor Chem Acc 132, 1413 (2013)
Complementary and Emerging Techniques for Astrophysical Ices Processed in the Laboratory
M. A. Allodi, R. A. Baragiola, G. A. Baratta, M. A. Barucci, G. A. Blake, P. Boduch, J. R. Brucato, C. Contreras, S. H. Cuylle, D. Fulvio, M. S. Gudipati, S. Ioppolo, Z. Kaňuchová, A. Lignell, H. Linnartz, M. E. Palumbo, U. Raut, H. Rothard, F. Salama, E. V. Savchenko, E. Sciamma-O'Brien, and G. Strazzulla
Space Sci Rev 180, 100-175 (2013)
Submillimeter-wave Spectrum of Aminoacetonitrile and its Deuterated Isotopologues, Possible Precursors of the Simplest Amino Acid Glycine
Y. Motoki, Y. Tsunoda, H. Ozeki, and K. Kobayashi
ApJS 209, 23 (2013)
Effects of Reagent Rotation and Vibration on H + OH (ν, j) → O + H2
X. Li, C. Arasa, M. C. van Hemert, and E. F. van Dishoeck
J Phys Chem A 17, 12889-128961 (2013)
Shock Excited Molecules in NGC 1266: ULIRG Conditions at the Center of a Bulge-dominated Galaxy
E. W. Pellegrini, J. D. Smith, M. G. Wolfire, B. T. Draine, A. F. Crocker, K. V. Croxall, P. van der Werf, D. A. Dale, D. Rigopoulou, C. D. Wilson, E. Schinnerer, B. A. Groves, K. Kreckel, K. M. Sandstrom, L. Armus, D. Calzetti, E. J. Murphy, F. Walter, J. Koda, E. Bayet, P. Beirao, A. D. Bolatto, M. Bradford, E. Brinks, L. Hunt, R. Kennicutt, J. H. Knapen, A. K. Leroy, E. Rosolowsky, L. Vigroux, and R. H. B. Hopwood
ApJ 779, L19 (2013)
A Recent Accretion Burst in the Low-mass Protostar IRAS 15398-3359: ALMA Imaging of Its Related Chemistry
J. K. Jørgensen, R. Visser, N. Sakai, E. A. Bergin, C. Brinch, D. Harsono, J. E. Lindberg, E. F. van Dishoeck, S. Yamamoto, S. E. Bisschop, and M. V. Persson
ApJ 779, L22 (2013)
Photodissociation of CN
W. H. el-Qadi and P. C. Stancil
ApJ 779, 97 (2013)
The First Astrophysical Detection, Terahertz Spectrum, and Database for the Monodeuterated Species of Methyl Formate HCOOCH2D
L. H. Coudert, B. J. Drouin, B. Tercero, J. Cernicharo, J.-C. Guillemin, R. A. Motiyenko, and L. Margulès
ApJ 779, 119 (2013)
Indirect Ultraviolet Photodesorption from CO:N2 Binary Ices - an Efficient Grain-gas Process
M. Bertin, E. C. Fayolle, C. Romanzin, H. A. M. Poderoso, X. Michaut, L. Philippe, P. Jeseck, K. I. Öberg, H. Linnartz, and J.-H. Fillion
ApJ 779, 120 (2013)
The Atomic and Molecular Content of Disks around Very Low-mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
I. Pascucci, G. Herczeg, J. S. Carr, and S. Bruderer
ApJ 779, 178 (2013)
Heterocyclic Anions of Astrobiological Interest
C. A. Cole, N. J. Demarais, Z. Yang, T. P. Snow, and V. M. Bierbaum
ApJ 779, 181 (2013)
Molecular-line and continuum study of the W40 cloud
L. Pirogov, D. K. Ojha, M. Thomasson, Y-F. Wu, and I. Zinchenko
MNRAS 436, 3186-3199 (2013)
Water in Protoplanetary Disks: Deuteration and Turbulent Mixing
K. Furuya, Y. Aikawa, H. Nomura, F. Hersant, and V. Wakelam
ApJ 779, 11 (2013)
Far Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of N3 and N2+ Generated by Electrons Impacting Gaseous N2
Y.-J. Wu, H.-F. Chen, S.-J. Chuang, and T.-P. Huang
ApJ 779, 40 (2013)
The Excitation of HCN and HCO+ in the Galactic Center Circumnuclear Disk
E. A. C. Mills, R. Güsten, M. A. Requena-Torres, and M. R. Morris
ApJ 779, 47 (2013)
Free radical routes for prebiotic formation of DNA nucleobases from formamide
Y. A. Jeilani, H. T. Nguyen, D. Newallo, J.-. D. Dimandja, and M. T. Nguyen
Phys Chem Chem Phys 15, 21084-21093 (2013)
Absorptions in the Visible of Protonated Pyrene Collisionally Cooled to 15 K
F.-X. Hardy, O. Gause, C. A. Rice, and J. P. Maier
ApJ 778, L30 (2013)
Abundant cyanopolyynes as a probe of infall in the Serpens South cluster-forming region
R. K. Friesen, L. Medeiros, S. Schnee, T. L. Bourke, J. Di Francesco, R. Gutermuth, and P. C. Myers
MNRAS 436, 1513-1529 (2013)
Toward Detection of AlCH2 and AlCH2+ in the Interstellar Medium
K. R. Compaan, J. Agarwal, B. E. Dye, Y. Yamaguchi, and H. F. Schaefer III
ApJ 778, 125 (2013)
The Spatial Distribution of C2, C3, and NH in Comet 2P/Encke
G. Dorman, D. M. Pierce, and A. L. Cochran
ApJ 778, 140 (2013)
Water Loss from Terrestrial Planets with CO2-rich Atmospheres
R. D. Wordsworth and R. T. Pierrehumbert
ApJ 778, 154 (2013)
Rovibrational Spectroscopic Constants and Fundamental Vibrational Frequencies for Isotopologues of Cyclic and Bent Singlet HC2N Isomers
N. Inostroza, R. C. Fortenberry, X. Huang, and T. J. Lee
ApJ 778, 160 (2013)
Understanding the oxidation of the tricarbon radical C3H: A reaction pathway survey
W.-W. Zhu, L. Jin, Z.-H. Cui, S.-W. Zhang and Y.-H. Ding
Int J Quantum Chem 113, 2506-2513 (2013)

Chem Rev: Astrochemistry

Introduction: Astrochemistry
E. Herbst and J. T. Yates, Jr.
Chem Rev 113, 8707-8709 (2013)
Chemistry of Dark Clouds: Databases, Networks, and Models
M. Agúndez and V. Wakelam
Chem Rev 113, 8710-8737 (2013)
Interstellar H3+
T. Oka
Chem Rev 113, 8738-8761 (2013)
H2 Formation on Interstellar Grains
G. Vidali
Chem Rev 113, 8762-8782 (2013)
Surface Processes on Interstellar Amorphous Solid Water: Adsorption, Diffusion, Tunneling Reactions, and Nuclear-Spin Conversion
T. Hama and N. Watanabe
Chem Rev 113, 8783-8839 (2013)
The Kinetic Monte Carlo Method as a Way To Solve the Master Equation for Interstellar Grain Chemistry
H. M. Cuppen, L. J. Karssemeijer, and T. Lamberts
Chem Rev 113, 8840-8871 (2013)
Experimental Investigations into Astrophysically Relevant Ionic Reactions
W. D. Geppert and M. Larsson
Chem Rev 113, 8872-8905 (2013)
Molecular Excitation in the Interstellar Medium: Recent Advances in Collisional, Radiative, and Chemical Processes
E. Roueff and F. Lique
Chem Rev 113, 8906-8938 (2013)
Simulations of Hot-Core Chemistry
R. T. Garrod and S. L. Widicus Weaver
Chem Rev 113, 8939-8960 (2013)
Interplay of Chemistry and Dynamics in the Low-Mass Star Formation
Y. Aikawa
Chem Rev 113, 8961-8980 (2013)
Warm Carbon-Chain Chemistry
N. Sakai and S. Yamamoto
Chem Rev 113, 8981-9015 (2013)
Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks
T. Henning and D. Semenov
Chem Rev 113, 9016-9042 (2013)
Interstellar Water Chemistry: From Laboratory to Observations
E. F. van Dishoeck, E. Herbst, and D. A. Neufeld
Chem Rev 113, 9043-9085 (2013)
Space-Weathering of Solar System Bodies: A Laboratory Perspective
C. J. Bennett, C. Pirim, and T. M. Orlando
Chem Rev 113, 9086-9150 (2013)
Published in November 2013
Spectroscopy of planetary atmospheres in our Galaxy
G. Tinetti, T. Encrenaz, and A. Coustenis
Astron Astrophys Rev 21, 63 (2013)
Composition of Titan's upperatmosphere from Cassini UVIS EUV stellar occultations
J. A. Kammer, D. E. Shemansky, X. Zhang, and Y. L. Yung
Planet Space Sci 88, 86-92 (2013)
Rotational relaxation of CS by collision with ortho- and para-H2 molecules
O. Denis-Alpizar, T. Stoecklin, P. Halvick, and M.-L. Dubernet
J Chem Phys 139, 204304 (2013)
A global ab initio potential energy surface for the X 2A' ground state of the Si + OH → SiO + H reaction
F. Dayou, D. Duflot, A. Rivero-Santamaría, and M. Monnerville
J Chem Phys 139, 204305 (2013)
Theoretical rotation-vibration spectrum of thioformaldehyde
A. Yachmenev, I. Polyak, and W. Thiel
J Chem Phys 139, 204308 (2013)
Uncertainties in water chemistry in disks: An application to TW Hydrae
I. Kamp, W.-F. Thi, G. Meeus, P. Woitke, C. Pinte, R. Meijerink, M. Spaans, I. Pascucci, G. Aresu, and W. R. F. Dent
A&A 559, A24 (2013)
Survival of molecular gas in cavities of transition disks. I. CO
S. Bruderer
A&A 559, A46 (2013)
Complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium: IRAM 30 m line survey of Sagittarius B2(N) and (M)
A. Belloche, H. S. P. Müller, K. M. Menten, P. Schilke, and C. Comito
A&A 559, A47 (2013)
CO2 formation on interstellar dust grains: a detailed study of the barrier of the CO + O channel
M. Minissale, E. Congiu, G. Manicò, V. Pirronello, and F. Dulieu
A&A 559, A49 (2013)
Combined IRAM and Herschel/HIFI study of cyano(di)acetylene in Orion KL: tentative detection of DC3N
G. B. Esplugues, J. Cernicharo, S. Viti, J. R. Goicoechea, B. Tercero, N. Marcelino, A. Palau, T. A. Bell, E. A. Bergin, N. R. Crockett, and S. Wang
A&A 559, A51 (2013)
Chemical modeling of the L1498 and L1517B prestellar cores: CO and HCO+ depletion
S. Maret, E. A. Bergin, and M. Tafalla
A&A 559, A53 (2013)
DIGIT survey of far-infrared lines from protoplanetary disks. I. [O i], [C ii], OH, H2O, and CH+
D. Fedele, S. Bruderer, E. F. van Dishoeck, J. Carr, G. J. Herczeg, C. Salyk, N. J. Evans II, J. Bouwman, G. Meeus, T. Henning, J. Green, J. R. Najita, and M. Güdel
A&A 559, A77 (2013)
Interplay between chemistry and dynamics in embedded protostellar disks
C. Brinch and J. K. Jørgense
A&A 559, A82 (2013)
HIFISTARS Herschel/HIFI observations of VY Canis Majoris. Molecular-line inventory of the envelope around the largest known star
J. Alcolea, V. Bujarrabal, P. Planesas, D. Teyssier, J. Cernicharo, E. De Beck, L. Decin, C. Dominik, K. Justtanont, A. de Koter, A. P. Marston, G. Melnick, K. M. Menten, D. A. Neufeld, H. Olofsson, M. Schmidt, F. L. Schöier, R. Szczerba, and L. B. F. M. Waters
A&A 559, A93 (2013)
The au-scale structure in diffuse molecular gas towards ζ Persei
P. Boissé, S. R. Federman, G. Pineau des Forêts, and A. M. Ritchey
A&A 559, A131 (2013)
A survey of volatile species in Oort cloud comets C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) and C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) at millimeter wavelengths
M. de Val-Borro, M. Küppers, P. Hartogh, L. Rezac, N. Biver, D. Bockelée-Morvan, J. Crovisier, C. Jarchow, and G. L. Villanueva
A&A 559, A48 (2013)
Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave spectrum of methyleneaminoacetonitrile
R. A. Motiyenko, L. Margulès and J.-C. Guillemin
A&A 559, A44 (2013)
The rotational spectrum of 12C2HD in the ground and excited bending states: an improved ro-vibrational global analysis
C. Degli Esposti, L. Dore, L. Fusina, and F. Tamassia
A&A 559, A125 (2013)
Investigation of the Structure and Spectroscopy of H5+ Using Diffusion Monte Carlo
Z. Lin and A. B. McCoy
J Phys Chem A 117, 11725-11736 (2013)
A Combined Crossed Beam and Ab Initio Investigation of the Gas Phase Reaction of Dicarbon Molecules (C2; X1Σg+/a3Πu) with Propene (C3H6; X1A'): Identification of the Resonantly Stabilized Free Radicals 1- and 3-Vinylpropargyl
B. B. Dangi, S. Maity, R. I. Kaiser, and A. M. Mebel
J Phys Chem A 117, 11783-11793 (2013)
Low Temperature Rate Coefficients for the Reaction CN + HC3N
S. C. S. Ely, S. B. Morales, J.-C. Guillemin, S. J. Klippenstein, and I. R. Sims
J Phys Chem A 117, 12155-12164 (2013)
Full dimensional potential energy surface for the ground state of H4+ system based on triatomic-in-molecules formalism
C. Sanz-Sanz, O. Roncero, M. Paniagua, and A. Aguado
J Chem Phys 139, 184302 (2013)
Metallofullerene and fullerene formation from condensing carbon gas under conditions of stellar outflows and implication to stardust
P. W. Dunk, J.-J. Adjizian, N. K. Kaiser, J. P. Quinn, G. T. Blakney, C. P. Ewels, A. G. Marshall, and H. W. Kroto
Proc Nat Acad Sci 110, 18081-18086 (2013)
Triple-Resonance Spectroscopy Reveals the Excitation Spectrum of Very Cold, Isomer-Specific Protonated Naphthalene
O. Krechkivska, Y. Liu, K. L. K. Lee, K. Nauta, S. H. Kable, and T. W. Schmidt
J Chem Phys Lett 4, 3728-3732 (2013)
Detection of Two Highly Stable Silicon Nitrides: HSiNSi and H3SiNSi
K. N. Crabtree, O. Martinez, Jr., and M. C. McCarthy
J Chem Phys A 117, 11282-11288 (2013)
Fragmentation of Deprotonated Glycolaldehyde in the Gas Phase and Relevance to the Formose Reaction
O. Sekiguchi and E. Uggerud
J Chem Phys A 117, 11293-11296 (2013)
Vibrational Frequencies and Spectroscopic Constants for 1 3A' HNC and 1 3A' HOC+ from High-Accuracy Quartic Force Fields
R. C. Fortenberry, T. D. Crawford, and T. J. Lee
J Chem Phys A 117, 11339-11345 (2013)
An experimental and theoretical study of the electronic spectrum of HPS, a second row HNO analog
R. Grimminger, D. J. Clouthier, R. Tarroni, Z. Wang, and T. J. Sears
J Chem Phys 139, 174306 (2013)
Ab initio structural and spectroscopic study of HPSx and HSPx (x = 0,+1,–1) in the gas phase
S. Ben Yaghlane, C. E. Cotton, J. S. Francisco, R. Linguerri, and M. Hochlaf
J Chem Phys 139, 174313 (2013)
Dynamics of carbon-hydrogen and carbon-methyl exchanges in the collision of 3P atomic carbon with propene
S.-H. Lee, W.-K. Chen, C.-H. Chin, and W.-J. Huang
J Chem Phys 139, 174317 (2013)
Laboratory Measurements and Tentative Astronomical Identification of H2NCO+
H. Gupta, C. A. Gottlieb, V. Lattanzi, J. C. Pearson, and M. C. McCarthy
ApJ 778, L1 (2013)
The Helix Nebula Viewed in HCO+: Large-scale Mapping of the J = 1 → 0 Transition
N. R. Zeigler, L. N. Zack, N. J. Woolf, and L. M. Ziurys
ApJ 778, 16 (2013)
Sulfur Chemistry in the Envelope of VY Canis Majoris: Detailed Analysis of SO and SO2 Emission
G. R. Adande, J. L. Edwards, and L. M. Ziurys
ApJ 778, 22 (2013)
Detection of water absorption in the day side atmosphere of HD 189733 b using ground-based high-resolution spectroscopy at 3.2 μm
J. L. Birkby, R. J. de Kok, M. Brogi, E. J. W. de Mooij, H. Schwarz, S. Albrecht, and I. A. G. Snellen
MNRAS 436, L35-L39 (2013)
A radical route to interstellar propylene formation
J. M. C. Rawlings, D. A. Williams, S. Viti, and C. Cecchi-Pestellini
MNRAS 436, L59-L63 (2013)
Singlet excited states of anions with higher main group elements
R. C. Fortenberry
Mol Phys 111, 3265-3275 (2013)
The molecular ISM in luminous infrared galaxies: a λ = 3 mm line survey of Arp 157
T. A. Davis, A. Heiderman, N. J. Evans II, and D. Iono
MNRAS 436, 570-583 (2013)
Deuterated Molecules in Orion KL from Herschel/HIFI
J. L. Neill, N. R. Crockett, E. A. Bergin, J. C. Pearson, and L.-H. Xu
ApJ 777, 85 (2013)
Glycolaldehyde Formation via the Dimerization of the Formyl Radical
P. M. Woods, B. Slater, Z. Raza, S. Viti, W. A. Brown, and D. J. Burke
ApJ 777, 90 (2013)
Biosignature Gases in H2-dominated Atmospheres on Rocky Exoplanets
S. Seager, W. Bains, and R. Hu
ApJ 777, 95 (2013)
On Iron Monoxide Nanoparticles as a Carrier of the Mysterious 21 μm Emission Feature in Post-asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Aigen Li, J. M. Liu, and B. W. Jiang
ApJ 777, 111 (2013)
The cm-, mm-, and sub-mm-wave Spectrum of Allyl Isocyanide and Radioastronomical Observations in Orion KL and the SgrB2 Line Surveys
I. Haykal, L. Margulès, T. R. Huet, R. A. Motyienko, P. Écija, E. J. Cocinero, F. Basterretxea, J. A. Fernández, F. Castaño, A. Lesarri, J. C. Guillemin, B. Tercero, and J. Cernicharo
ApJ 777, 120 (2013)
Correlating Infall with Deuterium Fractionation in Dense Cores
S. Schnee, N. Brunetti, J. Di Francesco, P. Caselli, R. Friesen, D. Johnstone, and A. Pon
ApJ 777, 121 (2013)
Irradiated benzene ice provides clues to meteoritic organic chemistry
M. P. Callahan, P. A. Gerakines, M. G. Martin, Z. Peeters, and R. L. Hudson
Icarus 225, 1201-1209 (2013)
On the chemical composition of Titan's dry lakebed evaporites
D. Cordier, J. W. Barnes, and A. G. Ferreira
Icarus 225, 1431-1437 (2013)
FT-IR measurements of cold CM3HM8 cross sections at 7-15 μm for Titan atmosphere
K. Sung, G. C. Toon, A. W. Mantz, and M. A. H. Smith
Icarus 225, 1499-1513 (2013)
14N15N detectability in Pluto's atmosphere
K. L. Jessup, G. R. Gladstone, A. N. Heays, S. T. Gibson, B. R. Lewis, and G. Stark
Icarus 225, 1514-1526 (2013)
Molecular detectability in exoplanetary emission spectra
M. Tessenyi, G. Tinetti, G. Savini, and E. Pascale
Icarus 225, 1654-1672 (2013)
Sulfur Chemistry in the Interstellar Medium: The Effect of Vibrational Excitation of H2 in the Reaction S+ + H2 → SH+ + H
A. Zanchet, M. Agúndez, V. J. Herrero, A. Aguado, and O. Roncero
AJ 146, 125 (2013)
Optical Constants of NH3 and NH3:N2 Amorphous Ices in the Near-infrared and Mid-infrared Regions
A. Zanchet, Y. Rodríguez-Lazcano, Ó. Gálvez, V. J. Herrero, R. Escribano, and B. Maté
ApJ 777, 26 (2013)
Gas-phase Sequestration of Noble Gases in the Protosolar Nebula: Possible Consequences on the Outer Solar System Composition
F. Pauzat, Y. Ellinger, O. Mousis, M. Ali Dib, and O. Ozgurel
ApJ 777, 29 (2013)
Dissociative Recombination Measurements of HCl+ Using an Ion Storage Ring
O. Novotný, A. Becker, H. Buhr, C. Domesle, W. Geppert, M. Grieser, C. Krantz, H. Kreckel, R. Repnow, D. Schwalm, K. Spruck, J. Stützel, B. Yang, A. Wolf, and D. W. Savin
ApJ 777, 54 (2013)
Infrared Spectroscopic Survey of the Quiescent Medium of Nearby Clouds. I. Ice Formation and Grain Growth in Lupus
A. C. A. Boogert, J. E. Chiar, C. Knez, K. I. Öberg, L. G. Mundy, Y. J. Pendleton, A. G. G. M. Tielens, and E. F. van Dishoeck
ApJ 777, 73 (2013)
CN excitation and electron densities in diffuse molecular clouds
S. Harrison, A. Faure, and J. Tennyson
MNRAS 435, 3541-3546 (2013)
Small hydrocarbon molecules in cloud-forming brown dwarf and giant gas planet atmospheres
C. Bilger, P. Rimmer, and C. Helling
MNRAS 435, 1888-1903 (2013)
Published in October 2013
A theoretical systematic study of a series of isocyanopolyynes
R. M. Vichietti and R. L. A. Haiduke
Spectrochim Acta A 114, 197-204 (2013)
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Photodetachment as a Destruction Mechanism for CN and C3N Anions in Circumstellar Envelopes
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A snowflake's chance in heaven
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J Phys Chem A – Oka Festschrift

Tribute to Takeshi Oka
M. Okumura, B. J. McCall, and T. R. Geballe
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My 45 Years of Astrochemistry: Memoirs of Takeshi Oka
T. Oka
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Photoionization Cross Section of the Propargyl Radical and Some General Ideas for Estimating Radical Cross Sections
H. Xu and S. T. Pratt
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Variational Calculations of Vibrational Energies and IR Spectra of trans- and cis-HOCO Using New ab Initio Potential Energy and Dipole Moment Surfaces
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Optomechanical Shutter Modulated Broad-Band Cavity-Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy of Molecular Transients of Astrophysical Interest
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74 MHz Nonthermal Emission from Molecular Clouds: Evidence for a Cosmic Ray Dominated Region at the Galactic Center
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The Most Diffuse Molecular Gas in the Galaxy
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Vibrationally Hot Bands of the SiCN A 2Δ – X 2Π System
M. Fukushima and T. Ishiwata
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Theoretical Investigation of the Infrared Spectra of the H5+ and D5+ Cations
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Multipass Millimeter/Submillimeter Spectrometer to Probe Dissociative Reaction Dynamics
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Electronic Absorption Spectrum of Triacetylene Cation for Astronomical Considerations
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Ortho-Para Mixing Hyperfine Interaction in the H2O+ Ion and Nuclear Spin Equilibration
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Tracing the Physical Conditions in Active Galactic Nuclei with Time-Dependent Chemistry
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CO Dimer: The Infrared Spectrum Revisited
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Calculation of Rotation-Vibration Energy Levels of the Water Molecule with Near-Experimental Accuracy Based on an ab Initio Potential Energy Surface
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Organic Synthesis in the Interstellar Medium by Low-Energy Carbon Irradiation
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Potential Curves for the Dissociative Recombination of CO+
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Identifying Single Molecular Ions by Resolved Sideband Measurements
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Microwave Studies on 1,4-Pentadiene: CH2=CH–CH2–CH=CH2; Transformations among the Three Rotational Isomers
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Rydberg States of Triatomic Hydrogen and Deuterium
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Cooling by H3+ Emission
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State-to-State Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Rate Coefficients for the D+ + H2 → HD + H+ Reaction at Low Temperature
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Experimental Observation and Quantum Chemical Characterization of the S1S0 Transition of Protonated Naphthalene-Argon Clusters
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Profound Isotope Effect in Dissociation of Triatomic Hydrogen
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Nuclear-Spin Selection Rules in the Chemistry of Interstellar Nitrogen Hydrides
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Accurate High-N Rest Frequencies for CO+, an Ideal Tracer of Photon-Dominated Regions
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Anomalous 13C Isotope Abundances in C3S and C4H Observed toward the Cold Interstellar Cloud, Taurus Molecular Cloud-1
N. Sakai, S. Takano, T. Sakai, S. Shiba, Y. Sumiyoshi, Y. Endo, and S. Yamamoto
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Vibrating H3+ in a Uniform Magnetic Field
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FTIR Spectroscopy of Three Fundamental Bands of H2F+
R. Fujimori, Y. Hirata, I. Morino, and K. Kawaguchi
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Rotation and Rotation-Vibration Spectroscopy of the 0+–0 Inversion Doublet in Deuterated Cyanamide
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Hot Band Spectroscopy of the Formyl Cation, H12C16O+
C. F. Neese, P. S. Kreynin, and T. Oka
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High-Resolution Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of CH2+ and Its Deuterated Isotopologues
H. Wang, C. F. Neese, C. P. Morong, M. Kleshcheva, and T. Oka
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H3+ Spectroscopy and the Ionization Rate of Molecular Hydrogen in the Central Few Parsecs of the Galaxy
M. Goto, N. Indriolo, T. R. Geballe, and T. Usuda
J Phys Chem A 117, 9919-9930 (2013)
Further Insight into the Nature of Ball-Lightning-Like Atmospheric Pressure Plasmoids
D. M. Friday, P. B. Broughton, T. A. Lee, G. A. Schutz, J. N. Betz, and C. M. Lindsay
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Resonant States of the H3 Molecule and Its Isotopologues D2H and H2D
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On the Symmetry and Degeneracy of H3+
K. N. Crabtree and B. J. McCall
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CH2D+, the Search for the Holy Grail
E. Roueff, M. Gerin, D. C. Lis, A. Wootten, N. Marcelino, J. Cernicharo, and B. Tercero
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Detection of Nitrogen-Protonated Nitrous Oxide (HNNO+) by Rotational Spectroscopy
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High-Resolution Spectroscopy of CH2D+ in a Cold 22-Pole Ion Trap
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Dissociative Recombination of CH4+
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Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy of the Hydroxy-Methyl-Peroxy Radical
M. K. Sprague, L. A. Mertens, H. N. Widgren, M. Okumura, S. P. Sander, and A. B. McCoy
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Determination of the Ortho to Para Ratio of H2Cl+ and H2O+ from Submillimeter Observations
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State Specific Stabilization of H+ + H2(j) Collision Complexes
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Isotopic Spectra of the Hydroxyl Radical
B. J. Drouin
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Ground State of the H3+ Molecular Ion: Physics Behind
A. V. Turbiner and J. C. Lopez Vieyra
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Geometry and Microwave Rotational Spectrum of the FC16O18O• Radical
J. Kouckú, P. Kania, T. Uhlíková, L. Kolesniková, H. Beckers, H. Willner, and Š. Urban
J Phys Chem A 117, 10138-10143 (2013)
Published in September 2013
Nature and degree of aqueous alteration in CM and CI carbonaceous chondrites
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Published in August 2013
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A sensitive search for organics (CH4, CH3OH, H2CO, C2H6, C2H2, C2H4), hydroperoxyl (HO2), nitrogen compounds (N2O, NH3, HCN) and chlorine species (HCl, CH3Cl) on Mars using ground-based high-resolution infrared spectroscopy
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