Astrochemistry Publications from 2019
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Recent Additions
Published in December 2019
Chapter Six - Computational vibrational spectroscopy for the detection of molecules in space
R. C. Fortenberry and T. J. Lee
Ann Rev Comput Chem 15, 173-202 (2019)
Spectroscopic investigation of [Al,N,C,O] refractory molecules
T. Trabelsi, M. C. Davis, R. C. Fortenberry, and J. S. Francisco
J Chem Phys 151, 244303 (2019)
Nitrogen Exsolution and Bubble Formation in Titan's Lakes
K. K. Farnsworth, V. F. Chevrier, J. K. Steckloff, D. Laxton, S. Singh, A. Soto, and J. M. Soderblom
Geophys Res Lett 46, 13658-13667 (2019)
Ion Dissociation Dynamics of 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalene: Tetralin as a Test Case For Hydrogenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
M. Diedhiou, B. J. West, J. Bouwman, and P. M. Mayer
J Phys Chem A 123, 10885-10892 (2019)
Rotational Transitions of HOC+ Induced by Collision with He at Low Temperatures
C. Santander, R. Urzúa-Leiva, T. Stoecklin, and O. Denis-Alpizar
J Phys Chem A 123, 10990-10995 (2019)
High-resolution cavity ring-down spectroscopy of the ν1 + ν6 combination band of methanol at 2.0 μm
H. Yia and A. J. Fleisher
J Chem Phys 151, 234202 (2019)
Matrix isolation spectroscopy and spectral simulations of isotopically substituted C60 molecules
T. Wakabayashi, T. Momose, and M. E. Fajardo
J Chem Phys 151, 234301 (2019)
Hydrogen-atom tunneling reactions with methyl formate in solid para-hydrogen: Infrared spectra of the methoxy carbonyl [•C(O)OCH3] and formyloxy methyl [HC(O)OCH2•] radicals
K. A. Haupa, A. I. Strom, D. T. Anderson, and Y.-P. Lee
J Chem Phys 151, 234302 (2019)
The 3D Structure of CO Depletion in High-mass Prestellar Regions
S. Bovino, S. Ferrada-Chamorro, A. Lupi, G. Sabatini, A. Giannetti, and D. R. G. Schleicher
ApJ 887, 224 (2019)
Sulfate Aerosol Hazes and SO2 Gas as Constraints on Rocky Exoplanets' Surface Liquid Water
K. Loftus, R. D. Wordsworth, and C. V. Morley
ApJ 887, 231 (2019)
Photoionization of CO Using R-matrix Theory
P. Modak and B. Antony
ApJ 887, 262 (2019)
Astrochemistry as a Tool To Follow Protostellar Evolution: The Class I Stage
E. Bianchi, C. Ceccarelli, C. Codella, J. Enrique-Romero, C. Favre, and B. Lefloch
ACS Earth Space Chem 3, 2659-2674 (2019)
A Co-Crystal between Acetylene and Butane: A Potentially Ubiquitous Molecular Mineral on Titan
M. L. Cable, T. H. Vu, M. J. Malaska, H. E. Maynard-Casely, M. Choukroun, and R. Hodyss
ACS Earth Space Chem 3, 2808-2815 (2019)

Exploring the Excited-State Dynamics of Hydrocarbon Radicals, Biradicals, and Carbenes Using Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Field-Induced Surface Hopping Simulations
A. Röder, J. Petersen, K. Issler, I. Fischer, R. Mitrić, and L. Poisson
J Phys Chem A 123, 10643-10662 (2019)
Hydroxy-Substituted Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Ions as Sources of CO and HCO in the Interstellar Medium
L. Lesniak, B. J. West, and P. M. Mayer
J Phys Chem A 123, 10694-10699 (2019)
The dry and carbon-poor inner disk of TW Hydrae: evidence for a massive icy dust trap
A. D. Bosman and A. Banzatti
A&A 632, L10 (2019)
Multiple nitrogen reservoirs in a protoplanetary disk at the epoch of comet and giant planet formation
P. Hily-Blant, V. Magalhaes de Souza, J. Kastner, and T. Forveille
A&A 632, L12 (2019)
The water line emission and ortho-to-para ratio in the Orion Bar photon-dominated region
T. Putaud, X. Michaut, F. Le Petit, E. Roueff, and D. C. Lis
A&A 632, A8 (2019)
Search for H3+ isotopologues toward CRL 2136 IRS 1
M. Goto, T. R. Geballe, J. Harju, P. Caselli, O. Sipilä, K. M. Menten, and T. Usuda
A&A 632, A29 (2019)
Radiation thermo-chemical models of protoplanetary disks. Grain and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon charging
W. F. Thi, G. Lesur, P. Woitke, I. Kamp, C. Rab, and A. Carmona
A&A 632, A44 (2019)
Search for high-mass protostars with ALMA revealed up to kilo-parsec scales (SPARKS). II. Complex organic molecules and heavy water in shocks around a young high-mass protostar
T. Csengeri, A. Belloche, S. Bontemps, F. Wyrowski, K. M. Menten, and L. Bouscasse
A&A 632, A57 (2019)
Fingerprinting the effects of hyperfine structure on CH and OH far infrared spectra using Wiener filter deconvolution
A. M. Jacob, K. M. Menten, H. Wiesemeyer, M.-Y. Lee, R. Güsten, and C. A. Durán
A&A 632, A60 (2019)
Carbon depletion observed inside T Tauri inner rims. Formation of icy, kilometer size planetesimals by 1 Myr
M. K. McClure
A&A 632, A32 (2019)
Connecting planet formation and astrochemistry. A main sequence for C/O in hot exoplanetary atmospheres
A. J. Cridland, E. F. van Dishoeck, M. Alessi, and R. E. Pudritz
A&A 632, A63 (2019)
The infrared bands of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the 1.6-1.7 μm wavelength region
T. Chen, Y. Luo, and A. Li
A&A 632, A71 (2019)
Learning mid-IR emission spectra of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon populations from observations
S. Foschino, O. Berné, and C. Joblin
A&A 632, A84 (2019)
First clear detection of the CCS Zeeman splitting toward the pre-stellar core, Taurus Molecular Cloud 1
F. Nakamura, S. Kameno, T. Kusune, I. Mizuno, K. Dobashi, T. Shimoikura, and K. Taniguchi
Publ Astron Soc Japan 71, psz101 (2019)
Dynamics of H + HeH+(v = 0, j = 0) → H2+ + He: Insight on the Possible Complex-Forming Behavior of the Reaction
T. González-Lezana, D. Bossion, Y. Scribano, S. Bhowmick, and Y. V. Suleimanov
J Phys Chem A 123, 10480-10489 (2019)
Gas-Phase Formation of 1-Methylcyclopropene and 3-Methylcyclopropene via the Reaction of the Methylidyne Radical (CH; X2Π) with Propylene (CH3CHCH2; X1A')
C. He, A. M. Thomas, G. R. Galimova, A. M. Mebel, and R. I. Kaiser
J Phys Chem A 123, 10543-10555 (2019)
High-resolution double resonance action spectroscopy in ion traps: vibrational and rotational fingerprints of CH2NH2+
C. R. Markus, S. Thorwirth, O. Asvany, and S. Schlemmer
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 26406-26412 (2019)
Water Vapor and Clouds on the Habitable-zone Sub-Neptune Exoplanet K2-18b
B. Benneke, I. Wong, C. Piaulet, H. A. Knutson, J. Lothringer, C. V. Morley, I. J. M. Crossfield, P. Gao, T. P. Greene, C. Dressing, D. Dragomir, A. W. Howard, P. R. McCullough, E. M.-R. Kempton, J. J. Fortney, and J. Fraine
ApJL 887, L14 (2019)
Untangling the Origin of Molecular Hydrogen in the Lunar Exosphere
P. B. Crandall, J. J. Gillis-Davis and R. I. Kaiser
ApJ 887, 27 (2019)
Astrochemical Bistability: Autocatalysis in Oxygen Chemistry
Gwénaëlle Dufour and S. B. Charnley
ApJ 887, 67 (2019)
Water vapour in the atmosphere of the habitable-zone eight-Earth-mass planet K2-18 b
A. Tsiaras, I. P. Waldmann, G. Tinetti, J. Tennyson, and S. N. Yurchenko
Nature Astron 3, doi:10.1038/s41550-019-0878-9 (2019)
Investigating the Temperature Distribution of Diatomic Carbon in Comets Using the Swan Bands
T. Nelson and A. L. Cochran
AJ 158, 221 (2019)
Single photon ionization of methyl isocyanide and the subsequent unimolecular decomposition of its cation: experiment and theory
A. Bellili, Z. Gouid, M. C. Gazeau, Y. Bénilan, N. Fray, J. C. Guillemin, M. Hochlaf, and M. Schwell
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 26018-26026 (2019)
The Role of C/O in Nitrile Astrochemistry in PDRs and Planet-forming Disks
R. Le Gal, M. T. Brady, K. I. Öberg, E. Roueff, and F. Le Petit
ApJ 886, 86 (2019)
Stability of Nitrogen in Planetary Atmospheres in Contact with Liquid Water
R. Hu and H. Delgado Diaz
ApJ 886, 126 (2019)
Relating the Carriers of λ5797.1 Diffuse Interstellar Band and λ5800 Red Rectangle Band
K. Adams and T. Oka
ApJ 886, 138 (2019)
Computational Study of the Rovibrational Spectra of CH2D+ and CHD2+
J. Simmons, X.-G. Wang, and T. Carrington, Jr.
J Phys Chem A 123, 10281-10289 (2019)
Theoretical Study of PAH Growth by Phenylacetylene Addition
Z. Li, P. Liu, P. Zhang, H. He, S. H. Chung, and W. L. Roberts
J Phys Chem A 123, 10323-10332 (2019)
The absolute photoionization cross section of the mercapto radical (SH) from threshold up to 15.0 eV
H. R. Hrodmarsson, G. A. Garcia, L. Nahon, J.-C. Loison, and B. Gans
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 25907-25915 (2019)
On the size of the CO-depletion radius in the IRDC G351.77-0.51
G. Sabatini, A. Giannetti, S. Bovino, J. Brand, S. Leurini, E. Schisano, T. Pillai, and K. M. Menten
MNRAS 490, 4489-4501 (2019)
ExoMol molecular line lists - XXXV. A rotation-vibration line list for hot ammonia
P. A. Coles, S. N Yurchenko, and J. Tennyson
MNRAS 490, 4638-4647 (2019)
Reactivity of coronene with O-atoms, a possible route to ketene in the interstellar medium
F. Dulieu, S. Morisset, A.-S. I. Mohamed, L. Boshman, S. Cazaux, D. Teillet-Billy, S. Baouche, and N. Rougeau
Mol Astrophys 17, 100054 (2019)
Near dissociation states for H2+-He on MRCI and FCI potential energy surfaces
D. Koner, J. C. San Vicente Veliz, A. van der Avoir, and M. Meuwly
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 24976-24983 (2019)
CH3NO as a potential intermediate for early atmospheric HCN: a quantum chemical insight
S. Ghosha, A. Pramanik, S. Biswas, and P. Sarkar
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 25126-25138 (2019)
Quantum study of inelastic processes in low-energy calcium-hydrogen collisions
A. K. Belyaev, D. V. Vlasov, A. Mitrushchenkov, and N. Feautrier
MNRAS 490, 3384-3391 (2019)
Laboratory study on the fullerene-PAH-derived cluster cations in the gas phase
J. Zhen, W. Zhang, Y. Yang, and Q. Zhu
MNRAS 490, 3498-3507 (2019)
How much graphene in space?
Q. Li, A. Li, and B. W. Jiang
MNRAS 490, 3875-3881 (2019)
The non-destructive separation of diverse astrobiologically relevant organic molecules by customizable capillary zone electrophoresis and monolithic capillary electrochromatography
K. Fujishima, S. Dziomba, H. Yano, and S. I. Kebe
Int J Astrobio 18, 562-674 (2019)
The peculiar chemistry of the inner ejecta of Eta Carina
C. Bordiu and J. R. Rizzo
MNRAS 490, 1570-1580 (2019)
ExoMol molecular line lists XXXVI: X 2Π - X 2Π and A 2Σ+ - X 2Π transitions of SH
M. N. Gorman, S. N. Yurchenko, and J. Tennyson
MNRAS 490, 1652-1665 (2019)
Chemical modelling of dust-gas chemistry within AGB outflows - I. Effect on the gas-phase chemistry
M. Van de Sande, C. Walsh, T. P. Mangan, and L. Decin
MNRAS 490, 2023-2041, (2019)
The excitation of NH2 in the interstellar medium
N. Bouhafs, A. Bacmann, A. Faure, and F. Lique
MNRAS 490, 2178-2182 (2019)
Heavy negative ion growth in Titan's polar winter
A. Wellbrock, A. J. Coates, G. H. Jones, V. Vuitton, P. Lavvas, R. T. Desai, and J. H. Waite
MNRAS 490, 2254-2261 (2019)
Molecules in the Cep E-mm jet: evidence for shock-driven photochemistry
J. Ospina-Zamudio, B. Lefloch, C. Favre, A. López-Sepulcre, E. Bianchi, C. Ceccarelli, M. De Simone, M. Bouvier, and C. Kahane
MNRAS 490, 2679-2691 (2019)
Desorption of N2, CO, CH4, and CO2 from interstellar carbonaceous dust analogues
B. Maté, M. Jimenez-Redondo, R. J. Peláez, I. Tanarro, and V. J. Herrero
MNRAS 490, 2936-2947 (2019)
Published in November 2019
Hemiaminal route for the formation of interstellar glycine: a computational study
Z. P. Nhlabatsi, P. Bhasi, and S. Sitha
J Mol Model 25, 335 (2019)
Space Weathering-Induced Formation of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Hydrogen Disulfide (H2S2) in the Murchison Meteorite
C. Zhu, S. Góbi, M. J. Abplanalp, R. Frigge, J. J. Gillis-Davis, and R. I. Kaiser
J Geophys Res Planets 124, 2772-2779 (2019)
A Barrierless Pathway Accessing the C9H9 and C9H8 Potential Energy Surfaces via the Elementary Reaction of Benzene with 1-Propynyl
A. M. Thomas, S. Doddipatla, R. I. Kaiser, G. R. Galimova, and A. M. Mebel
Sci Rep 9, 17595 (2019)
Synthesis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Phenyl Addition-Dehydrocyclization: The Third Way
L. Zhao, M. B. Prendergast, R. I. Kaiser, B. Xu, U. Ablikim, M. Ahmed, B.-J. Sun, Y.-L. Chen, A. H. H. Chang, R. K. Mohamed, and F. R. Fischer
Angew Chem Int Ed 58, 17442-17450 (2019)
Virtual Issue on Astrochemistry: From the Chemical Laboratory to the Stars
S. L. Widicus Weaver and E. Herbst
ACS Earth Space Chem 3, 2372-2373 (2019)
Electron-Induced Excitation, Recombination, and Dissociation of Molecular Ions Initiating the Formation of Complex Organic Molecules
Z. J. Mezei, K. Chakrabarti M. D. Epée Epée, O. Motapon, C. H. Yuen, M. A. Ayouz, N. Douguet, S. Fonseca dos Santos, V. Kokoouline, and I. F. Schneider
ACS Earth Space Chem 3, 2376-2389 (2019)
Photochemistry of Ozone-Water Ices
P. V. Johnson, C. R. Markus, and R. Hodyss
ACS Earth Space Chem 3, 2430-2436 (2019)
Virtual Issue on Astrochemistry: From the Chemical Laboratory to the Stars
S. L. Widicus Weaver and E. Herbst
J Phys Chem A 123, 9881-9882 (2019)
Modeling Ionic Reactions at Interstellar Temperatures: The Case of NH2 + H2 → NH3 + H
F. A. Gianturco, E. Yurtsever, M. Satta, and R. Wester
J Phys Chem A 123, 9905-9918 (2019)
Combined Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the O(3P) + 1-Butene Reaction Dynamics: Primary Products, Branching Fractions, and Role of Intersystem Crossing
A. Caracciolo, G. Vanuzzo, N. Balucani, D. Stranges, P. Casavecchia, L. Pratali Maffei, and C. Cavallotti
J Phys Chem A 123, 9934-9956 (2019)
Low Temperature Kinetics of the Reaction Between Methanol and the CN Radical
D. Gupta, S. Cheikh Sid Ely, I. R. Cooke, T. Guillaume, O. Abdelkader Khedaoui, T. S. Hearne, B. M. Hays, and I. R. Sims
J Phys Chem A 123, 9995-10003 (2019)
A global CHIPR potential energy surface for ground-state C3H and exploratory dynamics studies of reaction C2 + CH → C3 + H
C. M. R. Rocha and A. J. C. Varandas
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 24406-24418 (2019)
Dispersion-driven conformational preference in the gas phase: Microwave spectroscopic and theoretical study of allyl isocyanate
W. Sun, O. P. Sogeke, W. G. D. P. Silva, and J. van Wijngaarden
J Chem Phys 151, 194304 (2019)
Rovibrational Spectral Analysis of CO3 and C2O3: Potential Sources for O2 Observed in Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
R. C. Fortenberry, D. Peters, B. C. Ferrari, and C. J. Bennett
ApJL 886, L10 (2019)
2I/Borisov: A C2-depleted interstellar comet
C. Opitom, A. Fitzsimmons, E. Jehin, Y. Moulane, O. Hainaut, K. J. Meech, B. Yang, C. Snodgrass, M. Micheli, J. V. Keane, Z. Benkhaldoun, and J. T. Kleyna
A&A 631, L8 (2019)
ALMA observations of water deuteration: a physical diagnostic of the formation of protostars
S. S. Jensen, J. K. Jørgensen, L. E. Kristensen, K. Furuya, A. Coutens, E. F. van Dishoeck, D. Harsono, and M. V. Persson
A&A 631, A25 (2019)
Modeling deuterium chemistry in starless cores: full scrambling versus proton hop
O. Sipilä, P. Caselli, and J. Harju
A&A 631, A63 (2019)
Bright C2H emission in protoplanetary discs in Lupus: high volatile C/O > 1 ratios
A. Miotello, S. Facchini, E. F. van Dishoeck, P. Cazzoletti, L. Testi, J. P. Williams, M. Ansdell, S. van Terwisga, and N. van der Marel
A&A 631, A69 (2019)
The infrared line-emitting regions of T Tauri protoplanetary disks
A. J. Greenwood, I. Kamp, L. B. F. M. Waters, P. Woitke, and W.-F. Thi
A&A 631, A81 (2019)
From grains to pebbles: the influence of size distribution and chemical composition on dust emission properties
N. Ysard, M. Koehler, I. Jimenez-Serra, A. P. Jones, and L. Verstraete
A&A 631, A88 (2019)
Origin of hydrogen fluoride emission in the Orion Bar. An excellent tracer for CO-dark H2 gas clouds
Ü. Kavak, F. F. S. van der Tak, A. G. G. M. Tielens, and R. F. Shipman
A&A 631, A117 (2019)
The ALMA-PILS survey: propyne (CH3CCH) in IRAS 16293-2422
H. Calcutt, E. R. Willis, J. K. Jørgensen, P. Bjerkeli, N. F. W. Ligterink, A. Coutens, H. S. P. Müller, R. T. Garrod, S. F. Wampfler, and M. N. Drozdovskaya
A&A 631, A137 (2019)
Chemical complexity in high-mass star formation. An observational and modeling case study of the AFGL 2591 VLA 3 hot core
C. Gieser, D. Semenov, H. Beuther, A. Ahmadi, J. C. Mottram, T. Henning, M. Beltran, L. T. Maud, F. Bosco, S. Leurini, T. Peters, P. Klaassen, R. Kuiper, S. Feng, J. S. Urquhart, L. Moscadelli, T. Csengeri, S. Lumsden, J. M. Winters, S. Suri, Q. Zhang, R. Pudritz, A. Palau, K. M. Menten, R. Galvan-Madrid, F. Wyrowski, P. Schilke, Á. Sánchez-Monge, H. Linz, K. G. Johnston, I. Jiménez-Serra, S. Longmore, and T. Möller
A&A 631, A142 (2019)
Synthesizing carbon nanotubes in space
T. Chen and A. Li
A&A 631, A54 (2019)
Relaxation of ArH+ by collision with He: Isotopic effects
R. M. García-Vázquez, M. Márquez-Mijares, J. Rubayo-Soneira, and O. Denis-Alpizar
A&A 631, A86 (2019)
Could HCN Be Responsible for the Formamide Synthesis in Earth's Primitive Atmosphere?
R. M. Vichietti, R. F. K. Spada, A. B. F. da Silva, F. B. C. Machado, and R. L. A. Haiduke
ApJS 245, 11 (2019)
Collisional Excitation of CF+ by H2: Potential Energy Surface and Rotational Cross Sections
B. Desrousseaux, E. Quintas-Sánchez, R. Dawes, and F. Lique
J Phys Chem A 123, 9637-9643 (2019)
Competitive Gas Phase Reactions for the Production of Isomers C2O2H4. Spectroscopic Constants of Methyl Formate
V. Gámez, M. L. Senent, M. Carvajal, and A. Galano
J Phys Chem A 123, 9658-9668 (2019)
Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of HDC=CH
M. Hayashi, H. Matsubayashi, T. Ichiyama, K. Harada, and K. Tanaka
J Chem Phys 151, 184304 (2019)
Organosulfur Compounds Formed by Sulfur Ion Bombardment of Astrophysical Ice Analogs: Implications for Moons, Comets, and Kuiper Belt Objects
A. Ruf, A. Bouquet, P. Boduch, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, V. Vinogradoff, F. Duvernay, R. G. Urso, R. Brunetto, L. Le Sergeant d'Hendecourt, O. Mousis, and G. Danger
ApJL 885, L40 (2019)
Chemical Abundances in a Turbulent Medium - H2, OH+, H2O+, ArH+
S. Bialy, D. Neufeld, M. Wolfire, A. Sternberg, and B. Burkhart
ApJ 885, 109 (2019)
Abundant Refractory Sulfur in Protoplanetary Disks
M. Kama, O. Shorttle, A. S. Jermyn, C. P. Folsom, K. Furuya, E. A. Bergin, C. Walsh, and L. Keller
ApJ 885, 114 (2019)
Chemistry on Rotating Grain Surfaces: Ro-thermal Desorption of Molecules from Ice Mantles
T. Hoang and N.-D. Tung
ApJ 885, 125 (2019)
Measurements of Low Temperature Rate Coefficients for the Reaction of CH with CH2O and Application to Dark Cloud and AGB Stellar Wind Models
N. A. West, T. J. Millar, M. Van de Sande, E. Rutter, M. A. Blitz, L. Decin, and D. E. Heard
ApJ 885, 134 (2019)
A Three-phase Approach to Grain Surface Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks: Gas, Ice Surfaces, and Ice Mantles of Dust Grains
M. Ruaud and U. Gorti
ApJ 885, 146 (2019)
Oscillator Strengths for the Lyman and Werner Bands of Molecular Hydrogen Studied by the Dipole (γ, γ) Method
T. Xiong, Y. Xu, K. Yang, N. Hiraoka, and L.-F. Zhu
ApJ 885, 163 (2019)
Diagnostics of Collisions between Electrons and Water Molecules in Near-ultraviolet and Visible Wavelengths
D. Bodewits, J. Országh, J. Noonan, M. Ďurian, and Š. Matejčík
ApJ 885, 167 (2019)
Suggestion for a Search of Diisocyanomethane (CNCH2NC) in the Cosmic Objects: Potential Spectral Lines
M. K. Sharma
Astron Rep 63, 963-969 (2019)
Jupiter's Composition Suggests its Core Assembled Exterior to the N2 Snowline
K. I. Öberg and R. Wordsworth
AJ 158, 194 (2019)
Magnetars and Magnetic Separation of Chiral Radicals in Interstellar Space: Homochirality
C. D. Stevenson and J. P. Davis
J Phys Chem A 123, 9587-0593 (2019)
Important features of the potential energy surface of the methylamine plus O(1D) reaction
M. E. Wolf, P. R. Hoobler, J. M. Turney, and H. F. Schaefer III
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 24194-24205 (2019)
Graphene oxide nanoparticles in the interstellar medium
P. J. Sarre
MNRASL 490, L17-L20 (2019)
Understanding propyl cyanide and its isomers formation: ab initio study of the spectroscopy and reaction mechanisms
B. Kerkeni, V. Gámez, M. L. Senent, and N. Feautrier
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 23375-23384 (2019)
Broadband rotational spectroscopy of trans 3-pentenenitrile and 4-pentenenitrile
P. Mishra, S. M. Fritz, B. M. Hays, D. N. Mehta-Hurt, K. M. Jawada, and T. S. Zwier
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 23651-23662 (2019)
The Influence of Gas-phase Chemistry on Organic Haze Formation
J. L. Berry, M. S. Ugelow, M. A. Tolbert, and E. C. Browne
ApJL 885, L6 (2019)
Detection of CN Gas in Interstellar Object 2I/Borisov
A. Fitzsimmons, O. Hainaut, K. J. Meech, E. Jehin, Y. Moulane, C. Opitom, B. Yang, J. V. Keane, J. T. Kleyna, M. Micheli, and C. Snodgrass
ApJL 885, L9 (2019)
The Role of Clathrate Formation in Europa's Ocean Composition
A. Bouquet, O. Mousis, C. R. Glein, G. Danger, and J. H. Waite
ApJ 885, 14 (2019)
Threshold Dissociation of the 1-ethynylpyrene Cation at Internal Energies Relevant to H i Regions
G. Rouillé, M. Steglich, P. Hemberger, C. Jäger, and T. Henning
ApJ 885, 21 (2019)
Sulfur-bearing Molecules in Orion KL
G. Luo, S. Feng, D. Li, S.-L. Qin, Y. Peng, N. Tang, Z. Ren, and H. Shi
ApJ 885, 82 (2019)
Formation mechanism and spectroscopy of C6H radicals in extreme environments: a theoretical study
C.-H. Chin, T. Zhu, and J. Z. H. Zhang
Phys Chem Chem Phys 21, 23044-23055 (2019)
Ingredients for solar-like systems: protostar IRAS 16293-2422 B versus comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
M. N Drozdovskaya, E. F. van Dishoeck, M. Rubin, J. K. Jørgensen, and K. Altwegg
MNRAS 490, 50-79 (2019)
The effect of heteroatoms in carbonaceous surfaces: computational analysis of H chemisorption on to a PANH and Si-doped PAH
César Barrales-Martínez and S. Gutiérrez-Oliva
MNRAS 490, 172-180 (2019)
Thermal desorption induced by chemical reaction on dust surface
T. Yamamoto, H. Miura, and O. M Shalabiea
MNRAS 490, 709-717 (2019)
Dissociative electron recombination of NH2CHOH+ and implications for interstellar formamide abundance
M. A. Ayouz, C. H. Yuen, N. Balucani, C. Ceccarelli, I. F. Schneider, and V. Kokoouline
MNRAS 490, 1325-1331 (2019)
Cyanoacetaldehyde as a building block for prebiotic formation of pyrimidines
S. Kaur and P. Sharma
Int J Quantum Chem 119, e25886 (2019)
Chemical evolution of HC3N in dense molecular clouds
N. Yu, J.-J. Wang, and J.-L. Xu
MNRAS 489, 4497-4512 (2019)
C-type shock modelling - the effect of new H2-H collisional rate coefficients
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Published in October 2019
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Published in August 2019
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Published in February 2019
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Published in January 2019
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A survey of water production in 61 comets from SOHO/SWAN observations of hydrogen Lyman-alpha: Twenty-one years 1996-2016
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MNRAS 482, 293-300 (2019)

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