Astrochemistry Publications from 2020
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Recent Additions
Published in December 2020
INFRA-ICE: An ultra-high vacuum experimental station for laboratory astrochemistry
G. Santoro, J. M. Sobrado, G. Tajuelo-Castilla, M. Accolla, L. Martínez, J. Azpeitia, K. Lauwaet, J. Cernicharo, G. J. Ellis, and J. Á. Martín-Gago
Rev Sci Instrum 91, 124101 (2020)
The role of ultraviolet photons in circumstellar astrochemistry
T. J. Millar
Chinese J Chem Phys 33, 668 (2020)
Electron driven reactive processes involving H2+ and HD+ molecular cations in the Early Universe
E. Djuissi, R. Bogdan, A. Abdoulanziz, N. Pop, F. Iacob, C. Clément, M. D. Epée Epée, O. Motapon, V. Laporta, J. Zs Mezei, and I. F. Schneider
Romanian Astron J 30, 2020 (2020)
Extraterrestrial hexamethylenetetramine in meteorites–a precursor of prebiotic chemistry in the inner solar system
Y. Oba, Y. Takano, H. Naraoka, Y. Furukawa, D. P. Glavin, J. P. Dworkin, and S. Tachibana
Nat Commun 11, 6243 (2020)
First search for low-frequency CH with a Square Kilometre Array precursor telescope
C. D. Tremblay, J. A. Green, S. L. Mader, C. J. Phillips, and M. Whiting
Pubs Astron Soc Australia 37, E055 (2020)
Exploiting Photoionization Reflectron Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry to Explore Molecular Mass Growth Processes to Complex Organic Molecules in Interstellar and Solar System Ice Analogs
A. M. Turner and R. I. Kaiser
Acc Chem Res 53, 2791-2805 (2020)
Unprecedented Molecular Diversity Revealed in Meteoritic Insoluble Organic Matter: The Paris Meteorite's Case
G. Danger, A. Ruf, J. Maillard, J. Hertzog, V. Vinogradoff, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, C. Afonso, N. Carrasco, I. Schmitz-Afonso, L. Le Sergeant d'Hendecourt, and L. Remusat
PSJ 1, 55 (2020)
New Illumination and Temperature Constraints of Mercury's Volatile Polar Deposits
C. D. Hamill, N. L. Chabot, E. Mazarico, M. A. Siegler, M. K. Barker, and J. M. Martinez Camacho
PSJ 1, 57 (2020)
What Does It Mean to be a "Depleted" Comet? High Spectral Resolution Observations of the Prototypical Depleted Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner from the McDonald Observatory
A. L. Cochran, T. Nelson, and A. J. McKay
PSJ 1, 71 (2020)
Experimental Investigation of the Acetylene-Benzene Cocrystal on Titan
E. Czaplinski, X. Yu, K. Dzurilla, and V. Chevrier
PSJ 1, 76 (2020)
Volatile-rich Asteroids in the Inner Solar System
J. A. Nuth III, N. Abreu, F. T. Ferguson, D. P. Glavin, C. Hergenrother, H. G. M. Hill, N. M. Johnson, M. Pajola, and K. Walsh
PSJ 1, 82 (2020)
Spatial Variations in the Altitude of the CH4 Homopause at Jupiter's Mid-to-high Latitudes, as Constrained from IRTF-TEXES Spectra
J. A. Sinclair, T. K. Greathouse, R. S. Giles, A. Antuñano, J. I. Moses, T. Fouchet, B. Bézard, C. Tao, J. Martín-Torres, G. B. Clark, D. Grodent, G. S. Orton, V. Hue, L. N. Fletcher, and P. G. J. Irwin
PSJ 1, 85 (2020)
Substructures in the Disk-forming Region of the Class 0 Low-mass Protostellar Source IRAS 16293-2422 Source A on a 10 au Scale
Y. Oya and S. Yamamoto
ApJ 904, 182 (2020)
The W2020 Database of Validated Rovibrational Experimental Transitions and Empirical Energy Levels of Water Isotopologues. II. H217O and H218O with an Update to H216O featured
T. Furtenbacher, R. Tóbiás, J. Tennyson, O. L. Polyansky, A. A. Kyuberis, R. I. Ovsyannikov, N. F. Zobov, and A. G. Császár
J Phys Chem Ref Data 49, 043103 (2020)
Methanol formation chemistry with revised reactions scheme
V. A. Sokolova
Res Astron Astrophys 20, 197 (2020)
Laboratory study of the formation of fullerene (from smaller to larger, C44 to C70)/anthracene cluster cations in the gas phase
D.-P. Zhang, Y.-Y. Yang, X.-Y. Hu, and J.-F. Zhen
Res Astron Astrophys 20, 202 (2020)
Depolarizing isotropic collisions of the CN solar molecule with electrons
M. Derouich, F. Mustajab, S. Qutub and Z. A. Badruddin
Res Astron Astrophys 20, 210 (2020)
Theoretical Characterization of the Structure and Spectroscopy of HCNO2 Isomers and Applications
A. E. Tourchi, A. Benabdelkrim, D. Hammoutène, S. Ben Yaghlane, H. H. Abdallah, R. Ben Said, R. Linguerri, and M. Hochlaf
J Phys Chem A 124, 11061-11071 (2020)
Surface Energy of the Titan Aerosol Analog "Tholin"
X. Yu, S. M. Hörst, C. He, P. McGuiggan, K. Kristiansen, and X. Zhang
ApJ 905, 88 (2020)
Formation of Smaller Anions from CnN (n = 1-3, 5-7) in the Circumstellar Medium
R. Chacko, S. Banhatti, M. Nrisimhamurty, J. K. Yadav, A. K. Gupta, and G. Aravind
ApJ 905, 90 (2020)
Why Interstellar Ice Dust Grains Should Be Elongated
P. M. Bellan
ApJ 905, 96 (2020)
Tunneling Enhancement of the Gas-Phase CH + CO2 Reaction at Low Temperature
D. Nuñez-Reyes, K. M. Hickson, J.-C. Loison, R. F. K. Spada, R. M. Vichietti, F. B. C. Machado, and R. L. A. Haiduke
J Phys Chem A 124, 10717-10725 (2020)
Laser-Induced Chemistry Observed during 248 nm Vacuum Ultraviolet Photolysis of an O3 and CH3NH2 Mixture
H. A. Bunn, C. P. Schultz, C. M. Jernigan, and S. L. Widicus Weaver
J Phys Chem A 124, 10838-10848 (2020)
Re-analysis of the 267 GHz ALMA observations of Venus - No statistically significant detection of phosphine
I. A. G. Snellen, L. Guzman-Ramirez, M. R. Hogerheijde, A. P. S. Hygate, and F. F. S. van der Tak
A&A 644, L2 (2020)
First sample of N2H+ nitrogen isotopic ratio measurements in low-mass protostars
E. Redaelli, L. Bizzocchi, and P. Caselli
A&A 644, A29 (2020)
Survey of ortho-H2D+ in high-mass star-forming regions
G. Sabatini, S. Bovino, A. Giannetti, F. Wyrowski, M. A. Órdenes, R. Pascale, T. Pillai, M. Wienen, T. Csengeri, and K. M. Menten
A&A 644, A34 (2020)
Studies of the distinct regions due to CO selective dissociation in the Aquila molecular cloud
T. Komesh, W. Baan, J. Esimbek, J. Zhou, D. Li, G. Wu, Y. He, Z. Rosli, and M. Ibraimov
A&A 644, A46 (2020)
The GUAPOS project: G31.41+0.31 Unbiased ALMA sPectral Observational Survey - I. Isomers of C2H4O2
C. Mininni, M. T. Beltrán, V. M. Rivilla, A. Sánchez-Monge, F. Fontani, T. Möller, R. Cesaroni, P. Schilke, S. Viti, I. Jiménez-Serra, L. Colzi, A. Lorenzani, and L. Testi
A&A 644, A84 (2020)
ALMA chemical survey of disk-outflow sources in Taurus (ALMA-DOT) - III. The interplay between gas and dust in the protoplanetary disk of DG Tau
L. Podio, A. Garufi, C. Codella, D. Fedele, K. Rygl, C. Favre, F. Bacciotti, E. Bianchi, C. Ceccarelli, S. Mercimek, R. Teague, and L. Testi
A&A 644, 119 (2020)
ALMA chemical survey of disk-outflow sources in Taurus (ALMA-DOT) - IV. Thioformaldehyde (H2CS) in protoplanetary discs: spatial distributions and binding energies
C. Codella, L. Podio, A. Garufi, J. Perrero, P. Ugliengo, D. Fedele, C. Favre, E. Bianchi, C. Ceccarelli, S. Mercimek, F. Bacciotti, K. L. J. Rygl, and L. Testi
A&A 644, A120 (2020)
ATLASGAL-selected massive clumps in the inner Galaxy - VIII. Chemistry of photodissociation regions
W.-J. Kim, F. Wyrowski, J. S. Urquhart, J. P. Pérez-Beaupuits, T. Pillai, M. Tiwari, and K. M. Menten
A&A 644, A160 (2020)
Using HCO+ isotopologues as tracers of gas depletion in protoplanetary disk gap
G. V. Smirnov-Pinchukov, D. A. Semenov, V. V. Akimkin, and T. Henning
A&A 644, A4 (2020)
Broadband transmission spectroscopy of HD 209458b with ESPRESSO: evidence for Na, TiO, or both
N. C. Santos, E. Cristo, O. Demangeon, M. Oshagh, R. Allart, S. C. C. Barros, F. Borsa, V. Bourrier, N. Casasayas-Barris, D. Ehrenreich, J. P. Faria, P. Figueira, J. H. C. Martins, G. Micela, E. Pallé, A. Sozzetti, H. M. Tabernero, M. R. Zapatero Osorio, F. Pepe, S. Cristiani, R. Rebolo, V. Adibekyan, C. Allende Prieto, Y. Alibert, F. Bouchy, A. Cabral, H. Dekker, P. Di Marcantonio, V. D'Odorico, X. Dumusque, J. I. González Hernández, B. Lavie, G. Lo Curto, C. Lovis, A. Manescau, C. J. A. P. Martins, D. Mégevand, A. Mehner, P. Molaro, N. J. Nunes, E. Poretti, M. Riva, S. G. Sousa, A. Suárez Mascareño, and S. Udry
A&A 644, A51 (2020)
Irradiation dose affects the composition of organic refractory materials in space - Results from laboratory analogues
R. G. Urso, V. Vuitton, G. Danger, L. Le Sergeant d'Hendecourt, L. Flandinet, Z. Djouadi, O. Mivumbi, F. R. Orthous-Daunay, A. Ruf, V. Vinogradoff, C. Wolters, and R. Brunetto
A&A 644, A115 (2020)
Formation of interstellar cyanoacetamide: a rotational and computational study
M. Sanz-Novo, I. León, J. L. Alonso, A. Largo, and C. Barrientos
A&A 644, A3 (2020)
Influence of ice structure on the soft UV photochemistry of PAHs embedded in solid water
J. A. Noble, E. Michoulier, C. Aupetit, and J. Mascetti
A&A 644, A22 (2020)
Rotational spectroscopic study of S-methyl thioformate - A global laboratory analysis of ground and excited torsional states up to 660 GHz
A. Jabri, B. Tercero, L. Margulès, R. A. Motiyenko, E. A. Alekseev, I. Kleiner, J. Cernicharo, and J.-C. Guillemin
A&A 644, A102 (2020)
Reinvestigation of the rotation-tunneling spectrum of the CH2OH radical - Accurate frequency determination of transitions of astrophysical interest up to 330 GHz
O. Chitarra, M.-A. Martin-Drumel, B. Gans, J.-C. Loison, S. Spezzano, V. Lattanzi, H. S. P. Müller, and O. Pirali
A&A 644, A123 (2020)
Molecular bending as a vital step toward transforming planar PAHs to fullerenes and tubular structures
T. Chen and Y. Wang
A&A 644, A146 (2020)
Exploiting Photoionization Reflectron Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry to Explore Molecular Mass Growth Processes to Complex Organic Molecules in Interstellar and Solar System Ice Analogs
A. M. Turner and R. I. Kaiser
Acc Chem Res 53, 2791-2805 (2020)
Formation of Complex Organic Molecules (COMs) from Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): Implications for ISM IR Emission Plateaus and Solar System Organics
A. L. Mattioda, G. A. Cruz-Diaz, A. Ging, M. Barnhardt, C. Boersma, L. J. Allamandola, T. Schneider, J. Vaughn, B. Phillips, and A. Ricca
ACS Earth Space Chem 4, 2227-2245 (2020)
Stern-Gerlach-Type Separations of Structural and Chiral Isomers by Interstellar Magnets
C. D. Stevenson and J. P. Davis
ACS Earth Space Chem 4, 2358-2365 (2020)
Rotational Relaxation of AlNC and AlCN by para-H2 (j = 0) at Low Temperatures
R. Urzúa-Leiva and O. Denis-Alpizar
ACS Earth Space Chem 4, 2384-2390 (2020)
Nitric Oxide and Other Molecules: Molecular Modeling and Low-frequency Exploration Using the Murchison Widefield Array
C. D. Tremblay, M. D. Gray, N. Hurley-Walker, J. A. Green, J. R. Dawson, J. M. Dickey, P. A. Jones, S. J. Tingay, and O. I. Wong
ApJ 905, 65 (2020)
Chemical Evolution in a Protoplanetary Disk within Planet Carved Gaps and Dust Rings
F. Alarcón, R. Teague, K. Zhang, E. A. Bergin, and M. Barraza-Alfaro
ApJ 905, 68 (2020)
Rotational de-excitation of tricarbon monosulfide (C3S) in collision with (He): potential energy surface and rates
E. Sahnoun, M. Ben Khalifa, F. Khadri, and K. Hammami
Astrophys Space Sci 365, 183 (2020)
Structural and spectral properties of astronomical complex organic molecules: 1:1:1 glycine-X-Y and Y-glycine-X
A. Kabi, P. K. Behera, and P. K. Sahu
Mol Astrophys 21, 100086 (2020)
High level ab initio binding energy distribution of molecules on interstellar ices: Hydrogen fluoride
G. Bovolenta, S. Bovino, E. Vöhringer-Martinez, D. A. Saez, T. Grassic, and S. Vogt-Geisse
Mol Astrophys 21, 100095 (2020)
Hyperfine structures of 2-cyanothiophene and 3-cyanothiophene: A quantum chemical study
R. Simbizi, G. Gahungu, and M. T. Nguyen
Mol Astrophys 21, 100099 (2020)
ALMA Survey of Orion Planck Galactic Cold Clumps (ALMASOP). II. Survey Overview: A First Look at 1.3 mm Continuum Maps and Molecular Outflows
S. Dutta, C.-Fei Lee, T. Liu, N. Hirano, S.-Y. Liu, K. Tatematsu, K.-T. Kim, H. Shang, D. Sahu, G. Kim, A. Moraghan, K.-S. Jhan, S.-Y. Hsu, N. J. Evans, D. Johnstone, D. Ward-Thompson, Y.-J. Kuan, C. W. Lee, J.-E. Lee, A. Traficante, M. Juvela, C. Vastel, Q. Zhang, P. Sanhueza, A. Soam, W. Kwon, L. Bronfman, D. Eden, P. F. Goldsmith, J. He, Y. Wu, V.-M. Pelkonen, S.-L. Qin, S. Li, and D. Li
ApJS 251, 20 (2020)
The NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database: The Laboratory Spectra
A. L. Mattioda, D. M. Hudgins, C. Boersma, C. W. Bauschlicher Jr., A. Ricca, J. Cami, E. Peeters, F. Sánchez de Armas, G. Puerta Saborido, and L. J. Allamandola
ApJS 251, 22 (2020)
Experimental study of the proton-transfer reaction C + H2+ → CH+ + H and its isotopic variant (D2+)
P.-M. Hillenbrand, K. P. Bowen, F. Dayou, K. A. Miller, N. de Ruette, X. Urbain, and D. W. Savin
Phys Chem Chem Phys 22, 27364-27384 (2020)
Spectroscopy of astrophysically relevant ions in traps
E. K. Campbell
Mol Phys 118, e1797918 (2020)
Potential energy surface and bound states of the H2O-HF complex
J. Loreau, Y. N. Kalugina, A. Faure, A. van der Avoird, and F. Lique
J Chem Phys 153, 214301 (2020)
An Analysis of the B3Π2-X3Δ2 (0,0) Band System of the TiO Molecule in Laboratory and Sunspot Spectra
P. Sriramachandran, D. Priyadharshini, N. Ashraf Shiddeeqaa, and R. Shanmugavel
Solar Phys 295, 169 (2020)
High-resolution infrared action spectroscopy of the fundamental vibrational band of CN+
J. L. Doménech, O. Asvany, C. R. Markus, S. Schlemmer, and S. Thorwirth
J Mol Spectrosc 374, 111375 (2020)
Laboratory gas-phase vibrational spectra of [C3H3]+ isomers and isotopologues by IRPD spectroscopy
A. N. Marimuthu, D. Sundelin, S. Thorwirth, B. Redlich, W. D. Geppert, and S. Brünken
J Mol Spectrosc 374, 111377 (2020)
A chemical dynamics study on the gas-phase formation of triplet and singlet C5H2 carbenes
C. He, G. R. Galimova, Y. Luo, L. Zhao, A. K. Eckhardt, R. Sun, A. M. Mebel, and R. I. Kaiser
Proc Nat Acad Sci 117, 30142-30150 (2020)
Observations of the Onset of Complex Organic Molecule Formation in Interstellar Ices
L. E. U. Chu, K. Hodapp, and A. Boogert
ApJ 904, 86 (2020)
Rotational Spectra of Vibrationally Excited AlO and TiO in Oxygen-rich Stars
T. Danilovich, C. A. Gottlieb, L. Decin, A. M. S. Richards, K. L. K. Lee, T. Kamiński, N. A. Patel, K. H. Young, and K. M. Menten
ApJ 904, 110 (2020)
Planetary Refractory Composition and Volatile Accretion into Gas Giants in the Protoplanetary Disks of the Sun and WASP-12
G. S. Pekmezci, O. Mousis, and J. I. Lunine
ApJ 904, 129 (2020)
Exploiting Network Topology for Accelerated Bayesian Inference of Grain Surface Reaction Networks
J. Heyl, S. Viti, J. Holdship, and S. M. Feeney
ApJ 904, 197 (2020)
Interstellar Formation of Biorelevant Pyruvic Acid (CH3COCOOH)
N. F. Kleimeier, A. K. Eckhardt, P. R. Schreiner, and R. I. Kaiser
Chem 6, 3385-3395 (2020)
Simulation of vibrationally resolved absorption spectra of neutral and cationic polyaromatic hydrocarbons
R. J. Chadwick, K. Wickham, and N. A. Besley
Theor Chem Acc 139, 185 (2020)
Detection of organic or inorganic material in Martian meteorite Zagami by vibrational spectroscopy?
B. L. do Nascimento-Dias, M. E. Zucolotto, H. Camarano Belgo, T. Valverde Ferreira da Silva, and V. de Carvalho dos Anjos
Int J Astrobio 19, 438-445 (2020)
KELT-11 b: Abundances of Water and Constraints on Carbon-bearing Molecules from the Hubble Transmission Spectrum
Q. Changeat, B. Edwards, A. F. Al-Refaie, M. Morvan, A. Tsiaras, I. P. Waldmann, and G. Tinetti
AJ 160, 260 (2020)
Preparation and characterization of the enol of acetamide: 1-aminoethenol, a high-energy prebiotic molecule
A. Mardyukov, F. Keul, and P. R. Schreiner
Chem Sci 11, 12358-12363 (2020)
A Journey from Thermally Tunable Synthesis to Spectroscopy of Phenylmethanimine in Gas Phase and Solution
A. Melli, S. Potenti, M. Melosso, S. Herbers, L. Spada, A. Gualandi, K. G. Lengsfeld, L. Dore, P. Buschmann, P. G. Cozzi, J.-U. Grabow, V. Barone, and C. Puzzarini
Chem Eur J 26, 15016-15022 (2020)
Gas-phase formation of acetaldehyde: review and new theoretical computations
F. Vazart, C. Ceccarelli, N. Balucani, E. Bianchi, and D. Skouteris
MNRAS 499, 5547-5561 (2020)
Dissociative single and double photoionization of biphenyl (C12H10) by soft X-rays in planetary nebulae
H. M. Quitián-Lara, F. Fantuzzi, R. R. Oliveira, M. A. C. Nascimento, W. Wolff, and H. M. Boechat-Roberty
MNRAS 499, 6066-6083 (2020)
Atmospheric chemistry on Uranus and Neptune
J. I. Moses, T. Cavalié, L. N. Fletcher, and M. T. Roman
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 378, 20190477 (2020)
The upper atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune
H. Melin
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 378, 20190478 (2020)
Atmospheric implications of the lack of H3+ detection at Neptune
L. Moore, J. I. Moses, H. Melin, T. S. Stallard, and J. O'Donoghue
Phil Trans Royal Soc A 378, 20200100 (2020)
Interaction of cyanogen (NCCN) with proton: A new ab initio potential energy surface
A. Kushwaha, S. Chhabra, and T. J. Dhilip Kumar
Chem Phys Lett 761, 138013 (2020)
Dynamics of AlOH inelastic scattering by o-H2(J2 = 1) and p-H2(J2 = 2) molecular hydrogen forms
M. Naouai, A. Jrad, F. Najara, and K. Hammami
Chem Phys Lett 760, 138017 (2020)
UV-ray irradiation never causes amorphization of crystalline CO2: A transmission electron microscopy study
M. Tsuge, T. Nguyen, Y. Oba, T. Hama, A. Kouchi, and N. Watanabe
Chem Phys Lett 760, 137999 (2020)
Structure and dynamics of interface between forsterite glass and amorphous ice
A. Kubo, J. Nishizawa, and T. Ikeda-Fukazawa
Chem Phys Lett 760, 138028 (2020)
A pilot search for extragalactic OH absorption with FAST
Z. Zheng, D. Li, E. M. Sadler, J. R. Allison, and N. Tang
MNRAS 499, 3085-3093 (2020)
State-to-state inelastic rate coefficients of phosphine in collision with He at low to moderate temperature
A. Badri, F. Najar, C. T. Bop, N.-E. Jaidane, and M. Hochlaf
MNRAS 499, 1578-1586 (2020)
SiO emission as a probe of cloud-cloud collisions in infrared dark clouds
G. Cosentino, I. Jiménez-Serra, J. D. Henshaw, P. Caselli, S. Viti, A. T. Barnes, J. C. Tan, F. Fontani, and B. Wu
MNRAS 499, 1666-1681 (2020)
Deuterium fractionation of nitrogen hydrides: detections of NHD and ND2
A. Bacmann, A. Faure, P. Hily-Blant, K. Kobayashi, H. Ozeki, S. Yamamoto, L. Pagani, and F. Lique
MNRAS 499, 1795-1804 (2020)
The detection of solid phosphorus and fluorine in the dust from the coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
E. Gardner, H. J. Lehto, K. Lehto, N. Fray, A. Bardyn, T. Lönnberg, S. Merouane, R. Isnard, H. Cottin, M. Hilchenbach, and the COSIMA team
MNRAS 499, 1870-1873 (2020)
Radiolysis of NH3:CO ice mixtures - implications for Solar system and interstellar ices
A. L. F. de Barros, A. Bergantini, A. Domaracka, H. Rothard, P. Boduch, and E. F. da Silveira
MNRAS 499, 2162-2172 (2020)
The composition of hot Jupiter atmospheres assembled within chemically evolved protoplanetary discs
S. Notsu, C. Eistrup, C. Walsh, and H. Nomura
MNRAS 499, 2229-2244 (2020)
Cassini Exploration of the Planet Saturn: A Comprehensive Review
A. P. Ingersoll
Space Sci Rev 216, 122 (2020)
State-to-state dynamics of S+(2D) + H2(X1Σg+)(v,j) collision reaction based on the H2S+ (X2A") potential energy surface
D.-G. Yue, J. Zhao, L.-L. Zhang, Y.-Z. Song, and Q.-T. Meng
Comp Theor Chem 1191, 113021 (2020)
Carbon photochemistry at Mars: Updates with recent data
D. Y. Lo, R. V. Yelle, and R. J. Lillis
Icarus 352, 114001 (2020)
The influence of Europa's plumes on its atmosphere and ionosphere
J. Li, M. S. Gudipati, and Y. L. Yung
Icarus 352, 113999 (2020)
Color and aerosol changes in Jupiter after a North Temperate Belt disturbance
S. Pérez-Hoyos, A. Sánchez-Lavega, J. F. Sanz-Requena, N. Barrado-Izagirre, O. Carrión-González, A. Anguiano-Arteaga, P. G. J. Irwin, and A. S. Braud
Icarus 352, 114031 (2020)
Collisions between ice-covered silica grains: An atomistic study
M. L. Nietiadi, Y. Rosandi, and H. M. Urbassek
Icarus 352, 113996 (2020)
Published in November 2020
Analysis of amino acids, hydroxy acids, and amines in CR chondrites
J. C. Aponte, J. E. Elsila, J. E. Hein, J. P. Dworkin, D. P. Glavin, H. L. McLain, E. T. Parker, T. Cao, E. L. Berger, and A. S. Burton
Meteor Planet Sci 55, 2422-2439 (2020)
Adsorption of CO and N2 molecules at the surface of solid water. A grand canonical Monte Carlo study
A. Patt, J.-M. Simon, J. M. Salazar, and S. Picaud
J Chem Phys 153, 204502 (2020)
A stringent upper limit of the PH3 abundance at the cloud top of Venus
T. Encrenaz, T. K. Greathouse, E. Marcq, T. Widemann, B. Bázard, T. Fouchet, R. Giles, H. Sagawa, J. Greaves, and C. Sousa-Silva
A&A 643, L5 (2020)
Tentative detection of HC5NH+ in TMC-1
N. Marcelino, M. Agúndez, B. Tercero, C. Cabezas, C. Bermúdez, J. D. Gallego, P. deVicente, and J. Cernicharo
A&A 643, L6 (2020)
Detection of infrared fluorescence of carbon dioxide in R Leonis with SOFIA/EXES
J. P. Fonfría, E. J. Montiel, J. Cernicharo, C. N. DeWitt, and M. J. Richter
A&A 643, L15 (2020)
Linking ice and gas in the Serpens low-mass star-forming region
G. Perotti, W. R. M. Rocha, J. K. Jørgensen, L. E. Kristensen, H. J. Fraser, and K. M. Pontoppidan
A&A 643, A48 (2020)
Organic matter in interstellar dust lost at the approach to the heliosphere - Exothermic chemical reactions of free radicals ignited by the Sun
H. Kimura, F. Postberg, N. Altobelli, and M. Trieloff
A&A 643, A59 (2020)
Distribution of methanol and cyclopropenylidene around starless cores
S. Spezzano, P. Caselli, J. E. Pineda, L. Bizzocchi, D. Prudenzano, and Z. Nagy
A&A 643, A60 (2020)
Mapping the H2D+ and N2H+ emission toward prestellar cores. Testing dynamical models of the collapse using gas tracers
E. Koumpia, L. Evans, J. Di Francesco, F. F. S. van der Tak, and R. D. Oudmaijer
A&A 643, A61 (2020)
Depletion and fractionation of nitrogen in collapsing cores
P. Hily-Blant, G. Pineau des Forêts, A. Faure, and D. R. Flower
A&A 643, A76 (2020)
Extending the view of ArH+ chemistry in diffuse clouds
A. M. Jacob, K. M. Menten, F. Wyrowski, B. Winkel, and D. A. Neufeld
A&A 643, A91 (2020)
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Published in October 2020
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Published in September 2020
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Published in August 2020
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Published in July 2020
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Published in May 2020
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Published in April 2020
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Published in March 2020
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H2O-ice particle size variations across Ganymede's and Callisto's surface
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Published in January 2020
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon formation chemistry in a plasma jet revealed by IR-UV action spectroscopy
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Efficient Production of S8 in Interstellar Ices: The Effects of Cosmic-Ray-driven Radiation Chemistry and Nondiffusive Bulk Reactions
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Diurnal variation in Mars equatorial odd oxygen species: Chemical production and loss mechanisms
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1D photochemical model of the ionosphere and the stratosphere of Neptune
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A photochemical model of Pluto's atmosphere and ionosphere
V. A. Krasnopolsky
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On Venus' cloud top chemistry, convective activity and topography: A perspective from HST
K.-L. Jessup, E. Marcq, J.-. Bertaux, F. P. Mills, S. Limaye, and A. Roman
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The surface distributions of the production of the major volatile species, H2O, CO2, CO and O2, from the nucleus of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko throughout the Rosetta Mission as measured by the ROSINA double focusing mass spectrometer
M. Combi, Y. Shou, N. Fougere, V. Tenishev, K. Altwegg, M. Rubin, D. Bockelée-Morvan, F. Capaccioni, Y.-C. Cheng, U. Fink, T. Gombosi, K. C.Hansen, Z. Huang, D. Marshall, and G. Toth
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Sulphur-bearing and complex organic molecules in an infrared cold core
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H2SiO IRASERs in a warm region in interstellar medium
M. K.Sharma, M. Sharma, and S. Chandraa
New Astron 74, 101288 (2020)

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