Astrochemistry Publications from 2023
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Recent Additions
Hydrogen peroxide at the poles of Ganymede
S. K. Trumbo, M. E. Brown, D. Bockelée-Morvan, I. de Pater, T. Fouchet, M. H. Wong, S. Cazaux, L. N. Fletcher, K. de Kleer, E. Lellouch, A. Mura, O. Poch, E. Quirico, P. Rodriguez-Ovalle, M. R. Showalter, M. S. Tiscareno, and F. Tosi
Sci Adv 9, eadg3724 (2023)
Published in December 2023
Studies of Isotopic Fractionation of D/H Water Ice in Lunar Regolith
V. S. Sevastyanov, A. P. Krivenko, S. A. Voropaev, and M. Y. Marov
Sol Syst Res 57, 505-515, (2023)
Heterogeneous Processes in the Atmosphere of Mars and Impact on H2O2 and O3 Abundances
F. Daerden, J. N. Crowley, L. Neary, M. D. Smith, M. J. Loeffler, R. T. Clancy, M. J. Wolff, S. Aoki, and H. Sagawa
J Geophys Res Planets 128, e2023JE008014 (2023)
Stability of hydrides in sub-Neptune exoplanets with thick hydrogen-rich atmospheres
T. Kim, X. Wei, S. Chariton, and S.-H. Shim
Proc Nat Acad Sci 120, e2309786120 (2023)
Combined Quantum Mechanical and Quasi-Classical State-to-State Dynamical Study on the Isotopic Effect in H/D + LiH+/LiD+ → H2/HD/D2 + Li+ Reactions
A. M. Singh Rawat, J. Sahoo, and S. Mahapatra
J Phys Chem A 127, 10733-10746 (2023)
Day-Night Transport-induced Chemistry and Clouds on WASP-39b: Gas-phase Composition
S.-M. Tsai, J. I. Moses, D. Powell, and E. K. H. Lee
ApJL 959, 30 (2023)
Detecting molecules in Ariel low resolution transmission spectra
A. Bocchieri, L. V. Mugnai, E. Pascale, Q. Changeat, and G. Tinetti
Exp Astron 56, 605-644 (2023)
Thermal Synthesis of Carbamic Acid and Its Dimer in Interstellar Ices: A Reservoir of Interstellar Amino Acids
J. H. Marks, J. Wang, B.-J. Sun, M. McAnally, A. M. Turner, A. H.-H. Chang, and R. I. Kaiser
ACS Cent Sci 12, 2241-2250 (2023)

Density Functional Theory Calculations on the Interstellar Formation of Biomolecules
Q. Liao, J. Wang, P. Xie, E. Liang, and Z. Wang
Res Astron Astrophys 23, 122001 (2023)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in samples of Ryugu formed in the interstellar medium
S. S. Zeichner, J. C. Aponte, S. Bhattacharjee, G. Dong, A. E. Hofmann, J. P. Dworkin, D. P. Glavin, J. E. Elsila, H. V. Graham, H. Naraoka, Y. Takano, S. Tachibana, A. T. Karp, K. Grice, A. I. Holman, K. H. Freeman, H. Yurimoto et al.
Science 382, 1411-1416 (2023)

Coupled atmospheric chemistry, radiation, and dynamics of an exoplanet generate self-sustained oscillations
Y. Luo, Y. Hu, J. Yang, and Y. L. Yung
Proc Nat Acad Sci 120, e2309312120 (2023)
Potential Energy Curves and Ultraviolet Absorption Cross Sections of Sulfur Dimer
K. Sarka and S. Nanbu
ACS Earth Space Chem 7, 2374-2381 (2023)
Electronic Characterization of Glycolaldehyde: Experimental and Theoretical Insights from the Core- and Valence-Level Spectroscopy
S. Dery Folkestad, A. C. Paul, A. Ponzi, C. Grazioli, M. Coreno, M. de Simone, H. Koch, and S. Coriani
J Phys Chem A 127, 10621-10631 (2023)
Water-rich Disks around Late M Stars Unveiled: Exploring the Remarkable Case of Sz 114
C. Xie, I. Pascucci, F. Long, K. M. Pontoppidan, A. Banzatti, A. Kalyaan, C. Salyk, Y. Liu, J. R. Najita, P. Pinilla, N. Arulanantham, G. J. Herczeg, J. Carr, E. A. Bergin, N. P. Ballering, S. Krijt, G. A. Blake, K. Zhang, K. I. Öberg, J. D. Green, and the JDISCS collaboration
ApJL 959, L25 (2023)
CI Traces the Disk Atmosphere in the IM Lup Protoplanetary Disk
C. J. Law, F. Alarcón, L. I. Cleeves, K. I. Öberg, and T. Paneque-Carreño
ApJL 959, L27 (2023)
Detection of vibrationally excited C6H in the cold prestellar core TMC-1 with the QUIJOTE line survey
J. Cernicharo, R. Fuentetaja, M. Ag&uacytelndez, C. Cabezas, B. Tercero, N. Marcelino, and P. de Vicente
A&A 680, L4 (2023)
Surveying the Whirlpool at Arcseconds with NOEMA (SWAN) - I. Mapping the HCN and N2H+ 3mm lines
S. K. Stuber, J. Pety, E. Schinnerer, F. Bigiel, A. Usero, I. Be&x0161;lić, M. Querejeta, M. J. Jiménez-Donaire, A. Leroy, J. den Brok, L. Neumann, C. Eibensteiner, Y.-H. Teng, A. Barnes, M. Chevance, D. Colombo, D. A. Dale, S. C. O. Glover, D. Liu, and H.-A. Pan
A&A 680, L20 (2023)
SUNRISE: The rich molecular inventory of high-redshift dusty galaxies revealed by broadband spectral line surveys
C. Yang, A. Omont, S. Martín, T. G. Bisbas, P. Cox, A. Beelen, E. González-Alfonso, R. Gavazzi, S. Aalto, P. Andreani, C. Ceccarelli, Y. Gao, M. Gorski, M. Guélin, H. Fu, R. J. Ivison, K. K. Knudsen, M. Lehnert, H. Messias, S. Muller, R. Neri, D. Riechers, P. van der Werf, and Z.-Y. Zhang
A&A 680, A95 (2023)
Bottom-up dust nucleation theory in oxygen-rich evolved stars - II. Magnesium and calcium aluminate clusters
D. Gobrecht, S. R. Hashemi, J. M. Campbell Plane, S. T. Bromley, G. Nyman, and L. Decin
A&A 680, A18 (2023)
Millimetre and submillimetre spectroscopy of isobutene and its detection in the molecular cloud G+0.693
M. Fatima, H. S. P. Müller, O. Zingsheim, F. Lewen, V. M. Rivilla, I. Jiménez-Serra, J. Martín-Pintado, and S. Schlemmer
A&A 680, A25 (2023)
Single-atom catalysis in space: Computational exploration of Fischer-Tropsch reactions in astrophysical environments
G. Pareras, V. Cabedo, M. McCoustra, and A. Rimola
A&A 680, A57 (2023)
The evolution of sulphur-bearing molecules in high-mass star-forming cores
F. Fontani, E. Roueff, L. Colzi, and P. Caselli
A&A 680, A58 (2023)
Shaping the CO snowline in protoplanetary disks
S. Gavino, J. Kobus, A. Dutrey, S. Guilloteau, S. Wolf, J. K. Jørgensen, and R. Sharma
A&A 680, A59 (2023)
Modelling deuterated isotopologues of methanol towards the pre-stellar core L1544
W. Riedel, O. Sipilauml;, E. Redaelli, P. Caselli, A. I. Vasyunin, F. Dulieu, and N. Watanabe
A&A 680, A87 (2023)
Astronomical CH+
rovibrational assignments - A combined theoretical and experimental study validating observational findings in the d203-506 UV-irradiated protoplanetary disk

P. B. Changala, N. L. Chen, H. L. Le, B. Gans, K. Steenbakkers, T. Salomon, L. Bonah, I. Schroetter, A. Canin, M.-A. Martin-Drumel, U. Jacovella, E. Dartois, S. Boyé-Péronne, C. Alcaraz, O. Asvany, S. Brünken, S. Thorwirth, S. Schlemmer, J. R. Goicoechea, G. Rouillé, A. Sidhu, R. Chown, D. Van De Putte, B. Trahin, F. Alarcón, O. Berné, E. Habart, and E. Peeters
A&A 680, A19 (2023)
Infrared spectra of TiO2 clusters for hot Jupiter atmospheres
J. P. Sindel, C. Helling, D. Gobrecht, K. L. Chubb, and L. Decin
A&A 680, A65 (2023)
Rate coefficients for the rotational de-excitation of OCS by collision with He
O. Denis-Alpizar, C. Guerra, and X. Zarate
A&A 680, A113 (2023)
Formation of lunar surface water associated with high-energy electrons in Earth's magnetotail
S. Li, A. R. Poppe, T. M. Orlando, B. M. Jones, O. J. Tucker, W. M. Farrell, and A. R. Hendrix
Nat Astron 7, 1427-1435 (2023)
15NH3 in the atmosphere of a cool brown dwarf
D. Barrado, P. Mollière, P. Patapis, M. Min, P. Tremblin, F. Ardevol Martinez, N. Whiteford, M. Vasist, I. Argyriou, M. Samland, P.-O. Lagage, L. Decin et al.
Nature 624, 263-266 (2023)
Detection of intact amino acids with a hypervelocity ice grain impact mass spectrometer
S. E. Burke, Z. A. Auvil, K. A. Hanold, and R. E. Continetti
Proc Nat Acad Sci 120, e2313447120 (2023)
Low-Energy Electron Scattering from Pyrrole and Its Isomers
H. Tomer, B. Goswami, P. Modak, M. Jane Alam, S. Ahmad, and B. Antony
J Phys Chem A 127, 10464-10480 (2023)
Fourier-transform microwave spectroscopy of the s-trans-3-propenalyl (CH2CHĊO) and 3-propenolyl (ĊH2CHCO) radicals
Y.-T. Liu, C.-H. Chang, M. Nakajima, and Y. Endo
Phys Chem Chem Phys 25, 33112-33118 (2023)
Comment on "Phosphine in the Venusian Atmosphere: A Strict Upper Limit From SOFIA GREAT Observations" by Cordiner et al.
J. S. Greaves, J. J. Petkowski, A. M. S. Richards, C. Sousa-Silva, S. Seager, and D. L. Clements
Geophys Res Lett 50, e2023GL103539 (2023)
Author's Reply to Comment by Greaves et al. on "Phosphine in the Venusian Atmosphere: A Strict Upper Limit From SOFIA GREAT Observations"
M. A. Cordiner, H. Wiesemeyer, G. L. Villanueva, I. de Pater, J. Stutzki, G. Liuzzi, R. Aladro, S. B. Charnley, R. Cosentino, S. Faggi, V. Kofman, B. A. McGuire, S. N. Milam, A. Moullet, C. A. Nixon, and A. E. Thelen
Geophys Res Lett 50, e2023GL106136 (2023)
JWST: Deuterated PAHs, PAH Nitriles, and PAH Overtone and Combination Bands. I. Program Description and First Look
C. Boersma, L. J. Allamandola, V. J. Esposito, A. Maragkoudakis, J. D. Bregman, P. Temi, T. J. Lee, R. C. Fortenberry, and E. Peeters
ApJ 959, 74 (2023)
Explaining the Chemical Inventory of Orion KL through Machine Learning
H. N. Scolati, A. J. Remijan, E. Herbst, B. A. McGuire, and K. L. K. Lee
ApJ 959, 108 (2023)
Enthalpy of the N+ + H2 → NH+ + H Reaction - Experimental Study of the Reverse Process
Š. Roučka, S. Rednyk, T. D. Tran, A. Kovalenko, D. Mulin, S. S. Kumar, P. Dohnal, R. Plašil, and J. Glosík
ApJ 959, 127 (2023)
Ro-vibrational spectra of CC stretching modes of C3H+ and HC3O+
M. Bast, J. Böing, T. Salomon, S. Thorwirth, O. Asvany, M. Schäfer, and S. Schlemmer
J Mol Spectrosc 398, 111840 (2023)
The 130-750 GHz rotational spectrum of 2-cyanopyridine - Analysis of the ground vibrational state and the Coriolis-coupled dyad of its lowest-energy fundamental states
P. M. Dorman, B. J. Esselman, M. A. Zdanovskaia, R. C. Woods, and R. J. McMahon
J Mol Spectrosc 398, 111842 (2023)
The C2H4O isomers in the oxidation of ethylene
N. A. Seifert, B. Ruscic, R. Sivaramakrishnan, and K. Prozument
J Mol Spectrosc 398, 111847 (2023)
Taming semi-empirical methods for PAHs and vibrational spectra
B. R. Westbrook and R. C. Fortenberry
J Mol Spectrosc 398, 111846 (2023)
The ground electronic state of CS: A global multi-isotopologue direct potential fit analysis
J. A. Coxon and P. G. Hajigeorgiou
J Mol Spectrosc 398, 111861 (2023)
A Theoretical Study of Temperature-dependent Photodissociation Cross Sections and Rates for O2
Z. Qin, P. Hu, T. Bai, and L. Liu
ApJS 269, 48 (2023)
XUE: Molecular Inventory in the Inner Region of an Extremely Irradiated Protoplanetary Disk
M. Claudia Ramírez-Tannus, A. Bik, L. Cuijpers, R. Waters, C. Göppl, T. Henning, I. Kamp, T. Preibisch, K. V. Getman, G. Chaparr et al.
ApJL 958, L30 (2023)
Gas-phase Ortho-to-para Ratio of Formaldehyde Formed at Low Temperatures in Laboratory Ices
K. M. Yocum, O. H. Wilkins, J. C. Bardwell, S. N. Milam, and P. A. Gerakines
ApJL 958, L1 (2023)
JWST Reveals Widespread CO Ice and Gas Absorption in the Galactic Center Cloud G0.253+0.016
A. Ginsburg, A. T. Barnes, C. D. Battersby, A. Bulatek, S. Gramze, J. D. Henshaw, D. Jeff, X. Lu, E. A. C. Mills, and D. L. Walker
ApJ 959, 36 (2023)
Degenerate Interpretations of O3 Spectral Features in Exoplanet Atmosphere Observations Due to Stellar UV Uncertainties: A 3D Case Study with TRAPPIST-1 e
G. J. Cooke, D. R. Marsh, C. Walsh, and A. Youngblood
ApJ 959, 45 (2023)
Surface Volatile Composition as Evidence for Hydrothermal Processes Lasting Longer in Triton's Interior than Pluto's
K. Mandt, A. Luspay-Kuti, O. Mousis, and S. E. Anderson
ApJ 959, 57 (2023)
Compositional Constraints of Ice Lobes at the Edge of Martian South Polar Cap and the Possibility for CO2 Ice
X. Meng, Y. Xu, Q. Jin, L. Xiao, X. Xu, and H. Liu
AJ 166, 238 (2023)
SOFIA FEEDBACK Survey: The Pillars of Creation in [C ii] and Molecular Lines
R. L. Karim, M. W. Pound, A. G. G. M. Tielens, M. Tiwari, L. Bonne, M. G. Wolfire, N. Schneider, Ü. Kavak, L. G. Mundy, R. Simon, R. Güsten, J. Stutzki, F. Wyrowski, and N. Honingh
AJ 166, 240 (2023)
Constraining Background N2 Inventories on Directly Imaged Terrestrial Exoplanets to Rule Out O2 False Positives
S. Hall, J. Krissansen-Totton, T. Robinson, A. Salvador, and J. J. Fortney
AJ 166, 254 (2023)
Characteristic Timescales for the Dayside Martian Ionosphere: Chemistry, Diffusion, and Magnetization
Y. Cao, J. Cui, W. Liang, X. Wu, and H. Lu
AJ 166, 264 (2023)
Isolation and spectroscopy of C2H+ ions in helium droplets
A. J. Feinberg, S. Erukala, C. J. Moon, A. Singh, M. Y. Choi, and A. F. Vilesov
Chem Phys Lett 833, 140909 (2023)
Vibrational transitions of H2Cl+: Potential energy surface and anharmonic computations
K. M. R. Afansounoudji, R. Issa, K. Sodoga, and D. Lauvergnat
Chem Phys Lett 833, 140914 (2023)
Characterizing phase transitions for Titan's surface molecules: Implications for Dragonfly
I. Madan, M. G. Trainer, G. C. Collins, and K. K. Farnsworth
Planet Space Sci 239, 105804 (2023)
Rovibrational states calculations of the H2O-HCN heterodimer with the multiconfiguration time dependent Hartree method
H. Tajouo Tela, E. Quintas-Sánchez, M.-L. Dubernet, Y. Scribano, R. Dawes, F. Gatti, and S. Ndengué
Phys Chem Chem Phys 25, 31813-31824 (2023)
Searching for Novel Chemistry in Exoplanetary Atmospheres Using Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection
R. T. Forestano, K. T. Matchev, K. Matcheva, and E. B. Unlu
ApJ 958, 106 (2023)
Chemical Evolution of Some Selected Complex Organic Molecules in Low-mass Star-forming Regions
B. Bhat, R. Kar, S. K. Mondal, R. Ghosh, P. Gorai, T. Shimonishi, K. E. I. Tanaka, K. Furuya, and A. Das
ApJ 958, 111 (2023)
The Principal Component Analysis Filtering Method for an Unbiased Spectral Survey of Complex Organic Molecules
H.-S. Yun and J.-E. Lee
ApJ 958, 113 (2023)
A systematic study on spectroscopic and transition properties of the phosphorus mononitride cation
H. Liu, H. Gao, and Z. Zhu
Comp Theor Chem 1230, 114380 (2023)
Refining the thermochemical properties of CF, SiF, and their cations by combining photoelectron spectroscopy, quantum chemical calculations, and the Active Thermochemical Tables approach
U. Jacovella, B. Ruscic, N. L. Chen, H.-L. Le, S. Boyé-Péronne, S. Hartweg, M. R. Chowdhury, G. A. Garcia, J.-C. Loison, and B. Gans
Phys Chem Chem Phys 25, 30838-30847 (2023)
Photoelectron spectroscopic study of 2-naphthylnitrene and its thermal rearrangement to cyanoindenes
M. Saraswat, A. Portela-Gonzalez, E. Mendez-Vega, G. Karir, W. Sander, and P. Hemberger
Phys Chem Chem Phys 25, 31146-31152 (2023)
Rotational spectra and semi-experimental structures of furonitrile and its water cluster
M. Melosso, S. Alessandrini, L. Spada, A. Melli, X. Wang, Y. Zheng, C. Duan, J. Li, W. Du, Q. Gou, L. Bizzocchi, L. Dore, V. Barone, and C. Puzzarini
Phys Chem Chem Phys 25, 31281-31291 (2023)
NEATH - II. N2H+ as a tracer of imminent star formation in quiescent high-density gas
F. D. Priestley, P. C. Clark, S. C. O. Glover, S. E. Ragan, O. Fehér, L. R. Prole, and R. S. Klessen
MNRAS 526, 4952-4960 (2023)
Quantum scattering cross-sections for O(3P) + N2 collisions for planetary aeronomy
S. Kumar, S. Kumar, M. Gacesa, N. El-Kork, and S. S. R. K. C. Yamijala
MNRAS 526, 5675-5681 (2023)
The ESCAPE system: A combined Raman and time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence instrument to analyze planetary material in a controlled environment
E. A. Lymer, M. G. Daly, K. T. Tait, E. A. Lalla, E. R. Sawyers, and E. R. Sawyers
Adv Space Res 72, 5129-5141 (2023)
Hyperfine collisional excitation of ammonia by molecular hydrogen
J. Loreau, A. Faure, F. Lique, S. Demes, and P. J. Dagdigian
MNRAS 526, 3213-3218 (2023)
Evolution of fullerenes in circumstellar envelopes by carbon condensation: insights from reactive molecular dynamics simulations
Z. Meng and Z. Wang
MNRAS 526, 3335-3341 (2023)
Variations of the HCO+, HCN, HNC, N2H+, and NH3 deuterium fractionation in high-mass star-forming regions
A. G. Pazukhin, I. I. Zinchenko, E. A. Trofimova, C. Henkel, and D. A. Semenov
MNRAS 526, 3673-3696 (2023)
Interstellar tryptophan revisited
R. L Hudson
MNRAS 526, 4051-4053 (2023)
Volatiles in the H2O and CO2 ices of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
M. Rubin, K. Altwegg, J.-J. Berthelier, M. R. Combi, J. De Keyser, S. A. Fuselier, T. I. Gombosi, M. S. Gudipati, N. H&aauml;nni, K. A. Kipfer, N. F. W. Ligterink, D. R. Müller, Y. Shou, and S. F. Wampfler
MNRAS 526, 4209-4233 (2023)
Production of water from a dynamically new comet
K. J. Kossacki and S. Szutowicz
MNRAS 526, 4484-4489 (2023)
Revised gas-phase formation network of methyl cyanide: the origin of methyl cyanide and methanol abundance correlation in hot corinos
L. Giani, C. Ceccarelli, L. Mancini, E. Bianchi, F. Pirani, M. Rosi, and N. Balucani
MNRAS 526, 4535-4556 (2023)
Measurements and calculations of CO2-broadening and shift coefficients of water vapor transitions in the 5150-5550 cm–1 spectral region
T. M. Petrova, A. M. Solodov, A.A. Solodov, V. M. Deichuli, N. N. Lavrent'eva, and A. S. Dudaryonok
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 311, 108757 (2023)
Comparative line position and line strength analysis of the ν24 dyad of 12CD4 and 13CD4
O. N. Ulenikov, O. V. Gromova, E. S. Bekhtereva, N. I. Nikolaeva, M. A. Merkulova, Y. B. Morzhikova, C. Sydow, C. Maul, and S. Bauerecker
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 311, 108770 (2023)
High resolution infrared spectra of neopentane: Rovibrational analysis of bands at 8.3-6.4 μm
A. Pastorek, P. Bernath, and V. Boudon
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 311, 108788 (2023)
Detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on a sample of comets
V. Venkataraman, A. Roy, R. Ramachandran, H. M. Quitián-Lara, H. Hill, B. N. RajaSekhar, A. Bhardwaj, N. J. Mason, and B. Sivaraman
J Astrophys Astron 44, 89 (2023)
Comprehensive quantum chemical analysis of the (ro)vibrational spectrum of thiirane and its deuterated isotopologue
J. De Vos, B. Schröder, and G. Rauhut
Spectrochim Acta A 302, 123083 (2023)
Detection of monothioformic acid towards the solar-type protostar IRAS 16293-2422
A. Manna and S. Pal
J Astrophys Astron 44, 69 (2023)
High resolution spectroscopy and a theoretical line list of ethylene between 5000 and 9000 cm–1
S. Mraidi, L. Manceron, M. Rey, H. Aroui, and A. Campargue
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 310, 108734 (2023)
Mid-infrared cross-sections and pseudoline parameters for trans-2-butene (2-C4H8)
B. L. Steffens, K. Sung, M. J. Malaska, R. M. C. Lopes, G. C. Toon, and C. A. Nixon
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 310, 108730 (2023)
New line intensities for the far infrared bands of the Trans- and Cis-conformer of nitrous acid (HONO), new determination of the Trans-Cis conformer barrier and its impact on the astrophysical detection of nitrous acid in protostellar clouds
W. Tchana Betnga, F. Kwabia Tchana, A. Perrin, L. Manceron, J. Vander Auwera, F. Hindle, and A. Coutens
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 310, 108727 (2023)
Line lists for TiO minor isotopologues for the A3Φ-X3Δ electronic transition
P. Bernath and D. Cameron
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 310, 108745 (2023)
Brand new aspects of the a4Σ+
→ X2Σ+
transition probabilities in N+

R. S. da Silva, L. R. Ventura, C. E. Fellows, and J. Amorim
J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf 310, 108746 (2023)
Triton's photochemical model: Update
V. A. Krasnopolsky
Icarus 406, 115741 (2023)
Experimental simulations of cosmic impacts on rubrene nanoparticles in the water environment reveal the potentiality of condensed phases of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to generate prebiotic molecules
M. Murri, A. Bossi, T. Recca, amd M. Campione
Icarus 406, 115727 (2023)
Published in November 2023
NO Biomarker: Transmission and Emission Methods for Its Potential Detection in Exoplanet Atmospheres with Spektr-UF (WSO-UV)
G. N. Tsurikov and D. V. Bisikalo
Astron Rep 67, 1123-1138 (2023)
Impact of Mars GDS 2018 on the Chemistry of Water, Nitrogenated and Deuterated Cluster Ions: NOMAD Observations
S. Y. Shah, S. A. Haider, and O. Korablev
J Geophys Res Planets 128, e2023JE007993 (2023)
Latitudinal Variations in Methane Abundance, Aerosol Opacity and Aerosol Scattering Efficiency in Neptune's Atmosphere Determined From VLT/MUSE
P. G. J. Irwin, J. Dobinson, A. James, M. H. Wong, L. N. Fletcher, M. T. Roman, N. A. Teanby, D. Toledo, G. S. Orton, S. Pérez-Hoyos, A. Sánchez-Lavega, A. Simon, R. Morales-Juberias, and I. de Pater
J Geophys Res Planets 128, e2023JE007980 (2023)
Infrared Spectra and Vapor Pressures of Crystalline C2N2, with Comparisons to Crystalline HCN
R. L. Hudson and P. A. Gerakines
PSJ 4, 205 (2023)
First Detection of CO2 Emission in a Centaur: JWST NIRSpec Observations of 39P/Oterma
O. Harrington Pinto, M. S. P. Kelley, G. L. Villanueva, M. Womack, S. Faggi, A. McKay, M. A. DiSanti, C. Schambeau, Y. Fernandez, J. Bauer, L. Feaga, and K. Wierzchos
PSJ 4, 208 (2023)

Spectroscopy of C+
and C+
in the mid-infrared

M. Kappe, A. Schiller, E. Gruber, D. Jank, M. Gatt, G. Schöpfer, M. Ončák, A. M. Ellis, and P. Scheier
J Chem Phys 159, 204302 (2023)
The 23.01 Release of Cloudy
C. M. Gunasekera, P. A. M. van Hoof, M. Chatzikos, and G. J. Ferland
Res Notes AAS 7, 246 (2023)
Elusive Iron: Detection of the FeC Radical (X3Δi) in the Envelope of IRC+10216
L. A. Koelemay and L. M. Ziurys
ApJL 958, L6 (2023)
The Importance of the Upper Atmosphere to CO/O2 Runaway on Habitable Planets Orbiting Low-mass Stars
S. Ranjan, E. W. Schwieterman, M. Leung, C. E. Harman, and R. Hu
ApJL 958, L15 (2023)
Sulfur isotope ratios in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Y. Gong, C. Henkel, K. M. Menten, C.-H. R. Chen, Z. Y. Zhang, Y. T. Yan, A. Weiss, N. Langer, J. Z. Wang, R. Q. Mao, X. D. Tang, W. Yang, Y. P. Ao, and M. Wang
A&A 679, L6 (2023)
JWST uncovers helium and water abundance variations in the bulge globular cluster NGC 6440
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HCN emission from translucent gas and UV-illuminated cloud edges revealed by wide-field IRAM 30 m maps of the Orion B GMC - Revisiting its role as a tracer of the dense gas reservoir for star formation
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Protonated hydrogen cyanide as a tracer of pristine molecular gas
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Characterizing the line emission from molecular clouds - II. A comparative study of California, Perseus, and Orion A
M. Tafalla, A. Usero, and A. Hacar
A&A 679, A112 (2023)
MINDS - Abundant water and varying C/O across the disk of Sz 98 as seen by JWST/MIRI
D. Gasman, E. F. van Dishoeck, S. L. Grant, M. Temmink, B. Tabone, T. Henning, I. Kamp, M. Güdel, P.-O. Lagage, G. Perotti et al.
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Gas phase Elemental abundances in Molecular cloudS (GEMS) - IX. Deuterated compounds of H2S in starless cores
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Determination of the eddy diffusion in the Venusian clouds from VeRa sulfuric acid observations
L. Dai, W. Shao, H. Gu, and Z. Sheng
A&A 679, A155 (2023)
Correlations between laboratory line lists for FeH, CrH, and NiH and M-star spectra collected with ESPaDOnS and SPIRou
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CRIRES-POP: A library of high resolution spectra in the near-infrared - III. Line identification in the K-giant 10 Leo
M. Zendel, T. Lebzelter, and C. P. Nicholls
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Gas-Phase vs. Grain-Surface Formation of Interstellar Complex Organic Molecules: A Comprehensive Quantum-Chemical Study
B. Martínez-Bachs and A. Rimola
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Surface diffusion of carbon atoms as a driver of interstellar organic chemistry
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Methane throughout the atmosphere of the warm exoplanet WASP-80b
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Identification and Photochemistry of the Mercaptomethyl Radical
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Investigating Possible Dipole-Bound States of Cyanopolyynes: the Case for the C5N Anion Detected in Interstellar Space
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Trihydrogen Cation Helium Clusters: A New Potential Energy Surface
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Is There Such a Thing as a Biosignature?
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The Call for a New Definition of Biosignature
C. Gillen, C. Jeancolas, S. McMahon, and P. Vickers
Astrobiology 23, 1228-1237 (2023)
Cyanide Abundance and Soluble Organic Composition in Highly Aqueously Altered CM Chondrites
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Insights into the Molecular Structure and Spectroscopic Properties of HONCO: An Accurate Ab Initio Study
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Collision-induced state-changing rate coefficients for cyanogen backbones NCN 3Σ and CNN 3Σ in astrophysical environments
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A Reappraisal of Subtropical Subsurface Water Ice Stability on Mars
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JWST Reveals Excess Cool Water near the Snow Line in Compact Disks, Consistent with Pebble Drift
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GOALS-JWST: Small Neutral Grains and Enhanced 3.3 μm PAH Emission in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 7469
T. S.-Y. Lai, L. Armus, M. Bianchin, T. Díaz-Santos, S. T. Linden, G. C. Privon, H. Inami, V. U, T. Bohn, A. S. Evans et al
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Gas-phase formation of the resonantly stabilized 1-indenyl (C9H7•) radical in the interstellar medium
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Quantum-Tunneling-Mediated Synthesis of Prebiotic Chelation Agents in Interstellar Analog Ices
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A computational characterization of the reaction mechanisms for the reactions N(2D) + CH3CN and HC3N and implications for the nitrogen-rich organic chemistry of Titan
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Photoionization from the Ground and Excited Vibrational States of H+
and Its Deuterated Isotopologues

A. Singor, L. H. Scarlett, M. C. Zammit, I. Bray, and D. V. Fursa
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Infrared Spectral Fingerprint of Neutral and Charged Endo- and Exohedral Metallofullerenes
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Phosphorus-bearing molecules PO and PN at the edge of the Galaxy
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Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Aluminum-Bearing Species in the Universe
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Full-dimensional potential energy surface for the photodissociation of HNCO via its S1 band
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Astrochemical Modeling of Propargyl Radical Chemistry in TMC-1
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ApJ 957, 88 (2023)
Possible Roles of Transition Metal Cations in the Formation of Interstellar Benzene via Catalytic Acetylene Cyclotrimerization
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Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Modeling of Ammonia in Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy)
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Enantiodetermining processes in the synthesis of alanine, serine, and isovaline
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Laboratory Measurement of CH2DOH Line Intensities in the Millimeter-wave Region
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Effective Reaction Temperatures of Irreversible Dust Chemical Reactions in a Protoplanetary Disk
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Potential energy surfaces for singlet and triplet states of the LiH+
system and quasi-classical trajectory cross sections for H + LiH+ and H+ + LiH

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Kinetics of the tautomerization of thioimidic acids R-C(SH)NH → R-C(S)NH2: For R = H, F, HO, CN, NC, H2N, HC(O), HC(S), HC≡C, CH3, CF3, H2C=CH, HOCH2, H2NCH2, CH3C(O), C2H5, (CH3)2CH, C6H5
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Modelling the effect of 3D temperature and chemistry on the cross-correlation signal of transiting ultra-hot Jupiters: a study of five chemical species on WASP-76b
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CO, H2O, and CH4 in the dusty atmosphere of a ≲5 Myr-old exoplanet
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High resolution FTIR spectrum of CH2D37Cl: v4 and v8 fundamental bands
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Minor species in Venus' night side troposphere as observed by VIRTIS-H/Venus Express
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New analysis of the 12C16O+ (B2Σ+-X2Σ+) system: Spin-orbit and spin-rotation coupling of the X2Σ+ state
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N2 accretion, metamorphism of organic nitrogen, or both processes likely contributed to the origin of Pluto's N2
C. R. Glein
Icarus 404, 115651 (2023)
Surface composition of Pluto's Kiladze area and relationship to cryovolcanism
A. Emran, C. M. Dalle Ore, D. P. Cruikshank, and J. C. Cook
Icarus 404, 115653 (2023)
Laboratory measurements of the 15-46 cm wavelength opacity of water vapor under temperature conditions characteristic of the deep atmosphere of Jupiter
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Self and N2 collisional broadening of far-infrared methane lines at low-temperature with application to Titan
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Analysis of CN emission as a marker of organic compounds in meteoroids using laboratory simulated meteors
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Icarus 404, 115682 (2023)
Published in October 2023
Temperature and bulk ice water effect in the methanimine formation mechanism: theoretical study
N. Djebra-Belmessaoud and D. Kheffache
Struct Chem 34, 1657-1666 (2023)
JWST-TST DREAMS: Quartz Clouds in the Atmosphere of WASP-17b
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Are NH3 and CO2 Ice Present on Miranda?
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The Feasibility of Detecting Biosignatures in the TRAPPIST-1 Planetary System with JWST
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H2O-HCN complex: A new potential energy surface and intermolecular rovibrational states from rigorous quantum calculations
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The Distribution of High-excitation OCS Emission Around the Cep A-East Protostellar Cluster
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Parsec scales of carbon chain and complex organic molecules in AFGL 2591 and IRAS 20126
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Chemical footprints of giant planet formation - Role of planet accretion in shaping the C/O ratio of protoplanetary disks
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The first detection of SiC2 in the interstellar medium
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The rich molecular environment of the luminous blue variable star AFGL 2298
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Linking ice and gas in the Coronet cluster in Corona Australis
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Interaction of H2S with H atoms on grain surfaces under molecular cloud conditions
J. C. Santos, H. Linnartz, and K.-J. Chuang
A&A 678, A112 (2023)
Combined model for 15N, 13C, and spin-state chemistry in molecular clouds
O. Sipilän;, L. Colzi, E. Roueff, P. Caselli, F. Fontani, and E. Wirström
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The Perseus ALMA Chemical Survey (PEACHES) - III. Sulfur-bearing species tracing accretion and ejection processes in young protostars
E. Artur de la Villarmois, V. V. Guzmán, Y.-L. Yang, Y. Zhang, and N. Sakai
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CoCCoA: Complex Chemistry in hot Cores with ALMA - Selected oxygen-bearing species
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Evolution of Chemistry in the envelope of HOt corinoS (ECHOS) - I. Extremely young sulphur chemistry in the isolated Class 0 object B 335
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Oxygen-bearing organic molecules in comet 67P's dusty coma: First evidence for abundant heterocycles
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Retrieval of the dayside atmosphere of WASP-43b with CRIRES+
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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in exoplanet atmospheres - I. Thermochemical equilibrium models
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Tracing snowlines and C/O ratio in a planet-hosting disk - ALMA molecular line observations towards the HD 169142 disk A146
A. S. Booth, C. J. Law, M. Temmink, M. Leemker, and E. Macías
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Improved temperature dependence of rate coefficients for rotational state-to-state transitions in H2O + H2O collisions
B. Mandal and D. Babikov
A&A 678, A51 (2023)
Ar + ArH+ Reactive Collisions of Astrophysical Interest: The Case of 36Ar
M. J. Montes de Oca-Estévez, B. Darna, B. García-Ruiz, R. Prosmiti, T. González-Lezana, and D. Koner
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X-Rays Trace the Volatile Content of Interstellar Objects
S. H. C. Cabot, Q. D. Wang, and D. Z. Seligman
ApJ 956, 121 (2023)
Nitrogen as a Tracer of Giant Planet Formation. II. Comprehensive Study of Nitrogen Photochemistry and Implications for Observing NH3 and HCN in Transmission and Emission Spectra
K. Ohno and J. J. Fortney
ApJ 956, 125 (2023)
Experimental Investigation of the Photochemical Production of Hydrocarbons in Warm Gas Giant Exoplanet Atmospheres
B. Fleury, Y. Benilan, O. Venot, B. L. Henderson, M. Swain, and M. S. Gudipati
ApJ 956, 134 (2023)
Ab Initio Study of Glycine Formation in the Condensed Phase: Carbon Monoxide, Formaldimine, and Water Are Enough
F. Carrascoza, P. Lukasiak, W. Nowak, and J. Blazewicz
ApJ 956, 140 (2023)
Origin of Homochirality in Amino Acids Induced by Lyman-α Irradiation in the Early Stage of the Milky Way
A. Sato, M. Shoji, N. Watanabe, M. Boero, Y. Shigeta, and M. Umemura
Astrobio 23, 1019-1026 (2023)
Are Large Sulfur Isotope Variations Biosignatures in an Ancient, Impact-Induced Hydrothermal Mars Analog?
C. J. Tino, E. E. Stüeken, G. Arp, M. E. B*ouml;ttcher, S. M. Bates, and T. W. Lyons
Astrobio 23, 1027-1044 (2023)
Organic Biosignature Degradation in Hydrothermal and Serpentinizing Environments: Implications for Life Detection on Icy Moons and Mars
J. S. W. Tan, T. L. Salter, J. S. Watson, J. H. Waite, and M. A. Sephton
Astrobio 23, 1045-1055 (2023)
Solid-State Single-Molecule Sensing with the Electronic Life-Detection Instrument for Enceladus/Europa (ELIE)
C. E. Carr, J. L. Ramírez-Colón, D. Duzdevich, S. Lee, M. Taniguchi, T. Ohshiro, Y. Komoto, J. M. Soderblom, and M. T. Zuber
Astrobio 23, 1056-1070 (2023)
Spectral determination of the colour and vertical structure of dark spots in Neptune's atmosphere
P. G. J. Irwin, J. Dobinson, A. James, M. H. Wong, L. N. Fletcher, M. T. Roman, N. A. Teanby, D. Toledo, G. S. Orton, S. Pérez-Hoyos, A. Sánchez-Lavega, L. Sromovsky, A. A. Simon, R. Morales-Juberías, I. de Pater, and S. L. Cook
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Implementation of Chemistry in the Athena++ Code
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ApJS 268, 42 (2023)
Aliphatics and Aromatics in the Universe: The Pre-JWST Era
X. J. Yang and A. Li
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Low-Temperature Specific Heat Capacity of Water-Ammonia Mixtures Down to the Eutectic
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Formation from Cyclopropane?

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Interstellar shocks unveil the material around new stars
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Outflows from the youngest stars are mostly molecular
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Reactive System

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Published in September 2023
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Detection of ethynylbenzene in TMC-1 and the interstellar search for 1,2-diethynylbenzene
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Small molecules, big impact: a tale of hydrides past, present, and future
A. M. Jacob
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Evidence for auroral influence on Jupiter's nitrogen and oxygen chemistry revealed by ALMA
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Exploring the Chemical Space of C2H3NO Isomers and Bimolecular Reactions with Hydrogen Cyanide and Formaldehyde: Insights into the Emergence of Life
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The Automated Reaction Pathway Search Reveals the Energetically Favorable Synthesis of Interstellar CH3OCH3 and HCOOCH3
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Molecular Abundance of the Circumnuclear Region Surrounding an Active Galactic Nucleus in NGC 1068 Based on an Imaging Line Survey in the 3 mm Band with ALMA
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Gas Phase Chemistry Leading to Interstellar Complex Organic Molecules: There is Still Much to Learn
N. Balucani
ECLA2020 17-27 (2023)
Formation of Complex Molecules in the Translucent Phase via "non-energetic" Processing on C2H2 Ice
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A Computational Approach to Radical-Radical Reactivity on Amorphous Ice
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Condensation of Atomic Carbon: Routes Towards Organics
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Gas and Dust in the Circumstellar Envelopes of Stars on (and Beyond) the AGB
H. Olofsson
ECLA2020 81-88 (2023)
The Corundum Conundrum
D. Gobrecht, J. M. C. Plane, S. T. Bromley, L. Decin, S. Cristallo, and S. Sekeran
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Late-Type Stars Seen at High Spectral Resolution at Mid-Infrared Wavelengths
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The Stardust Machine Project
J. Sobrado, G. Santoro, L. Martílnez, P. Merino, C. Joblin, J. Cernicharo, and J. A. Martín Gago
ECLA2020 101-110 (2023)
Generation of Interstellar Carbonaceous Dust Analogs in C2H2 Plasmas: Gas-Phase Reactions and Particle Properties
M. Jiménez-Redondo, L. Dóaz-Pérez, R. J. Peláez, B. Maté, I. Tanarro, and V. J. Herrero
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PAHs, Carbon Clusters and Fullerenes in Cosmic Dust Analogues and Meteorites
H. Sabbah and C. Joblin
ECLA2020 119-126 (2023)
Physics and Chemistry of PhotoDissociation Regions
A. G. G. M. Tielens
ECLA2020 129-150 (2023)
H2 Formation on Interstellar Dust Grains: The Viewpoints of Theory, Experiments, Models and Observations
S. Cazaux
ECLA2020 151-159 (2023)
Structural, Dynamical and Spectroscopic Properties of Atomic Carbon Clusters and Clusters of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
M. Rapacioli, F. Spiegelman, and A. Simon
ECLA2020 161-167 (2023)
Hydrogen Reactions and IR Spectroscopy of Molecules of Astrophysical Interest in Para-Hydrogen Matrices
P. R. Joshi and Y.-P. Lee
ECLA2020 169-175 (2023)
Searching for Stable Fullerenes in Space with Computational Chemistry
A. Candian, M. Gomes Rachid, H. MacIsaac, V. N. Staroverov, E. Peeters, and J. Cami
ECLA2020 177-181 (2023)
DESIREE: A Laboratory Astrophysics Experiment with Cryogenically Cooled Electrostatic Ion Beam Storage Rings
H. T. Schmidt
ECLA2020 183-190 (2023)
Almost Clean Formation of Indene in the Allyl + o-Benzyne Reaction
M. N. McCabe, P. Hemberger, E. Reusch, A. Bodi, and J. Bouwman
ECLA2020 191-195 (2023)
Ultrafast XUV Sources to Study Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Diamondoids
A. Boyer, M. Hervé, V. Loriot, R. Brédy, I. Compagnon, and F. Lépine
ECLA2020 197-208 (2023)
Gas Phase IR Spectra of Hydrogen Functionalised Pentacene
R. Jaganathan, Z. Tang, F. Doktor, S. Simonsen, J. Palotás, J. Oomens, B. Hammer, and L. Hornekær
ECLA2020 209-214 (2023)
High-Energy Processing of Ices in Space
G. A. Baratta, M. E. Palumbo, and C. Scirè
ECLA2020 215-221 (2023)
Soft X-ray Irradiation of Ice Analogues: A Realistic Ice Mantle
A. Ciaravella, C. Cecchi-Pestellini, A. Jiménez Escobar, Y. J. Chen, and G. Muñoz-Caro
ECLA2020 223-227 (2023)
Photodesorption of Water Ices: Highlights from Recent Synchrotron Radiation Studies
J.-H. Fillion, R. Dupuy, G. Féraud, C. Romanzin, P. Marie-Jeanne, P. Jeseck, V. Baglin, R. Cimino, X. Michaut, and M. Bertin
ECLA2020 229-235 (2023)
Studying the Interaction Between VUV Photons and PAHs in Relevant Astrophysical Conditions
A. Marciniak, A. Bonnamy, S. Zamith, L. Noguès, O. Coeur-Joly, D. Murat, P. Moretto-Capelle, J.-M. L'Hermite, G. Mulas, and C. Joblin
ECLA2020 237-243 (2023)
The Interplay of Gas, Dust and Ice in Protoplanetary Disks
D. Fedele
ECLA2020 247-252 (2023)
Simulating Protoplanetary Disk Ices
N. P. Ballering, L. I. Cleeves, and D. E. Anderson
ECLA2020 253-257 (2023)
Insight into the Origin of Cometary Ices from Rosetta/ROSINA Mass Spectrometer Data
M. Rubin
ECLA2020 259-269 (2023)
Identification of Ammonium Salts on Comet 67P/C-G Surface from Infrared VIRTIS/Rosetta Data Based on Laboratory Experiments. Implications and Perspectives
O. Poch, I. Istiqomah, E. Quirico, P. Beck, B. Schmitt, P. Theulé et al.
ECLA2020 271-279 (2023)
The Effect of H2O and Electron Collisions on Rotational Populations of Cometary CO
A. Faure, F. Lique, and J. Loreau
ECLA2020 281-286 (2023)
Anion Creation in Ion-Molecule Collisions in the Solar Wind Energy Region
Z. Juhász, B. Sulik, E. Lattouf, E. Bene, B. A. Huber, P. Herczku, S. T. S. Kovács, A. Méry, J.-C. Poully, J. Rangama, J. A. Tanis, V. Vizcaino, and J.-Y. Chesnel
ECLA2020 295-301 (2023)
Formation and Alteration of Complex Organics Induced by Energetic Processing
R. G. Urso, D. Baklouti, R. Brunetto, G. Danger, Z. Djouadi, A. Elsaesser, L. L. S. d'Hendecourt, N. Pinilla-Alonso, and V. Vuitton
ECLA2020 303-307 (2023)
The Distribution of Ices and Chromophores Across Saturn's Satellites and Ring System
G. Filacchione, M. Ciarniello, F. Capaccioni, E. D'Aversa, and P. Cerroni
ECLA2020 309-315 (2023)
Origin of Methane and Biomolecules from a CO2 Cycle on Terrestrial Planets
S. Civiš, A. Knížek, and M. Ferus
ECLA2020 329-335 (2023)
Updated Inventory of Carbon Monoxide in the Taurus Molecular Cloud
Y. Duan, D. Li, L. Pagani, P. F. Goldsmith, T.-C. Ching, C. Wang, and J. Xie
Res Astron Astrophys 23, 095006 (2023)
The Tianlin Mission: A 6 m UV/Opt/IR Space Telescope to Explore Habitable Worlds and the Universe
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Deuterated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Interstellar Medium: The Aliphatic C-D Band Strengths
X. J. Yang and A. Li
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Electron Scattering from Methyl Formate (HCOOCH3): A Joint Theoretical and Experimental Study
N. Tańska, E. Bandeira, A. Souza Barbosa, K. Wójcik, S. Dylnicka, E. Ptasińska-Denga, C. Szmytkowski, M. H. F. Bettega, and P. Możejko
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The role of small molecular cations in the chemical flow of the interstellar environments
L. González-Sánchez, N. Sathyamurthy, and F. A. Gianturco
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Single-photon ionization of SiC in the gas phase: experimental and ab initio characterization of SiC+
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Nonadiabatic quantum dynamics of the charge transfer reaction H+ + NO(X2Π) → H + NO+(X1Σ+)
Z. Wang, S. Hou, and C. Xie
Phys Chem Chem Phys 25, 23808-23818 (2023)
In search of universalities in the dissociative photoionization of PANHs via isomerizations
Arun S, K. Ramanathan, M. Selvaraj, M. Cautero, R. Richter, N. Pal, J. Chiarinelli, P. Bolognesi, L. Avaldi, M. V. Vinitha, C. S. Jureddy, and U. R. Kadhane
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The Influence of Hydrogen Sulfide on the Optical Properties of Planetary Organic Hazes: Implications for Exoplanet Climate Modeling
N. W. Reed, K. T. Jansen, Z. R. Schiffman, M. A. Tolbert, and E. C. Browne
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Water Absorption in the Transmission Spectrum of the Water World Candidate GJ 9827 d
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ApJL 954, L52 (2023)
CCSD(T) Rotational Constants for Highly Challenging C5H2 Isomers - A Comparison between Theory and Experiment
V. S. Thimmakondu and A. Karton
Molecules 28, 6537 (2023)
Effects of UV and Calcium Perchlorates on Uracil Deposited on Strontium Fluoride Substrates at Mars Pressure and Temperature
N. Chaouche-Mechidal, F. Stalport, E. Caupos, E. Mebold, C. Azémard, C. Szopa, P. Coll, and H. Cottin
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Formation of the methyl cation by photochemistry in a protoplanetary disk
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Nature 621, 56-59 (2023)

Snowflakes in a Furnace: Formation of CO and Dust in a Recurrent Nova Eruption
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Absorption Line Oscillator Strengths for the C2Π(0)-A2Σ+(0) Band of Nitric Oxide
A. M. Velasco and C. Laví
ApJ 954, 144 (2023)
ALMA 0.5 kpc Resolution Spatially Resolved Investigations of Nuclear Dense Molecular Gas Properties in Nearby Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies Based on HCN and HCO+ Three Transition Line Data
M. Imanishi, S. Baba, K. Nakanishi, and T. Izumi
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Formation of CO2 Driven by Photochemistry of Water Ice Mixed with Carbon Grains
A. Potapov, D. Semenov, C. Jäger, and T. Henning
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Survey of CH3NH2 and its Formation Process
T. Suzuki, L. Majumdar, P. F. Goldsmith, K. Tokuda, H. Minamoto, M. Ohishi, M. Saito, T. Hirota, H. Nomura, and Y. Oya
ApJ 954, 189 (2023)
formation through photoionization of the molecular D2-D2 dimer

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Ultrafast formation dynamics of D+
from the light-driven bimolecular reaction of the D2-D2 dimer

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Imaging of the charge-transfer reaction of spin-orbit state-selected Ar+(2P3/2) with N2 reveals vibrational-state-specific mechanisms
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The Molecular Clouds in a Section of the Third Galactic Quadrant: Observational Properties and Chemical Abundance Ratio between CO and its Isotopologues
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Bayesian Analysis for Remote Biosignature Identification on exoEarths (BARBIE). I. Using Grid-based Nested Sampling in Coronagraphy Observation Simulations for H2O
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New prebiotic molecules in the interstellar medium from the reaction between vinyl alcohol and CN radicals: unsupervised reaction mechanism discovery, accurate electronic structure calculations and kinetic simulations
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Discovery of the Elusive Carbonic Acid (HOCOOH) in Space
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Rocky Planet or Water World? Observability of Low-density Lava World Atmospheres
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How Large Is a Disk-What Do Protoplanetary Disk Gas Sizes Really Mean?
L. Trapman, G. Rosotti, K. Zhang, and B. Tabone
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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon size tracers
A. Maragkoudakis, E. Peeters, A. Ricca, and C. Boersma
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Formation of H2 on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons under conditions of the ISM: an ab initio molecular dynamics study
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Hydrogen addition reactions of a three-membered ring in the solid state: c-C3H2O
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Full spectroscopic model and trihybrid experimental-perturbative-variational line list for ZrO
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Collision-induced excitation of ammonia in warm interstellar and circumstellar environments
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Carbonates and ices in the z = 0.89 galaxy-absorber towards PKS 1830-211 and within star-forming regions of the Milky Way
J. E. Bowey
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High-throughput quantum chemistry: empowering the search for molecular candidates behind unknown spectral signatures in exoplanetary atmospheres
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Rotational spectra and astronomical search of five ethynyl derivatives of propene
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Using a neural network approach to accelerate disequilibrium chemistry calculations in exoplanet atmospheres
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Awesome SOSS: atmospheric characterization of WASP-9 b using the JWST early release observations
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Rotational spectroscopy and astronomical search for the 2-hydroxyacetonitrile isotopologues HO13CH2CN, HOCH213CN, and DOCH2CN
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The brightness of the CO Cameron bands in the martian discrete aurora: A study based on revised cross sections
J.-C. Gérard, L. Soret, B. Hubert, L. Neary, and F. Daerden
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Faraday Discuss 245: Astrochemistry at High Resolution

Editorial – Astrochemistry at high resolution: preface
M. R. S. McCoustra
Faraday Discuss 245, 9-10 (2023)
Spiers Memorial Lecture: Astrochemistry at high resolution
C. Ceccarelli
Faraday Discuss 245, 11-51 (2023)
The diverse chemistry of protoplanetary disks as revealed by JWST
E. F. van Dishoeck, S. G., B. Tabone, M. van Gelder, L. Francis, L. Tychoniec, G. Bettoni, A. M. Arabhavi, D. Gasman, P. Nazari, M. Vlasblom, P. Kavanagh, V. Christiaens, P. Klaassen, H. Beuther, T. Henning, and I. Kamp
Faraday Discuss 245, 52-79 (2023)
Chemical conditions on Hycean worlds
N. Madhusudhan, J. I. Moses, F. Rigby, and E. Barrier
Faraday Discuss 245, 80-111 (2023)
The chemical inventory of the inner regions of planet-forming disks - the JWST/MINDS program
I. Kamp, T. Henning, A. M. Arabhavi, G. Bettoni, V. Christiaens, D. Gasman, S. L. Grant, M. Morales-Calderón et al.
Faraday Discuss 245, 112-137 (2023)
New interstellar laboratories in the molecular ring
O. H. Wilkins and G. A. Blake
Faraday Discuss 245, 138-163 (2023)
Streamers feeding the SVS13-A protobinary system: astrochemistry reveals accretion shocks?
E. Bianchi, A. López-Sepulcre, C. Ceccarelli, C. Codella, L. Podio, M. Bouvier, J. Enrique-Romero, R. Bachiller, and B. Lefloch
Faraday Discuss 245, 164-180 (2023)
Tracing the chemical footprint of shocks in AGN-host and starburst galaxies with ALMA multi-line molecular studies
K.-Y. Huang and S. Viti
Faraday Discuss 245, 181-198 (2023)
Fingerprinting fragments of fragile interstellar molecules: dissociation chemistry of pyridine and benzonitrile revealed by infrared spectroscopy and theory
D. B. Rap, A. Simon, K. Steenbakkers, J. G. M. Schrauwen, B. Redlich, and S. Brünken
Faraday Discuss 245, 221-244 (2023)
Kinetics of CN (v = 1) reactions with butadiene isomers at low temperature by cw-cavity ring-down in a pulsed Laval flow with theoretical modelling of rates and entrance channel branching
S. Thawoos, G. E. Hall, C. Cavallotti, and A. G. Suits
Faraday Discuss 245, 245-260 (2023)
Experimental, theoretical, and astrochemical modelling investigation of the gas-phase reaction between the amidogen radical (NH2) and acetaldehyde (CH3CHO) at low temperatures
K. M. Douglas, L. H. D. Li, C. Walsh, J. H. Lehman, M. A. Blitz, and D. E. Heard
Faraday Discuss 245, 261-283 (2023)
Searches for bridged bicyclic molecules in space-norbornadiene and its cyano derivatives
M.-A. Martin-Drumel, J.-T. Spaniol, H. Hölzel, M. Agúndez, J. Cernicharo, K. Moth-Poulsen, and U. Jacovella
Faraday Discuss 245, 284-297 (2023)
High-resolution rovibrational and rotational spectroscopy of the singly deuterated cyclopropenyl cation, c-C3H2D+
D. Gupta, W. G. D. P. Silva, J. L. Doménech, E. Plaar, S. Thorwirth, S. Schlemmer, and O. Asvany
Faraday Discuss 245, 298-308 (2023)
Hunting for interstellar molecules: rotational spectra of reactive species
C. Puzzarini, S. Alessandrini, L. Bizzocchi, and M. Melosso
Faraday Discuss 245, 309-326 (2023)
An experimental and theoretical investigation of the N(2D) + C6H6 (benzene) reaction with implications for the photochemical models of Titan
N. Balucani, A. Caracciolo, G. Vanuzzo, D. Skouteris, M. Rosi, L. Pacifici, P. Casavecchia, K. M. Hickson, J.-C. Loison, and M. Dobrijevic
Faraday Discuss 245, 327-351 (2023)
Direct frequency comb spectroscopy of HCN to evaluate line lists
D. M. Bailey, E. M. Crump, J. T. Hodges and A. J. Fleisher
Faraday Discuss 245, 368-379 (2023)
Size distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in space: an old new light on the 11.2/3.3 μm intensity ratio
A. K. Lemmens, C. J. Mackie, A. Candian, T. M. J. Lee, A. G. G. M. Tielens, A. M. Rijs, and W. J. Buma
Faraday Discuss 245, 380-390 (2023)
Infrared photodesorption of CO from astrophysically relevant ices studied with a free-electron laser
E. R. Ingman, D. Laurinavicius, J. Zhang, J. G. M. Schrauwen, B. Redlich, J. A. Noble, S. Ioppolo, M. R. S. McCoustra, and W. A. Brown
Faraday Discuss 245, 446-466 (2023)
Thermal behavior of astrophysical amorphous molecular ices
M. S. Gudipati, B. Fleury, R. Wagner, B. L. Henderson, K. Altwegg, and M. Rubin
Faraday Discuss 245, 467-487 (2023)
Vacuum UV photodesorption of organics in the interstellar medium: an experimental study of formic acid HCOOH and methyl formate HCOOCH3-containing ices
M. Bertin, R. Basalgète, A. J. Ocaña, G. Féraud, C. Romanzin, L. Philippe, X. Michaut, and J.-H. Fillion
Faraday Discuss 245, 488-507 (2023)
A systematic mechanistic survey on the reactions between OH radical and CH3OH on ice
W. M. C. Sameera, A. P. Jayaweera, A. Ishibashi, H. Hidaka, Y. Oba, and N. Watanabe
Faraday Discuss 245, 508-518 (2023)
Preferential destruction of NH2-bearing complex interstellar molecules via gas-phase proton-transfer reactions
R. T. Garrod and E. Herbst
Faraday Discuss 245, 541-568 (2023)
A statistical and machine learning approach to the study of astrochemistry
J. Heyl, S. Viti, and G. Vermariën
Faraday Discuss 245, 569-585 (2023)
Disentangling physics and chemistry in AGB outflows: revealing degeneracies when adding complexity
M. Van de Sande, C. Walsh, and T. J. Millar
Faraday Discuss 245, 586-608 (2023)
Predicting observable infrared signatures of nanosilicates in the diffuse interstellar medium
S. T. Zeegers, J. Mariñoso Guiu, F. Kemper, J. P. Marshall, and S. T. Bromley
Faraday Discuss 245, 609-619 (2023)
Concluding remarks: Faraday Discussion on astrochemistry at high resolution
T. J. Millar
Faraday Discuss 245, 638-650 (2023)
Published in August 2023
High-resolution absorption spectroscopy of room-temperature and jet-cooled ammonia between 59,000 and 93,000 cm–1
S. T. Pratt, U. Jacovella, S. Boyé-Péronne, M. N. R. Ashfold, D. Joyeux, N. De Oliveira, and D. M. P. Holland
J Mol Spectrosc 396, 111810 (2023)
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy of formaldoxime isotopologue 12CD2NOH in the 300-3700 cm–1 region and its ν12 and ν9 bands: Vibrational and rovibrational analyses
A. Jusuf, T. L. Tan, and Q. Y. Wu
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Protoplanetary Disk Chemistry
K. I. Öberg, S. Facchini, and D. E. Anderson
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Photochemical origin of SiC2 in the circumstellar envelope of carbon-rich AGB stars revealed by ALMA
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Nonthermal Hydrogen Loss at Mars: Contributions of Photochemical Mechanisms to Escape and Identification of Key Processes
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LRO-LAMP Lunar South Pole Cold Traps: Assessment of H2O and Potential CO2 and NH3 Reserves
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Early Formation of a Water Ocean as a Function of Initial CO2 and H2O Contents in a Solidifying Rocky Planet
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J Geophys Res PLanets 128, e2023JE007848 (2023)
Temporal Evolution of Titan's Stratospheric Temperatures and Trace Gases from a Two-dimensional Retrieval of Cassini Composite Infrared Spectrometer Data
R. K. Achterberg
PSJ 4, 140 (2023)
Regolith Inhibits Salt and Ice Crystallization in Mg(ClO4)2 Brine, Implying More Persistent and Potentially Habitable Brines on Mars
A. O. Shumway, D. C. Catling, and J. D. Toner
PSJ 4, 143 (2023)
The Spatial Distribution of the Unidentified 2.07 μm Absorption Feature on Europa and Implications for its Origin
M. R. Davis, M. E. Brown, and S. K. Trumbo
PSJ 4, 148 (2023)
Spatial Distribution of Glycine and Aspartic Acid in Rapidly Frozen Brines Relevant to Enceladus
T. H. Vu, R. Hodyss, P. V. Johnson and M. L. Cable
PSJ 4, 156 (2023)
PCS/Bonds and PCS0: Pick your molecule and get its accurate structure and ground state rotational constants at DFT cost
V. Barone
J Chem Phys 159, 081102 (2023)
Fully fluorinated non-carbon compounds NF3 and SF6 as ideal technosignature gases
S. Seager, J. J. Petkowski, J. Huang, Z. Zhan, S. Ravela, and W. Bains
Sci Rep 13, 13576 (2023)
Implementation of rare isotopologues into machine learning of the chemical inventory of the solar-type protostellar source IRAS 16293-2422
Z. T. P. Fried, K. L. K. Lee, A. N. Byrne, and B. A. McGuire
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No thick carbon dioxide atmosphere on the rocky exoplanet TRAPPIST-1 c
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Uncertainty in phosphine photochemistry in the Venus atmosphere prevents a firm biosignature attribution
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Ions with an Amorphous Solid Water Surface at Low Temperature

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S-type Stars: Line List for the A2Π-X2Σ+ Band System of LaO
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Large Myr-old Disks Are Not Severely Depleted of Gas-phase CO or Carbon
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Prebiosignature Molecules Can Be Detected in Temperate Exoplanet Atmospheres with JWST
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A Spectroscopic Thermometer: Individual Vibrational Band Spectroscopy with the Example of OH in the Atmosphere of WASP-33b
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Raman Scattering by Atomic Hydrogen in Photodissociation Regions: An Alternative to the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Hypothesis
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On the Formation of Vinylamine (C2H3NH2) in Interstellar Ice Analogs
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Coevolution of Dust and Chemistry in Galaxy Simulations with a Resolved Interstellar Medium
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Temperature-chemistry coupling in the evolution of gas giant atmospheres driven by stellar flares
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PO+-He collision: ab initio potential energy surface and inelastic rotational rate coefficients
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Origin and trends in NH+
observed in the coma of 67P

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Fullerenes in the circumstellar medium of Herbig Ae/Be stars: insights from the Spitzer mid-infrared spectral catalog
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Collisional excitation of methyl (iso)cyanide by He atoms: rate coefficients and isomerism effects
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Radiative association of P+(3P) and O(3P) for the PO+ formation
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Chemical evolution of electron-bombarded crystalline water ices at different temperatures using the PROCODA code
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A search for tryptophan in the gas of the IC 348 star cluster of the Perseus molecular cloud
S. Iglesias-Groth
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Rotation-tunnelling spectrum and astrochemical modelling of dimethylamine, CH3NHCH3, and searches for it in space
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A note on graphite hydrogenation as a source of abiotic methane on rocky planets: A case study for Mercury
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Detecting and characterizing the abundance and form of water-ice in permanently-shadowed regions of the moon using a three-band lidar system
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Complex mixture of organic matter in a xenolithic clast from the Zag meteorite revealed by coordinated analyses using AFM-IR, NanoSIMS and STXM/XANES
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Published in July 2023
Stability and morphology of cyanonaphthalene icy mantles on ISM cold dust analogues
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Editorial: Cosmic dust-its formation, processing, and destruction
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First Optical Constants of Laboratory-generated Organic Refractory Materials (Tholins) Produced in the NASA Ames COSmIC Facility from the Visible to the Near Infrared (0.4-1.6 μm): Application to Titan's Aerosols
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Shock Synthesis of Organic Molecules by Meteoroids in the Atmosphere of Titan
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The State of CO and CO2 Ices in the Kuiper Belt as Seen by JWST
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Global modelling of the observed line positions for the spectra of ultraviolet bands: Dunham coefficients for the A2Σ+ excited state of the 16OH molecule
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Characterization of non-Boltzmann CN X2Σ+ behind shock waves in CH4-N2 via broadband ultraviolet femtosecond absorption spectroscopy
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Revisiting the Gas-phase Chemical Rate Coefficients at High Temperatures in CLOUDY
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Fully Coupled Photochemistry of the Deuterated Ionosphere of Mars and Its Effects on Escape of H and D
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Diverse organic-mineral associations in Jezero crater, Mars
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Magic Numbers and Stabilities of Photoionized Water Clusters: Computational and Experimental Characterization of the Nanosolvated Hydronium Ion
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Coupled three-dimensional quantum mechanical wave packet study of proton transfer in H+
+ He collisions on accurate ab initio two-state diabatic potential energy surfaces

K. Naskar, S. Ghosh, S. Adhikari, M. Baer, and N. Sathyamurthy
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Volatile-to-sulfur Ratios Can Recover a Gas Giant's Accretion History
I. J. M. Crossfield
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Carbynes connected to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as potential carriers of diffuse interstellar bands
Z. Zanolli, O. B. Malcıoğlu, and J.-C. Charlier
A&A 675, L9 (2023)
3D physico-chemical model of a pre-stellar core - I. Environmental and structural impact on the distribution of CH3OH and c-C3H2
S. S. Jensen, S. Spezzano, P. Caselli, T. Grassi, and T. Haugbølle
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First detection of deuterated methylidyne (CD) in the interstellar medium
A. M. Jacob, K. M. Menten, F. Wyrowski, and O. Sipilä
A&A 675, A69 (2023)
Shock excitation of H2 in the James Webb Space Telescope era
L. E. Kristensen, B. Godard, P. Guillard, A. Gusdorf, and G. Pineau des Forêts
A&A 675, A86 (2023)
A sequential acid-base mechanism in the interstellar medium: The emergence of cis-formic acid in dark molecular clouds
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The dark neutral medium is (mostly) molecular hydrogen
H. Liszt and M. Gerin
A&A 675, A145 (2023)
Astrochemical models of interstellar ices: History matters
A. Clément, A. Taillard, V. Wakelam, P. Gratier, J.-C. Loison, E. Dartois, F. Dulieu, J. A. Noble, and M. Chabot
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Deuterium fractionation across the infrared-dark cloud G034.77-00.55 interacting with the supernova remnant W44
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Implications of time-dependent molecular chemistry in metal-poor dwarf stars
S. A. Deshmukh and H.-G. Ludwig
A&A 675, A146 (2023)
Laboratory experiments on the sublimation of methane through ice dust layers and applications to cometary activity
C. Tamai, B. Maté, S. Cazaux, and M. Á. Satorre
A&A 675, A47 (2023)
Investigating the asymmetric chemistry in the disk around the young star HD 142527
M. Temmink, A. S. Booth, N. van der Marel, and E. F. van Dishoeck
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Photodissociation and photoionization of molecules of astronomical interest - Updates to the Leiden photodissociation and photoionization cross section database
H. R. Hrodmarsson and E. F. van Dishoeck
A&A 675, A25 (2023)
Gas-Phase Synthesis of Coronene through Stepwise Directed Ring Annulation
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Photochemical depletion of heavy CO isotopes in the Martian atmosphere
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Chemical Differentiation around Five Massive Protostars Revealed by ALMA: Carbon-chain Species and Oxygen/Nitrogen-bearing Complex Organic Molecules
K. Taniguchi, L. Majumdar, P. Caselli, S. Takakuwa, T.-H. Hsieh, M. Saito, Z.-Y. Li, K. Dobashi, T. Shimoikura, F. Nakamura, J. C. Tan, and E. Herbst
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Vanadium oxide and a sharp onset of cold-trapping on a giant exoplanet
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C-H Stretch Vibrational Modes: Tracers of Interstellar PAH Geometries?
A. Vats, A. Pathak, T. Onaka, I. Sakon, and I. Endo
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Published in June 2023
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CO in Sight Lines Toward the Vela and W28 Supernova Remnants

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Sublimation of ices during the early evolution of Kuiper belt objects
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Carbon monoxide emission lines reveal an inverted atmosphere in the ultra hot Jupiter WASP-33 b consistent with an eastward hot spot
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Gas distribution in ODISEA sources from ALMA long-baseline observations in 12CO(2-1)
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MNRAS 522, 2611-2627 (2023)
Reaction dynamics of C(3P) + Si2(X3Σ
) → Si(3P) + SiC(X3Π) on a global CHIPR potential energy surface of the ground state Si2C(X1A1)

X. Li, Z. Qin, G. Chen, and L. Liu
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Carbon monoxide ices - a semicentennial review and update for crystalline CO along with the first IR spectrum and band strength for amorphous CO
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Visible and infrared spectra of the solids α- and β-O2 at 9-30 K
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Robustness measures for molecular detections using high-resolution transmission spectroscopy of exoplanets
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Tentative detection of titanium oxide in the atmosphere of WASP-69 b with a 4m ground-based telescope
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Rotational spectroscopy of 1-pyrroline: A theoretical study
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Interstellar branched chain molecules: A theoretical-rotational study
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Coupled H, H2, OH, and H2O lunar exosphere simulation framework and impacts of conversion reactions
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Published in May 2023
Predicted Negative Ion Photoelectron Spectra of 1-, 2-, and 9-Cyanoanthracene Radical Anions and Computed Thermochemical Values of the Three Cyanoanthracene Isomers
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Constraints on Europa's Water Group Torus from HST/COS Observations
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Modeling the Transmission and Emission Spectra of K2-18b: Determining the Surfaces of Exoplanets with Hydrogen Dominated Atmospheres
L. Nicholson, C. E. Hood, J. J. Fortney, and X. Yu
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The chemistry of H2NC in the interstellar medium and the role of the C + NH3 reaction
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Detection of ethanol, acetone, and propanal in TMC-1. New O-bearing complex organics in cold sources
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Paving the way to the synthesis of PAHs in dark molecular clouds: The formation of cyclopentadienyl radical (c-C5H5)
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The molecular environment of the solar-type protostar IRAS 16293-2422
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A major asymmetric ice trap in a planet-forming disk - IV. Nitric oxide gas and a lack of CN tracing sublimating ices and a C/O ratio < 1
M. Leemker, A. S. Booth, E. F. van Dishoeck, N. van der Marel, B. Tabone, N. F. W. Ligterink, N. G. C. Brunken, and M. R. Hogerheijde
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Reaction dynamics on amorphous solid water surfaces using interatomic machine-learned potentials - Microscopic energy partition revealed from the P + H → PH reaction
G. Molpeceres, V. Zaverkin, K. Furuya, Y. Aikawa, and J. Kästner
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Simulation of CH3OH ice UV photolysis under laboratory conditions
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Crossroads at the Origin of Prebiotic Chemical Complexity: Hydrogen Cyanide Product Diversification
H. Sandström and M. Rahm
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Unconventional gas-phase preparation of the prototype polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon naphthalene (C10H8) via the reaction of benzyl (C7H7) and propargyl (C3H3) radicals coupled with hydrogen-atom assisted isomerization
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Detection of Carbon Monoxide's 4.6 Micron Fundamental Band Structure in WASP-39b's Atmosphere with JWST NIRSpec G395H
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Enhanced star formation through the high-temperature formation of H2 on carbonaceous dust grains
F. Grieco, P. Theulé, I. De Looze, and F. Dulieu
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Testing of Ion Exchange Solid Phase Extraction Media for Extraterrestrial In Situ Sample Preparation on Liquid Samples
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Toward the Detection of Cyanoketene in the Interstellar Medium: New Hints from Quantum Chemistry and Rotational Spectroscopy
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Ring-polymer Molecular Dynamics Simulation for the Adsorption of H2 on Ice Clusters (H2O)n (n=8, 10, and 12)
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Catalytic Role of H I in the Interstellar Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecule
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Recombination of vibrationally cold N+
ions with electrons

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Observation of the electronic band system 23Σ
–a3Πu of C2 in the vacuum ultraviolet region

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Spectroscopic characterization of [H, Cl, S, O] molecular system: Potential candidate for detection in Venus atmosphere
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High Tide or Riptide on the Cosmic Shoreline? A Water-rich Atmosphere or Stellar Contamination for the Warm Super-Earth GJ 486b from JWST Observations
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Episodes of Molecular Emission in the Optical Spectrum of IRAS 22272+5435
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Beyond Born-Oppenheimer Constructed Diabatic Potential Energy Surfaces for HeH+

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P. R. Joshi, M. Tsuge, C.-Y. Tseng, and Y.-P. Lee
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The Astrodust+PAH Model: A Unified Description of the Extinction, Emission, and Polarization from Dust in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
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ApJ 948, 55 (2023)
An SMA Survey of Chemistry in Disks Around Herbig AeBe Stars
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Laboratory generation of hazes in Titan's upper atmosphere using ECR plasma
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A rich molecular chemistry in the gas of the IC 348 star cluster of the Perseus Molecular Cloud
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Astrochemically relevant H-atom-abstraction and H-atom-addition reactions connecting fulminic acid (HCNO) and formaldoxime (H2CNOH)
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A nearly constant CN/HCN line ratio in nearby galaxies: CN as a new tracer of dense gas
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The hot Neptune WASP-166 b with ESPRESSO - III. A blue-shifted tentative water signal constrains the presence of clouds
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Interaction dust-plasma in Titan's ionosphere: Feedbacks on the gas phase composition
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Measurement of self-broadening coefficients and line intensities of ν1 + ν3 + ν4 – ν4 band of acetylene in 1.5 μm spectral region: External cavity diode laser based absorption study
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Three-dimensional modeling of Venus photochemistry and clouds
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Energetic charged particle dose rates in water ice on the Moon
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In-situ detection of Europa's water plumes is harder than previously thought
R. Dayton-Oxland, H. L. F. Huybrighs, T. O. Winterhalder, A. Mahieux, and D. Goldstein
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Published in April 2023
Infrared Spectra of Small Radicals for Exoplanetary Spectroscopy: OH, NH, CN and CH: The State of Current Knowledge
S. Civiš, A. Pastorek, M. Ferus, S. N. Yurchenko, and N.-I. Boudjema
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Rotational spectroscopy of oxirane-2,2-d2, c-CD2CH2O, and its tentative detection toward IRAS 16293-2422 B
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Microwave spectrum and substitution structure of syn thiobenzoic acid
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The Evolution of Activity and Chemical Composition in Rosetta's Comet Targets across Multiple Apparitions: Complications for CS2 as the CS Parent in Comet Nuclei
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and ArH+
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Published in March 2023
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+ H2NH+
+ H Reaction on a New Δ-Machine Learning Potential Energy Surface

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formation dynamics on the ethanol dication

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, H2D+, D2H+, and D+

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Published in February 2023
On the Possibility of Observing Nitric Oxide on Terrestrial Exoplanets Using the WSO-UV Observatory
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) + H reaction: based on a new global potential energy surface

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Surface Reaction of Methyl Mercaptan (CH3SH) with Hydrogen Atoms on Amorphous Solid Water
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Evolution of the reservoirs of volatiles in the protosolar nebula
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Activity and composition of the hyperactive comet 46P/Wirtanen during its close approach in 2018
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Spectroscopic investigation of interstellar hydrogenated carbon clusters - Infrared and optical spectra of C24Hn populations
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Quantification of Carbonates, Oxychlorines, and Chlorine Generated by Heterogeneous Electrochemistry Induced by Martian Dust Activity
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K. M. Sandstrom, J. Chastenet, J. Sutter, A. K. Leroy, O. V. Egorov, T. G. Williams, A. D. Bolatto, M. Boquien, Y. Cao, D. A. Dale et al.
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Astronomical Detection of the Interstellar Anion C10H toward TMC-1 from the GOTHAM Large Program on the Green Bank Telescope
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Patchy Forsterite Clouds in the Atmospheres of Two Highly Variable Exoplanet Analogs
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Where Does the Energy Go during the Interstellar NH3 Formation on Water Ice? A Computational Study
S. Ferrero, S. Pantaleone, C. Ceccarelli, P. Ugliengo, M. Sodupe, and A. Rimola
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Low-Temperature Thermal Formation of the Cyclic Methylphosphonic Acid Trimer [c-(CH3PO2)3]
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Chem Phys Chem 24, e202200660 (2023)
Exotic Reaction Dynamics in the Gas-Phase Preparation of Anthracene (C14H10) via Spiroaromatic Radical Transients in the Indenyl-Cyclopentadienyl Radical-Radical Reaction
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Unconventional Pathway in the Gas-Phase Synthesis of 9H-Fluorene (C13H10) via the Radical-Radical Reaction of Benzyl (C7H7) with Phenyl (C6H5)
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New Insights into the Formation of CH3OCH3 and CH3SCH3 without and with the Assistance of Na+ Ions and Some Implications for Interstellar Chemistry: An In Silico Approach
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Floating Liquid Droplets on the Surface of Cryogenic Liquids: Implications for Titan Rain
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Molecular Structure, Dynamics, and Vibrational Spectroscopy of the Acetylene:Ammonia (1:1) Plastic Co-Crystal at Titan Conditions
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Rotational Excitation of NCCN by p-H2(jc = 0) at Low Temperatures
A. Kushwaha, Ritika, P. Chahal, and T. J. Dhilip Kumar
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Reaction of an Ion and a Free Radical near 0 K: He+ + NO → He + N+ + O
V. Zhelyazkova, F. B. V. Martins, S. Schilling, and F. Merkt
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Rotational Fingerprints of Vinylketene for Astronomical Observations
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Y. Hasegawa, T. K. Suzuki, H. Tanaka, H. Kobayashi, and K. Wada
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Direct D-atom Incorporation in Radicals: An Overlooked Pathway for Deuterium Fractionation
N. Dias, R. M. Gurusinghe, B. M. Broderick, T. J Millar, and A. G. Suits
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Large Interferometer for Exoplanets: VIII. Where Is the Phosphine? Observing Exoplanetary PH3 with a Space-Based Mid-Infrared Nulling Interferometer
D. Angerhausen, M. Ottiger, F. Dannert, Y. Miguel, C. Sousa-Silva, J. Kammerer, F. Menti, E. Alei, B. S. Konrad, H. S. Wang, S. P. Quanz, and The LIFE Collaboration
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Selection and Analytical Performances of the Dragonfly Mass Spectrometer Gas Chromatographic Columns to Support the Search for Organic Molecules of Astrobiological Interest on Titan
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Published in January 2023
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Gas-Phase Preparation of 1-Germavinylidene (H2CGe; X1A1), the Isovalent Counterpart of Vinylidene (H2CC; X1A1), via Non-adiabatic Dynamics through the Elementary Reaction of Ground State Atomic Carbon (C; 3P) with Germane (GeH4; X1A1)
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Monitoring the Light-induced Isomerisation of the Prototypical Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons C10H+
through Ion-Molecule Reactions

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cooling in the jovian aurora: Juno remote sensing observations and modeling

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