Astrochemistry Publications in LIMBO

I sort the publications I post on The Astrochymist by the month in which they are formally published in a journal issue. Sometimes articles end up in limbo for an extended time. This is a particular problem with what I call "special issue limbo." While it is common now to have article collections that are spread out over multiple issues of a journal, some journals still accumulate articles until the issue is closed and published.

This web page allows the community to access articles in limbo. When they are eventually published in a journal issue, they will be moved to the main publications page. The placeholder "x" indicates missing information about volume, article number/page range, and/or year.

Miscellaneous Articles
Prebiotic Vitamin B3 Synthesis in Carbonaceous Planetesimals
K. Paschek, M. Lee, D. A. Semenov, and T. K. Henning
Chem Plus Chem x, x (202x)
Published: 17 Oct 2023
A computational study of the propargylimine (PGIM) formation mechanism in the interstellar medium (ISM)
L. Coutinho, R. Veríssimo de Oliveira, and N. Monteiro
Chem Pap (202x)
Published: 27 Dec 2023
Spectroscopic Study of [Mg, H, N, C, O] Species: Implications for the Astrochemical Magnesium Chemistry
L. Wang, X. Jiang, T. Trabelsi, G. Wang, J. S. Francisco, X. Zeng, and M. Zhou
J Am Chem Soc x, x (2024)
Published: 2 Feb 2024
Mol Phys — Tim Lee memorial issue
Computational studies of HCCCCS isomers
R. D. Amos and R. Kobayashi
Mol Phys x, e2203269 (202x)
Published: 21 Apr 2023
Highly accurate potential energy surface and dipole moment surface for nitrous oxide and 296K infrared line lists for 14N216O and minor isotopologues
X. Huang, D. W. Schwenke, and T. J. Lee
Mol Phys x, e2232892 (202x)
Published: 11 Jul 2023
A combined experimental and computational study on the reaction dynamics of the 1-propynyl (CH3CC, X2A1) - propylene (CH3CHCH2, X1A′) system: formation of 1,3-dimethylvinylacetylene (CH3CCCHCHCH3, X1A′) under single collision conditions
I. A. Medvedkov, A. A. Nikolayev, C. He, Z. Yang, A. M. Mebel, and R. I. Kaiser
Mol Phys x, e2234509 (202x)
Published: 20 Jul 2023
Benchmarking Time-dependent Density Functional Theory for the prediction of electronic absorption spectra of amorphous ices for astrochemical applications
D. E. Woon
Mol Phys x, e2254419 (202x)
Published: 04 Sep 2023
Quantum chemical exploration of the binding motifs and binding energies of neutral molecules, radicals and ions with small water clusters: characterisation and astrochemical implications
J. Hendrix, P. P. Bera, T. J. Lee, and M. Head-Gordon
Mol Phys x, e2252100 (202x)
Published: 25 Sep 2023
On the importance and challenges of modelling extraterrestrial photopigments via density-functional theory
D. Illner, M. Lingam, and R. Peverati
Mol Phys x, e2261563 (202x)
Published: 27 Sep 2023
Rotational spectroscopy of the thioformaldehyde isotopologues H2CS and H2C34S in four interacting excount on the rotational spectrum of thioketene, H2CCS
H. S. P. Müller, A. Maeda, F. Lewen, S. Schlemmer, I. R. Medvedev, and E. Herbst
Mol Phys x, e2262057 (202x)
Published: 28 Sep 2023
A computational and spectroscopic study of MgCCH (X2Σ+): towards characterizing MgCCH+
J. E. Burns, Q. Cheng, R. C. Fortenberry, M. Sun, L. N. Zack, T. Zaveri, N. J. DeYonker, and L. M. Ziurys
Mol Phys x, e2267135 (202x)
Published: 24 Oct 2023
Sweetness and light: computation of the rotational spectra of proto-saccharides
M. Sang, T. E. Field-Theodore, and P. R. Taylor
Mol Phys x, e2273976 (202x)
Published: 26 Oct 2023
Rotational spectroscopic characterisation of the [D2,C,S] system: an update from the laboratory and theory
N. Inostroza-Pino, V. Lattanzi, C. Z. Palmer, R. C. Fortenberry, D. Mardones, P. Caselli, O. E. Godwin, and T. J. Lee
Mol Phys x, e2280762 (202x)
Published: 10 Nov 2023

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