Researchers Contributing to Astrochemistry

BERNSTEIN Max P SETI Institute & NASA-Ames Research Center Laboratory astrochemistry
BOECHAT-ROBERTY Heloisa M Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Observatório do Valongo Experimental astrochemistry: photons, electrons and ions interactions with molecules in the gas phase and solid state (ices)
BORGET Fabien Université de Provence Solid state thermal and photochemical reactivity
BYWATER Robert P Magdalen College Oxford Origin of life, chemical evolution, origin of pre- and proto-biotic chemicals, membranes and membrane-spanning peptides, protein folding
CANOSA André Institut de Physique de Rennes Gas Phase Neutral-Neutral Reactions at very Low Temperatures
DAS Ankan Indian Centre for Space Physics Astrochemistry
FRASER Helen Jane University of Strathclyde Solid-state laboratory astrochemistry
FULVIO Daniele Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy Chemistry at surfaces and interfaces; Irradiation processing (ions/photons) of materials of astrophysical Interest
GERAKINES Perry A University of Alabama at Birmingham Energetic processing of interstellar/planetary ices
HERBST Eric University of Virginia Modeling, chemical reactions, molecular spectroscopy
HUDSON Reggie L Eckerd College, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center Reactions in low-temperature solids
INOSTROZA Natalia Universidad Autónoma de Chile Computational Gas Phase Chemistry
(Group includes Chris J. Bennett, Michael Johnson, XiBin Gu, Fangtong Zhang, Jaselle Perry, & and Yong Seol Kim)
University of Hawaii at Manoa Reaction dynamics in the gas phase and solid state (ices, minerals), astrochemistry, astrobiology, solar system chemistry.
KOŁOS Robert
(Group includes Michał Turowski, Marcin Gronowski, Thomas G. Custer, Urszula Szczepaniak, & Joanna Zapała
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences Laboratory Astrochemistry: Electronic and Vibrational Spectroscopy, Photochemistry, Matrix-isolation, and Quantum chemical calculations
MILLAR Tom Queen's University Belfast Modelling chemistry and making spectral line observations for a variety of astronomical environments
MUÑOZ CARO Guillermo M Centro de Astrobiologia Laboratory astrophysics, IDPs
MAJUMDAR Liton JPL Observing the signatures of planet formation at high spatial resolution with ALMA and JWST (Future); Connecting protoplanetary disk and exoplanet atmospheric composition; Physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium, including pre-stellar cores to protoplanetary disks; Linking astrophysics with Solar System Science and astrochemistry
PETRIE Simon Australian National University Quantum chemical studies on metal-containing astromolecules
PILLING Sergio Universidade do Vale do Paraíba Laboratory astrochemistry: interaction between ionizing radiation (ions, soft X-rays, UV, electrons) and astrophysical ices and molecular beams. Some computational studies as well.
SALAMA Farid NASA-Ames Research Center Laboratory Astrophysics and Astrochemistry
SANDFORD Scott A NASA-Ames Research Center Laboratory astrochemistry
SEMONOV Dmitry A. Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Chemical modeling and line observations of protoplanetary disks
SENENT Maria Luisa Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Quantum mechanical calculations for the determination of spectroscopic properties and collisional rates
SIVARAMAN Bhalamurugan Physical Research Laboratory Experimental low temperature astrochemistry
STRAZZULLA Giovanni Catania Astrophysical Observatory Energetic ion induced chemical reactions in solids
THEULÉ Patrice Universite de Provence Solid-state laboratory astrochemistry
VASTEL Charlotte Université de Toulouse Search for molecular complexity in prestellar cores and low-mass protostars (line identification, radiative transfer and chemical modelling)
VIDALI Gianfranco Syracuse University Laboratory astrophysics
WAKELAM Valentine Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux Chemical modelling of young stellar objects
WIDICUS WEAVER Susanna L Emory University Laboratory Spectroscopy, Reaction Modeling, Observational Astronomy
WOODS Paul Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics Chemical modelling of protoplanetary disks and evolved stars
WOON David E University of Illinois Quantum chemical reaction studies
WU Yu-Jong National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan Photochemistry, Matrix-isolated spectroscopy, and Quantum chemical calculation

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